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Also, it sometimes happens that a provisional issn assignment is made by one centre but the resource turns out to be published in another country. In all of these situations, transfer of responsibility for an issn assignment is necessary. In some cases the transfer is initiated by the country to which the resource has moved or which turns out to be responsible for a resource after publication. In all cases, the issn centres involved shall follow, step by step, the procedure below: The two national Centres involved reach an agreement regarding the transfer of responsibility; The national Centres inform the International Centre, which changes the issn centre code of the bibliographic record. 0.7 issn registration As their first priority national Centres systematically register new and current continuing resources (including continuing resources which have changed their titles). National Centres also register continuing resources in response to requests from users.

Current sociology (Print) issn unesco and the International Sociological Association are responsible for the intellectual content but the journal is published by sage. Consequently, this publication is not under the responsibility of the issn international Centre but under the responsibility of the issn centre of the United Kingdom. As a general policy, national Centres going should assign an issn to both the digital reproductions and to the original print versions when the latter are not already identified. Digital reproduction of a ceased print serial when the content is owned by a current publisher If the content of a digitized version of a dead print serial is owned by a current publisher, the issn assignment should be made by the national Centre responsible. This rule applies also: when the digitized version is provided by an institution such as a library or an archives provider, different from the current publisher that owns the content; when the digitized version is provided in parallel by a current publisher that owns the. Digital reproduction of a ceased print serial when the content is not owned by a current publisher If no current publisher owns the content, or if this determination cannot be made, the national Centre responsible for issn assignment is determined according to the location. If digitized versions of a ceased print serial whose content is not owned by a current publisher are provided by several institutions located in distinct countries (libraries or archives providers for instance the national Centre responsible for issn assignment is the centre which has been. The assigning Centre should liaise with other Centres that may have an interest in the resource (those centres which have already assigned issn to other medium the versions, in particular to the print version) to avoid the possibility of double assignments occurring. If the original print version of the dead serial has not been already identified, the assigning Centre can also ask permission to assign issn to both the print and the digitized versions at the same time from the national Centre that would normally be responsible. 0.6.5 Publications whose different medium versions are under the responsibility of different National Centres National Centres that want to assign an issn to a medium version of a continuing resource that has another medium version to which an issn has already been assigned by another. 0.6.6 Transfer of responsibility for issn records When a continuing resource moves from one country to another, the issn record or the responsibility for a provisional issn assignment established by one national Centre has to be transferred to another Centre.

transfer of work assignment letter

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In order to avoid double assignments, one national Centre may assume responsibility for particular imprints or publishers irrespective of mom the place of publication. Such an arrangement can only be made with the agreement of the International Centre and the appropriate national Centre. The list of the agreements between issn centres is published as Annex 5: List of the agreements for the issn assignments to continuing resources issued by multinational publishers. The International Centre assigns issn to continuing resources published by those international organizations that are listed in the yearbook of International Organizations, types A to f, including those organizations which are permanently established in one country, those which publish only within one country, and those. Continuing resources published by national commissions of international organizations and by representative offices of national administrations or services abroad (embassies, military or economic representative offices) are, however, assigned issn by the national Centre of the country of publication except in cases when a specialized centre. If the international organization is not listed in the yearbook of International Organizations, the national Centre of the country where the organization is located is responsible for the issn assignment. Editorial note : if the international organization is responsible for the intellectual content but does not publish the resource, this instruction is not relevant. In this case, only the location of the publisher is taken into account for determining the national Centre responsible for the issn assignment.

transfer of work assignment letter

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Each Centre receives limited blocks of numbers. In using blocks of issn, national Centres adhere to the writing following procedures: Report all issn assigned by their centre to the issn register; Use issn within their assigned block consecutively and use up one block completely before starting another block; Ensure that issn assignments made. 0.6 issn assignment and responsibility issues.6.1 The place of publication as a criterion for determining the national Centre responsible for issn assignment Each National Centre has sole responsibility for assigning issn to the continuing resources published in its country with the exception of resources. The country of publication is determined by the first or most typographically prominent, or only, named place given on the resource. For online resources, determining the country of publication is based on the place of the publisher of the resource not on the place of the distributor or server. If the place and the country of publication are not given on the resource, information found in an external source can be used. The International Centre assigns issn to continuing resources published in countries where no national Centre exists. 0.6.2 Assignment of issn to continuing resources issued by multinational publishers Because some publishers have offices in more than one country, the actual country of publication of a continuing resource may be difficult to determine, or may vary.

