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And: All BroTube videos, click here, click: Brother Nathanael! Or Send your Contribution To: Brother Nathanael Kapner; po box 547; Priest river id 83856. E-mail: send this article/post as a, pdf attachment. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean sed congue ipsum, in aliquet. Suspendisse tristique justo a fermentum aliquet. Mauris eget ipsum.

for More see: Why Israel Gets Away with Murder. Click here, and: Trumps Catch 22 Military policy, click here, and: do we want a jewish State? Click here, and: Trump Ransacks Hillarys Foreign writing Policy, click here, and: Will Israel be the next World Power? Click here And: a religious Solution to a jewish Political Problem Click here support The Brother Nathanael foundation! Br Nathanael Fnd Is Tax Exempt/ein or Send your Contribution To: The Brother Nathanael foundation, po box 547, Priest river id 83856 E-mail: summary Scroll Down For Comments Send this article/post as a pdf attachment to). Brother Nathanael Channel, broVids, mt, athos, prophecies, on 666, copyright 2011, support The Brother Nathanael foundation! Or Send your Contribution To: The Brother Nathanael foundation; po box 547; Priest river id 83856. E-mail: for More see: Three steps to the Anti-Christ, click here. And: Greek bishops Defy world Jewry, click here. And: zionist Bosses Behind The.

real estate presentations that make millions pdf

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Which brings me to the elections. Both Hillary and Trump are militarists. Both have come out as lovers of IsraHell. Israel is joined at the hip with the us military: through contracts, intelligence-sharing, a symbiotic development of military technology, and joint military exercises. Its a marriage made in hell that no candidate can resume rend asunder, especially with the one calling for the us-israel relationship to move to a higher level, and the other calling for a bigger, stronger, more powerful military. Hillarys higher level will see a lower level of Israels misdeeds toward the palestinians, and Trumps stronger military will see jews licking their chops to get all they can out of his bloating of the beast. And so dear diary, im becoming a bigger, stronger, more powerful anti-semite than ever. And my anti-semitism is reaching a higher level than I could have ever dreamed.

real estate presentations that make millions pdf

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As far as American history is concerned, theres been no such thing since 1913 when Jews became the countrys central bankers. Henceforth, America got swallowed into the mouth of Jewish history and all that followed has been very good for the jews but very bad for America. Some indignant Jew might snap back, wrong. World War 2 was bad for the jews, pointing to the so-called Holocaust and the so-called six million that were supposedly gassed. Without arguing about the preposterous number of 6 million and the absence of proof that a single gas chamber ever existed, i would reply, world War 2 was very good for the jews, pointing to the rise of the jewish State during the war and. Jews know how to use victimization for their benefit, and play the victim card very well. The problem is that people get excited (and enraged) about the wrong things. Bds is fine but wont stop the Israeli beast from swelling or the us government from feeding. Doesnt the indignation of the transgender-rights champion, donna lieberman, of the new York aclu, tell us something that Jews will stage displeasure toward some right being violated, (like cuomo violating free expression but will never fight against some blatant atrocity, ( expressly, israels genocide.

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real estate presentations that make millions pdf

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At the end, yet another contractor somehow convinced strata council that all windows needed to be replaced as the outside envelope went. My 85-year old mothers apartment was without a glass balcony door for a day in freezing weather. The one they essay fitted had the latch so out of line with the door that it would not lock. We had to put a stick in the runner to secure. weeks went by before it was fixed (badly). Her previously nicely locking while partly open window was replaced by one that had to be fully closed to lock. Following all this, residents were notified the roof was going, for another 20K (I think) per apartment.

My mother passed away around this time, grateful that she was poor and could only afford to rent. Dear diary Articles, america In Decline Articles, israHell Articles, diary Of a bds skeptic, by Brother Nathanael Kapner. June 12, 2016 dear diary, todaead the news that governor cuomo of New York is blacklisting groups involved in the bds movement aimed at Israel. Along with this, i read that Susan Rice promised Israel it will receive the single largest military assistance package in American history. Theres no justice in this world, and if there paragraph is, (like pursuing justice through a bds effort the jews through their patsies (like cuomo) will kill.

