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But many others have been freelancing for years and simply wanted to build a bigger and better business. So, if youre ready to take your freelance career to the next level, Profitable Freelancing: The definitive guide to earning More money as a freelancer from day one can help you starting today. For some, its just a few extra hundred dollars every month. For others, its replacing a 250K income from their high-stress, high-responsibility j-o-b. But, whatever that number is for you, i want to help you reach. I will help you reach it — and more. Together well blast past limiting beliefs of whats possible for you  and get you in the mindset of earning what youre truly worth. Just a few of the things well be covering: Why everything you know about goal setting is dead wrong and the simple process for setting business goals that will unleash a total transformation of your career and finances.

Its about radically transforming the way you written think about freelancing It's about launching and running your freelance business with the mindset of an entrepreneur its about blowing the doors off the limits of what you think is possible for you and going beyond to create. Think of it as your step-by-step roadmap to launching your career and skipping the pain and struggle of being a freelance pieceworker and instead becoming an owner of a freelance business that gives you true time and financial freedom. Discover your True potential as a freelancer i am convinced the vast majority freelancers are operating and earning at a level way below their true potential. And in Profitable Freelancing: The definitive guide to earning More money as a freelancer from day one, im going to help you discover what your true potential. If all you want is to start earning steady income (which is what most freelancers want i can show you how to land your first few projects and stop there. But in my opinion, thats not good enough. I want to set you up to earn as much money as you want to make — from the get. Of course, how much you want to make may be very different from other freelancers Already In Business As a freelancer? These same principles can help you grow your business and expand about it to levels you never thought possible. Over the last few years, i have coached dozens of copywriters. Some have been just starting out.

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Best of all, Profitable Freelancing: The definitive guide to earning More money as a freelancer from day one is perfect whether youre just starting out as a freelancer or youre a wily veteran looking for ways to boost your income. If youre new, you wont make the same mistake thousands of freelancers and I made early in our careers where we were caught in the vicious circle of looking for new work doing the work so we could get paid and then looking for more. If youre a working copywriter, youll feel like your career has gone through an amazing rebirth and youll not only start every day wealthier, but with more excitement and enthusiasm than youve ever had. By putting the secrets I share with you in this program into action, youll: never have to actively look for a client again. Theyll come to you never have to worry about cash flow. Ill show you how to make so much passive income from the knowledge you already have that writing fees, essay well, theyll seem like a nice bonus at the end of the day! Never have to work any harder than youre already working now (In fact, you may even work less!) Consider this your complete bachelors and Masters degrees in freelance career building. Because after all, Profitable Freelancing: The definitive guide to earning More money as a freelancer from day one isnt about just helping you land a few projects here and there to make a few extra dollars.

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Ill not only show you how to build these sites quickly and cheaply but also how to turn them into a stream of cash-generating money machines  without you having to buy, sell, ship, or inventory anything! I know this sounds like a lot to learn and. And believe me, there are literally dozens more tips, secrets, and techniques inside this program for boosting your freelance income not only from me but from the hundreds of freelancers ive known, worked with, and studied over the years. And yes, there will be some extra effort if you want to put all these secrets to work for you  But only in the beginning  like pulling a cash lever Once youve structured your freelance business in the proper way and you have all these. Imagine not having to worry every month if you have enough work to get you through to the next  Imagine not feeling guilty about taking a day or two to be with your family because you know you have money coming in the door  (I. And not you when you put my secrets to work for you ) Imagine going to sleep knowing youll wake up richer than you were eight hours earlier  because you have knowledge people and businesses around the world need  and you have a way for them. Double, triple, quadruple your Income Imagine how much more fulfilling and rewarding the writers life will be when, instead of making a very respectable 50K, 60K, 80K as a freelance writer  youre making 160,000  240,000  even 350,000. And this is the key: you didnt work any harder than you did the year you made much less!

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So easy, in fact that when you see how its presented in my program, and just how much common sense it makes, youll wonder why every copywriter isnt doing. Chances are theyre too busy and too caught up in the Freelancers Cycle where theyre too busy getting and doing work so they can get paid, month after month to see the very real opportunity we freelancers enjoy. In addition, nobodys told them how to parlay the knowledge they have into double, triple, even four times the income theyd normally make. One way is a simple little technique i call Growing your Circles of Income. It works like this writing As you build up your copywriting skills, settle into a niche you enjoy and become a specialist within that niche (in this program, i show you the best way to do that too how to thrive as a specialist and why. But you will within minutes of having access to my program In fact, when Im hired by freelancers to do personal coaching, this little secret moneymaker is the one my clients are most excited about (clients who, incidentally, are happy to pay me upwards. For instance, ill show you how you can use the very skills youve developed to produce valuable content your clients want and need to create products you can sell over the Internet through specific business content sites, and All the Clients youll ever need.