0.4 Relationship between an issn, an issn-l, a key title and a continuing resource Only one issn is assigned to a continuing resource in a defined medium. This issn is permanently linked to the key title, a standardized form of title derived from information appearing on the continuing resource. A key title is unique to a particular continuing resource. Titles which would otherwise not be unique are made unique by the addition of qualifying elements. In cases where the title changes sufficiently to warrant creating a new key title, a new issn is assigned. In cases where the medium of the continuing resource changes, a new issn and a new key title are assigned as well (see section.3). Issn-l, the linking issn, provides for collocation or linking among the different medium versions of the same continuing resource. The same issn-l is associated with one or more issn that have been assigned to a continuing resource issued in different media (see section 3). 0.5 Allocation and use of blocks of issn the International Centre is responsible for the allocation of blocks of issn to national Centres.

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transfer of work assignment letter

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Editorial note : If a part of an ongoing integrating resource (part of website, for instance) is eligible for issn assignment,. G., a newsletter that is part of the website is assigned an issn, this does not mean necessarily that the whole website is eligible for issn assignment. There is editorial write content (i.e., the resource mostly consists of written, textual content, and there is evidence of editorial or journalistic treatment. There is identified editorial responsibility (i.e., a statement indicating the name of the publisher / producer, and at least the country of publication). Generally, editorial responsibility will consist of more than one individual;. There is a consistent title (i.e., a title which remains consistent when the resource is updated) and the title is prominently visible on the resource;.

There is a valid url (i.e., a url leading to the actual resource. The resource has subject-related content or has identified subject-related audience. Personal resources (personal web sites and web pages, online diaries. Resources focusing on a company, a product, an institution or organization (advertising and promotional web sites, commercial web sites, product information web sites, company and institutional web sites, web sites of organizations. Web sites consisting only of links;. Ephemeral resources (i.e., resources known to be ephemeral).

Frequency in the title but whose duration is limited (e.g. The newsletter of an event). Eligibility does not necessarily mean issn assignment in practice. Section.3 below provides criteria for determining whether or not a continuing resource shall be issn assigned in accordance with the current policy of the issn network. 0.3 Criteria for issn assignment.3.1 Serials Serials are continuing resources issued in a succession of discrete issues or parts, usually bearing numbering, that have no predetermined conclusion.

Issn are assigned to the entire population of serials. However, national Centres can decide to exclude ephemeral serials or serials of purely local interest from systematic issn assignment (see section.7). 0.3.2 Ongoing integrating resources Ongoing integrating resources are resources that are updated over time and with no predetermined conclusion, for which the updates are integrated into the resources and do not remain discrete. Issn are assigned to ongoing integrating resources which fulfill all the inclusion and exclusion criteria listed hereafter. National Centres can decide to exclude ephemeral ongoing integrating resources or ongoing integrating resources of purely local interest from systematic issn assignment (see section.7). Meeting only one of the criteria is not sufficient for issn assignment. These criteria apply to all the categories of ongoing integrating resources, whether print or electronic: databases, websites, wikis, print loose-leaf services, etc. Although blogs are considered to be serials, these same criteria should be applied to blogs.

