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After a few minutes, they started calling up each couple pair-by-pair and introduced them to their own timeshare rep. Uh-oh, they were going for man couple coverage rather than zone. We were introduced to our rep whose name was Eric. He brought us through to the lunch area and waited for us to fill up our plates before showing us to our table. . Each couple was seated at their own small table, with their timeshare rep sitting opposite them. The lunch consisted of mac cheese, pulled pork, chicken tenders, green beans, etc.

Even if the 7 night certificate turned out to be worthless, 45,000 Wyndham Rewards gives you three free nights at any wyndham property ( or even better value than that.) Effectively paying 50 per night to stay at any wyndham brand meant we wouldnt. Still, it was probably a little naive on my part to accept that offer. In hindsight, i wish Id tried to get both sets of rewards for free. If its any consolation, we paid with the Chase sapphire reserve and it coded as 3X, so we also earned 450 Ultimate rewards. With that, we dropped dbt Truffles back at our Airbnb and headed to Plantation Resort which is where the wyndham timeshare presentation would be taking place, arriving shortly before 1pm. Just before going inside, we practiced our no faces in the car. I call mine Angry unshaven Blue steel. Shae was a middle school report science teacher, so she already had her no face perfected. Practicing our no faces, seeing as we were in Myrtle beach on a dreary january day, shae and I figured we might be the only ones there. There were at least two dozen couples there, including a couple who were on their first anniversary. This was our first timeshare presentation, so we hadnt been sure if wed be in a large group getting the hard sell or if thered be a rep for each couple.

wyndham orlando timeshare presentation

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Given that she was chatting to people who obviously like to travel, she sensed her opportunity and asked us if wed like to have a free lunch or breakfast. By this point, we were inside the Information Center and saw all kinds of Wyndham branded posters, flyers, etc. Knowing what we were letting ourselves in for, we listened to her pitch and what wed get out. There were two offers if we went to a timeshare presentation either 45,000 Wyndham Rewards points or a certificate for a 7 night stay at a timeshare resort. Seeing as we werent jumping on the offer, she came back with an additional option. We could get both those rewards if we paid 150 and attended the timeshare presentation. Im sure youre thinking what I was thinking: why would anyone pay 150 to attend a timeshare presentation? After chatting to each other outside though, Shae and I decided to.

wyndham orlando timeshare presentation

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Your dogs so cute. What breed is she? And thus begins the tale of how we ended up at a wyndham timeshare presentation. My wife (Shae) and I were visiting Myrtle beach for a few days and decided to check out Broadway at The beach with our dog one morning. While walking along, a woman at the Information Center called out to us and asked that question about Truffles. The wyndham timeshare hook, were used to people asking about Truffles, so we went over to chat to her. She twist then asked what brought us to myrtle beach, so we told her about our 50 state road trip.

I'd like to have kind of a bedroom area and a living area, so we can stay up for a while after our 2 1/2 year old goes to sleep. Which brings us to Star e thing I like about this place is that it seems to be more of a resort than a hotel and there's a seperate bedroom and living room, so we can put the little deadhead to sleep and hang out. Any experiences with either of these properties? We're used to upscale accommodations, but we're totally not ioritys are: Safe, clean, Close to parks, easy airport access and availablitly of suites or rooms w/ seperate living area. Other available properties are: International Plaza, quality suites ( on Canada ) Best Western lake, buena vista, wyndham. Orlando, parc Corniche, fairfield, universal, etc. Thanks in advance for your input.

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wyndham orlando timeshare presentation

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This offer is provided by wyndham Vacation Resorts. Wyndham Extra holidays is the marketing agent for this offer. I've been finding what I think are really good rates on Wyndham's timeshare presentation yone have experience with this? For 200 we get four nights lodging, two adult park tix and 40 cash back on en we have to resume attend a two hour ghost timeshare presentation. I'm a real estate broker, so i'm not worried about getting suckered into anything, i just wonder how high pressure these guys are.

Is it worth the savings to put ourselves through this ordeal? The accommodations we're considering are, star Island and Crown Plaza. I like crown because i feel like it's an established chain and they have a reputation to protect. Also, they have free shuttles to and from the airport and the d some other minor amenities we like. The big downside about Crown is that from what i understand, it's a basic hotel room.

Earliest available check-in is 8 days from the vacation purchase date. Transportation, gratuities, parking fees, room taxes and meals not specifically advertised and incidentals are not included. The retail value of this package may depend on room availability, additional feature(s) and travel dates selected. You must complete your stay within 12 months from date of purchase. American Express Reward Card: Terms and conditions apply to American Express Reward Cards.

