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May  12-16  Final exam week, may  15  Our exam is on Thursday from 3:00-5:00. Links: Writing, native american Culture, handouts: (in printable format). The march family lives in a small house next door to the laurence mansion, where young Theodore laurence, known as laurie, and his aged grandfather have only each other for company. Laurence is wealthy, and he indulges every wish of his grandson, but often laurie is lonely. When the lamps are lit and the shades are up in the march house, he can see the four March sisters, with their mother in the center, seated around a cheerful fire. He learns to know them by name before he meets them, and, in his imagination, he almost feels himself a member of the family. The oldest is plump Meg, who has to earn her living as the governess of a group of unruly youngsters in the neighborhood. Next is jo, tall, awkward, and tomboyish, who likes to write and who spends all her spare time devising plays and entertainments for her sisters.

Please take care with matters regarding correct mla documentation, the development of your critical analyses, and the presentation of your texts. . Essays are expected to conform to the standards of correct grammar and usage. Plagiarism and academic dishonesty will absolutely not be tolerated. . The work you submit must be your own, original thinking. . you must never submit a paper that youve borrowed or purchased from a commercial source; you must never be dishonest about the source of your ideas or the citations from your bibliography. . Plagiarized or improperly documented papers will fail. . If you are confused business or unsure about how to document your sources, i will be more than glad to answer your questions or look over your papers if you have any concerns about your work. Miscellaneous but important details: Should any problems arise, please see me as soon as possible. . Should you want to talk with me about your work in the class, the ideas we are discussing, or any difficulties you think you may be experiencing, please do not hesitate to come in to see. . I will always make time for you. Dates to remember: January 21 Classes begin, march 17-21 Spring Break, april 7 Last day to withdraw from the class.

little women writer

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I recognize, however, that there may be legitimate reasons for absences. . This semester you may have two personal days which you may take if you need them—but use them carefully and sparingly. . If you are absent more than two days, your final course average will be penalized one letter grade for each day missed thereafter. . If some personal circumstances should arise which interfere with your being able to observe help the attendance policy, please let me know as soon as possible so we can work out a solution. Assignments: Ordinarily, in-class quizzes cannot be made. . Papers and take-home assignments are due on the day announced or designated on an assignment sheet. . Please follow the format described on that sheet as well. . Also feel free to talk with me in advance about paper topics, sources, or approaches to essays. Since this is an upper division literature course, students are expected to submit critical essays that conform with the standards ordinarily expected in courses at the 300 level. .

little women writer

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Midterm exam 20, final exam 20, contribution/Participation . This category may also include response or reflection papers. Attendance: The life energy of this course will depend upon all our contributions to class discussions. . For you to communicate regularly your insights and ideas, you will need to attend class faithfully. . Thus, a percentage of your grade will be based upon your contribution to class discussion (bringing your book to class, being prepared paperless to discuss the assignment, answer and ask questions, and even initiating the conversation). . Since the exams will ask you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the texts, issues, and ideas we will engage with daily, it is crucial that you take good notes on the readings and discussion. . Should you have to miss class, you are responsible for getting notes from a classmate and handouts from.

If you like to read and have a genuine interest in learning about Native women and their cultures, you will have a pleasurable experience, one that challenges you to think and broadens you culturally and intellectually. . As you prepare for class each day, do schedule enough time to read and re-read if possible. . Jot down notes on the readings as you are introduced to characters, experiences, and ideas that prompt questions or interest. . Jot down questions for me or for the class. . Underline, highlight, look up words that are new to you, and get involved with the text. . The most successful students are those who make a commitment to reading closely, taking good notes in class everyday, and getting involved in the conversations well be having about these remarkable women and their ideas and experiences. Course requirements, paper 1 (5-8 pages) (8-10 pages for graduate students) . Paper 2 Researched  (8-10 pages) (15-20 for graduate students)  20, reading quizzes (includes short papers also) .

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little women writer

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to inquire into the historical, political, and cultural pressures that have shaped the lives of American Indians historically and Native women in particular. to investigate the unique roles and experiences of Native women in relation to their male counterparts, bearing in mind, of course, that gender roles and experiences will vary from nation to nation. . Native america is inherently multicultural. to strengthen students proficiency at close textual reading and critical thinking nash through writing and discussion. . i am interested in helping you better articulate your ideas and interpretations as well prompting you to read as carefully and write as skillfully as you can.

Texts, waterlily by Ella cara deloria, tracks by louise Erdrich. The last Report on the miracles at Little no horse by louise Erdrich, bead on an Anthill by delphine red Shirt, nothing But the Truth by james Ruppert and John Purdy. Note: This will be a heavy-reading course so please consider this fact as you plan your schedule this term. . I will ask you to read not only the texts most listed on the reading schedule but also additional outside texts like short essays, for instance, which will illuminate or complement the text with which we are currently engaged. . If you dont enjoy reading, youre not really interested in American Indian culture, and you dont want to work very hard, you may be miserable in this class. .