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Issn-l (Linking issn) : issn designated by the issn network to enable collocation or linking among the different medium versions of a continuing resource. Key title : The unique name for a continuing resource, established by the issn network and inseparably linked with its issn. Editorial book note: The key title can be the same as the title of the resource; or, in order to achieve uniqueness, it can be constructed by the addition of identifying and/or qualifying elements such as name of issuing body, place of publication, edition statement, etc. The use of these definitions is associated with the application of the following model which was developed as part of the revision of aacr2, Chapter. The above definitions and other definitions are listed in Anne 1: Glossary. 0.2 Scope of issn each issn is a unique identifier for a specific continuing resource in a defined medium. Continuing resources are bibliographic resources issued over time with no predetermined conclusion, they include serials and ongoing integrating resources. All continuing resources, whether past, present, or to be produced in the foreseeable future, whatever the medium of production, are eligible for issn assignment. Also eligible for issn assignment are those bibliographic resources issued in successive issues or parts which bear numbering and that also bear other characteristics of a serial (e.g.

transfer of work assignment letter

Editorial note 2 : Continuing resources include serials such as newspapers, periodicals, journals, magazines, etc., and ongoing integrating resources such as loose-leaf publications that are continually updated and Web sites that are continually updated. Serial business : A continuing resource issued in a succession of discrete issues or parts, usually bearing numbering, that has no predetermined conclusion. G.: journals, magazines, electronic journals, ongoing directories, annual reports, newspapers, monographic series, and also those journals, magazines and newsletters of limited duration that otherwise bear all the characteristics of serials (e.g., newsletter of an event). Ongoing integrating resource : A continuing resource that is added to or changed by means of updates that do not remain discrete and are integrated into the whole. Ongoing integrating resources have no predetermined conclusion. G.: Databases, web sites and loose-leafs that are updated over time with no predetermined conclusion. Issn (International Standard Serial Number) : An eight digit number, including a check digit and preceded by the alphabetic prefix issn, assigned to a continuing resource by the issn network.

Centre and National Centres established in those countries which have acceded to the Statutes of the issn network. The successful operation of the issn network depends on the uniform application of common rules and standards for the registration of continuing resources and for the preparation of issn records for integration into the issn register. In developing these rules, care has been taken to ensure so far as possible compatibility and harmonization with international standards such as the. International Standard Bibliographic Description (isbd, consolidated edition) and the practices of other International systems such as the. Anglo-America cataloguing Rules (aacr, 2nd edition) and, rDA: Resource description and Access. 0.1 Definitions, for the purpose of the issn network, the following definitions of bibliographic resource, continuing resource, serial, ongoing integrating resource, issn, issn-l and key title apply: Bibliographic resource : An expression or manifestation of a work or an item that forms the basis for. A bibliographic resource may be in any medium or combination of media and may be tangible or intangible. Continuing resource : A publication, in any medium, that is issued over time with no predetermined conclusion and made available to the public. Editorial note 1 : Such a publication is usually issued in successive or integrating issues which generally have numerical and/or chronological designation.

Alojz Androvic issn slovakia, philippe cantié issn france, louise howlett issn united Kingdom. Beata katrincova issn slovakia, dorota laska issn canada (from September 2014). Anja mastilovic issn bosnia and Herzegovina (from november 2014). François-xavier Pelegrin issn international, regina romano-reynolds issn. S.A, christian Schütz issn germany. Marja-liisa seppälä issn finland, hanna zawado issn poland (from november 2014). The International homework Standard Serial Number (issn) was developed in the early 1970s by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in order to meet the need for a brief, unique and unambiguous identification code for serial publications.

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The present edition of the, issn manual expands and completes the june 2012 release. It incorporates additional instructions and examples, and includes updates to the Annexes. Most of the additions result from: These additional instructions and examples complement the incorporation of new metadata elements into the issn profile (i.e., the list of metadata elements, mandatory or optional, supplied in issn records) in marc 21 and unimarc. Some of these elements reflect changes in marc formats over the past two years, while others were necessary for providing more complete and accurate descriptions of online resources, in particular online resources with multiple manifestations. The 2014 edition was prepared by the issn review Group. Successive draft gpa versions were circulated throughout the issn network between 20, and very useful comments and suggestions were received. Yassin Mohamed Abdalla issn sudan (from november 2014).

transfer of work assignment letter
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