Subject to applicable law,.00 monthly service fee will be assessed against card balance starting 6 months after card issuance. Additional limitations may apply. This Card is provided pursuant to a reward, loyalty or promotional program. Issued by American Express Prepaid Card Management Corporation. This offer is valid only for residents of the following states: ak, al, ar, az, co, ct, dc, de, fl, ga, ia, id, il, in, ks, ky, la, ma, md, me, mi, mn, mo, ms, nc, ne, nh, nj, nm, nv, ny, oh, ok,. For ny residents: The price range of interests offered varies from 11,800 - 92,700 and is subject to change without notice.

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From the full activities interests calendar to special touches like the tranquil lazy river, beautiful pool and private lake, this evernote is no ordinary stay. Savings up to 159, your Price: 179, your Vacation Package Includes: 2 night's accommodations in a 1 bedroom at Wyndham Cypress Palms which can sleep up to 2 adults and 2 children (under age. Plus, you will receive the following: A 100 American Express, reward Card, the retail value of this package ranges from 178-338! Offer Details: you, and your spouse if married, must attend a 120-minute club wyndham timeshare sales presentation. You must be at least 28 years of age or older with a min. Annual household income of 60,000, or 55 years of age or older, and who have not attended a club wyndham sales presentation in the last 6 months. Terms and Conditions to see if you meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

wyndham orlando timeshare presentation

Expedia had deals as low as 85/night, although the timeshare rentals are also a great deal with free parking and full kitchens. I highly recommend viewing this resort for at least a few days in addition to your Disney trip in order to really soak up all the scenery here. The timeshare presentation seems to be a snare for newcomers, but make sure if they offer you park hopper passes or anything- ask for it in writing before you schedule a presentation! I saw some upset people trying to cash in on promises after they were burned out of a 3 hour plus presentation. Be aware- the presentations run longer than. 3-days/2-Nights starting at 199, book your Getaway now, book today. Closest to disney magic! Located in lake buena vista, wyndham Cypress Palms is less than a mile from the gates of Walt Disney world. You will enjoy a very rewarding stay on site.

waterslides for kids big and small. There's also a free putt-putt golf course. The only on-site expenses I had were my mahi mahi, popcorn at an outdoor movie, hot chocolate at a comedy show, ordering dinner from a local restaurant and the hotel fees. Be prepared to pay any additional fees associated with your booking, so read the fine print. My total room cost for non-credited resort fees were the 20/day parking plus parking tax? For three nights i ended up paying under 140 for my promotion, but I get 100 room rebate for a future wyndham stay. We will be going back to this resort.

We did not get to them all in four days! There are a handful of evernote restaurants that deliver to the hotel if you request the brochure at the front desk. There is no free breakfast, but I hear there's a buffet restaurant nearby or on-site at the bonnet Creek resort. You must bring cash or credit card to the resort restaurants, as they only bill accounts for timeshare owners. There is a restaurant called Escudos near one of the pools and lake that has a great Mahi mahi at a reasonable price (with sides about 15-16). Don't order the chis and dip unless you like gas station cheese sauce- yuck. The nachos also looked good. There is a schedule of activities with free movies, karaoke, magic/comedy shows, face painting and other events. There are pay activities also (such as smores, hot chocolate, popcorn, tie dye t-shirts, wine and painting, etc).

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We were offered last year to stay here three nights and four days for 200 parking and taxes in exchange for a 200 amex card and 100 off a wyndham future stay. In order to accept this offer, we had to attend a timeshare presentation. The resort is amazing! We brought groceries from Trader joe's, but were disappointed that the essay hotel does not offer microwaves. The rooms were beautiful and we had a 9th floor view of all the evening firework shows! Request a high floor with lake view when booking. There were many pools, two kids splash pads and two lazy rivers.

wyndham orlando timeshare presentation
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  3. Must at tend a 120-minute club wyndham timeshare sales presentation. Timeshare presentations can be a great way to get free or discount ed tickets in places like orlando and Las Vegas, but you ll need. Emma owns timeshares in dvc and Wyndham and wants to help you get the most out.

  4. Short story, wife got conned into timeshare presentation. I know I can trust these reviews about Wyndham Vacation Resorts? Save time and money with Orlando vacation specials from Wyndham Bonnet.

  5. Choose one of our discount Orlando vacation packages and experience all that. M ust attend a 120-minute club wyndham timeshare sales presentation. If you ve been invited to attend a timeshare presentation, you can receive. Three nights in an Orlando hotel and two tickets to disney theme parks for.

  6. Wyndham Grand Orlando resort Bonnet Creek: Free hotel stay for timeshare presentation - see 5592 traveler reviews, 1029 candid photos. There s a reason the words timeshare and scam often go togethe r: in most cases, buying a timeshare is a bad financial decision. Wyndham Vacation Ownership offers discounted travel vacation packages to great des tinatinons such as Orlando, las Vegas, Oceanside and many more.

  7. And thus begins the tale of how we ended up at a wyndham timeshare presentation. My wife (Shae) and I were visiting Myrtle beach for a few. Answer 1 of 7: i ve been finding what I think are really good rates on Wyndham s timeshare presentation yone have experience with this?

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