Worse, investors are encouraged to use leverage to buy assets which are often illiquid, and entirely speculative. Plus, sometimes they leak. Read what paul just sent me: Garth: enjoy your blog, and have something to add in terms of another cautionary tale re condo costs. My mother was fortunately only renting a port Coquitlam condo where water damage was discovered.  Im told the contractor had built the balconies sloping inwards so water drained into the building envelope.  Owners were notified of costs of about 75K per suite.

 (Builders long gone of course; probably a numbered company disbanded after each project.)  Scaffolding and tarps went up and work started.  The strata council managed to get a series of inept builders in and the building was covered in scaffolding and tarps for two years during which no-one had a hope of selling, and sunlight was severely restricted.  Noise was a problem all day long.   Contractors announced doors had to be left unlocked all day in case they needed to come.  It was a comedy of tragic errors.  Some poor retired souls had exhausted their wealth just getting into the building.

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Remove that from the equation, and youre left with only paper the capital gain on the value of the unit, which in this market is probably phantom. In fact, with 63,000 more units in the pipeline, 5,500 resale condos currently for sale and 17,000 vacant, its a safe bet capital losses are more likely. This (Toronto) is the only big city in the world where all of the fundamentals are positive, lamb tells his flock. Behave like the successful and wealthy; and use this buying opportunity to your advantage. Below is a real example of what you can do at a toronto condominium development, a potential 349 gain over 10 years. As ive said before, if this was a pitch for an etf or an ipo (initial public stock offering anyone making such claims would be out of business, shut down by the regulators. Compared to the selling of liquid assets, flogging dubai condos is a complete gong show.

real estate presentations that make millions pdf

So, back to that one bedroom-plus-den condo renting for 1,800 in the heart of 416. According to lamb pitch to naive investors, buying this baby and renting it out (at a loss) will give you an annual yield.9. Hang on to it for ten years, and the return on invested cash is a gigantic 314. How could anyone walk away from that? Of course, its an illusion. The rental income is negative, but Lambs guaranteed return adds in a 13,596 annual capital gain (at a time when condo prices are falling plus repayment of some of the mortgage principal (6,890 in year one). Trouble is, to have that 6,890 repaid, you have to subsidize the tenant for 160 in rent plus put up 85,000 in cash which, at a 7 return if invested elsewhere, homework would yield almost 6,000. So the actually return is less than.

the condo king of Canada. His marketing sets the tone for an entire industry. He has amassed significant wealth, and works at showing. His rise from salesguy flogging cheesy waterfront boxes two decades ago to developer deity, tv star and the coolest guy in the room is legendary. But lately theres more than a tinge of desperation in his message. His weapon against a gathering storm of fear is simple. For Brad Lamb knows, greed works.

You dont own any actual dirt. If the pipes on help the 15th floor burst, then your 10th floor unit is toast. Worse, if the building needs new plumbing in 15 years, you could face a special assessment of gargantuan proportions. You can never add a room or a window. Factors materially affecting your units value like a homeless dude in the lobby or a leaky underground garage are beyond your ability to change. In short, its a massive leap of faith requiring significant cost/benefit analysis. And how are these things being sold?

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Boxes from hell, part deux: It costs 1,800 to rent a one bedroom-plus-den apartment in a swishy downtown condo in Toronto. Or, you could buy it for 353,496, putting 25 down thats 85,000. Then the monthly cost would be 1,218 for the mortgage, plus 312 for condo fees and 283 in property taxes. It comes to 1,813. Yes, spend 85,000 and then pay 13 more a month to live in the same unit. Why the hell would anyone do it? Especially in light of what I told you yesterday condo fees (and taxes) wallpaper can and will rise frequently (over which you have no control) and modern buildings are being thrown up with little regard to long-term structural integrity. After all, buying a condo is not like scoring a house.

real estate presentations that make millions pdf
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Do you want to learn how to use master slides to create templates? Bibme free bibliography & Citation maker - mla, apa, chicago, harvard. Diary Of a bds skeptic.

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  2. Boxes from hell, part deux: It costs 1,800 to rent a one bedroom-plus-den apartment in a swishy downtown condo in Toronto. Or, you could buy it for 353,496, putting 25 down thats 85,000. For real estate appraisers insured by lia - especially those in or near Santa barbara: Thank you for buying your E&O insurance from lia!

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