One could also say though that I might be an exception to the general public, yet the males I talk to privately seemed to open up also. Overall, i thought this was a good article and it was able to open my mind as to how men and women communicate in society. Bly, robert, and Deborah Tannen. Where are men and Women Today? New Age journal January/February (1992 148-55. Acknowledgments, i referenced an outside article called Social Interaction in everyday life: you just Dont Understand: Women and Men in Conversation to get a better understanding of the communication between women and men.

Bibliography, bly, robert, and Deborah Tannen. New Age journal January/February (1992 148-55). Course description, this course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to read a selection of literary works by twentieth-century American Indian women. . we will consider each work within its unique cultural and historical framework and explore the ways that authors have drawn upon their individual tribal histories and traditions to express their personal, tribally-inflected stories and visions. . As we read we will consider such themes as tradition, cultural values, spirituality, identity, colonial oppression, and political responses to that oppression. to introduce students to a range of genres produced by American Indian authors in the twentieth century. to acquaint students with the major historical events and cultural contexts which situate the tribal or national background of each author. to explore the ways contemporary native women writers have drawn upon traditional themes and structures to link the oral tradition to contemporary modes of literary expression.

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I would have fallen into the category of men who thought that a womans opinion meant very little. Since reading this twist article, i have realized that I wasnt advantages using critical thinking. I never realized how little women did talk in public but could tell many times when I thought they talked too much. Over the last week, i have been thinking about how much I relate to this article. I made it a point to be around groups of people with both sexes and times when I was alone with someone else. I noticed how correct the writer seemed to be and how I quite possibly talk more than most women. However, i did disagree with Bly and Tannen about is how men are sometimes unable to relate on a personal basis. I have no problem addressing intimate issues with people, either male or female.

little women writer

Her close friends or people she has related to might judge otherwise because of their inside knowledge of this person. Men have similar problems except in a personal context. Society says that men have to be strong and show no emotion. This is why they have trouble talking with women privately about intimate issues. Plus, not talking about these issues lead to a build up in emotions, which lead to mid-life crisis, withdraw from interaction with people, and possibly suicide. Women seem to suffer less of these problems because of their capability to confront or talk about such issues. Before reading the article, where writing are men and Women Today?

Learning how men and women communicate helps us to develop an understanding of their role in society. With women, it would appear that they do not seem to function well in mass society. They are sometimes unable to relate their ideas or thoughts to a large number of people. Women tend to talk one-on-one with people. This is good for the individual being addressed because questions can be asked and the listener can interpret what type of woman the person really. However, it can be bad because only a few people get to actually know the person. An example would be a woman is judged by a mass number of people as a promiscuous person.

Classifying men and women in these two categories helps to explain gpa their behavior in talking with others. Since women are trying to establish relationships, they tend to speak more privately. They isolate themselves and the person they are talking with in hopes of establishing a rapport with them. Men are considered just the opposite. Because of their need for independence and recognition, they speak more publicly. Therefore, men and women can be further classified into two groups, private (women) and public (men) speakers. The topics that each sex discusses are also important. Women are said to talk about emotions or other areas that are considered private to most people. They tend to discuss relationships, love, and other sentimental issues.

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Essay, research Paper, do men and Women Speak different Languages? Robert Bly and Deborah Tannen say there is a large difference in the way men and women wood communicate. In the article, where are men and Women Today? Bly and Tannen describe women as rapport-talkers. Rapport-talk is using language as a way of establishing connections and relationships with others. They continue by stating that men use report-talk to communicate. It means that they attempt to preserve independence and maintain status in their communication.

little women writer
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I noticed how correct the writer seemed to be and how I quite possibly talk more than most women.

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  1. The girls try a number of ways to earn money—as companion, governess, and writer, for example—but nothing that they can do succeeds very well. This page uses frames, but your browser doesn t support them. The official source for Broadway information, statistics, dates, cast, crew and creative staff credits, roles and related facts. Start by marking, little, women little, women, 1) as Want to read: It is the poetic side of me, the writer side of me, the side that wants to break.

  2. Writer, second Unit Director or Assistant Director Producer Thanks self. Women, film Directors: Active in past decade. The writer attempts analysis but demonstrates little or no original thought.

  3. This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to read a selection of literary works by twentieth-century American Indian women. June Allyson plays spunky jo, resolved to be a writer, but unaware that the elusive muse she seeks is the life she shares with her sisters and mother (Mary Astor). Jump to: Actress director.

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