Ill show you how you can also use them as highly-effective lead generators (and trust me youll have all the clients youll ever need or want, for as long as you like). Heres another little freelancer moneymaker Ill explain in detail in Profitable Freelancing: The definitive guide to earning More money as a freelancer from day one : Im constantly amazed how many copywriters reinvent the wheel every time they sit down and write a promotion for. Ill show you the secret to writing one ad once then adapting it to new clients in the same niche over and over and over again without one ad ever looking autobiography like the other. (The only problem with this is getting up the nerve to charge your client thousands of dollars for a job that took you a few hours to finish! But believe me youll get over it fast when they thank you for the sales your ad generated for them!) And this is one of my favorites where you write little articles about what you know: business, specific niches, copywriting and download them.

I then try and explain to them that its absolutely true. My private coaching clients have all successfully launched their careers with my guidance. Usually by the third month of coaching, theyve applied everything I taught them. As a result, theyve launched their careers, boosted their income from the very beginning while working less than they expected — and ultimately gained greater freedom over their lives and finances. You know, if I hadn't hired Nick, i would be out of the copywriting business by now. Katherine Andes, freelance business owner After seeing this happen time after time, i knew down to my core that I had something great on my hands.

Something any freelancer could use to positively improve their careers and lives. Thats why ive decided to put everything i know into a self-study program. One that walks you through five proven money-making skills in great detail  and shows you how to properly launch (or relaunch!) your career and earn the kind of income you deserve — from the start. Its called Profitable Freelancing: The definitive guide to earning More money as a freelancer from day one. How i will Help you earn More It doesnt matter if youre a writer, copywriter, programmer, graphic designer, or any other type of freelance service provider. With Profitable Freelancing: The definitive guide to earning More money as a freelancer from day one, im going to help you master the exact actions and strategies you need to launch a wildly successful freelance career. Together, well cover everything from your basic business-building advice — setting goals, marketing yourself, landing clients, setting up a proper website — to the more advanced strategies that will catapult you into the top 2 of freelance income earners, if you choose. Nicks one of the most decent, no-bs guys youll ever deal with. bob Bly author of over 70 books on writing and marketing, including the best-selling Copywriters Handbook let me give you a little taste of what youll learn by allowing me to share with you one of the most powerful income-multiplying strategies any freelance writer can.

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Like the proverbial hamster on a wheel. I dont want you to have to go through the same thing. Theres no need for. Instead of following the path I took, choose to start your dubai career off the right way and youll never worry about whether or not youll be able to pay wallpaper the bills. Youll never have to take on projects you dont like just because you need the money to pay the mortgage or next months rent you wont have to compromise your values and youll be in control of your business and financial future. Simply put, going about it the right way truly makes you the captain of your ship, master of your destiny. This Is Not Just Some Theory. Whenever I tell freelancers they can launch their careers and start earning the income of a top freelancer right away, i get incredulous looks.

promo resume

This is the cycle i fell into for the first 15 years of my freelancing career. Its a feast or famine cycle where youre stressed at the start of each month, wondering if youll make it this time. Running my career this way left me feeling sales totally wiped out and miserable. Avoid Becoming a hamster caught in a wheel. I wasnt getting anywhere. I was just in this closed loop, hoping that the world would be kind to me and keep delivering good clients who had plenty of work for. And, despite all my hard work and hustling, i wasnt any closer to any major goal or destination. I was just going in circles.

Let me explain, weve all read that stuff about freelancers taking it easy while lying on the beach, tapping away at their laptops when they feel like. But, the truth and reality of the typical freelance life is somewhat different. 99 of freelancers live in a cycle that kind of goes like this: As you can see, its dreadfully repetitive. You only get paid when you complete a project. Once that project is done, its up to you to start scrambling again to find more work. In short, youre a pieceworker. Should you ever decide to stop working, the money stops.

They make great incomes while working fewer hours because they focus on a few core skills that pretty much guarantee an increase in income — month after month, year after year — without working any harder. Theyre just working smarter. And, thats what Id like to talk to you hippie about today. There are some very simple — yet specific — actions you can take that can dramatically increase your income as a freelancer. So, even if youre just starting out and havent landed your first client yet, i will show you how to launch your career and earn more from the very first day you hang your freelancing shingle. Let me prove it to you. The truth about Freelancing, my name is Nick Usborne. For the past 30 years, ive been a freelance copywriter — both for traditional direct-mail and the web. Ive worked for all kinds of companies, many of which youll recognize.

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If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator, all times are gmt -5. The time now is 06:18. Powered by vbulletin, version.2.2, copyright 2018 vbulletin Solutions, Inc. Copyright overclockers Media group, llc. How not to get trapped in the all-too-common freelancers work cycle and always make money, whether youre writing evernote or not. Dear reader, nick Usborne, copywriter, its not by luck or accident that a few freelancers make a great deal more money than most others. And, its certainly not because they are that much better at their craft.

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Introduction In my life i have always wanted to do many things actually, i have many dreams and many goals to accomplish. You will encounter many of these words when reading history, while others are usef ul descriptive words you might like to use in your own writing.

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