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18 There is no indication of such a practice in ancient works of art, 19 in which the Amazons are always represented with both breasts, although one is frequently covered. 20 19 Adrienne mayor suggests the origin of this myth was due to the word's etymology. 19 21 Greeks also used some descriptive phrases for them. Herodotus used the Androktones ( Greek : Ανδροκτόνες, singular Ανδροκτόνα, androktonα ) killers of men 3 and Androleteirai ( Greek : Ανδρολέτειραι, singular Ανδρολέτειρα, androleteira ) destroyers of men, murderesses 4 in the Iliad they are also called Antianeirai ( Greek : Αντιάνειραι, singular Αντιάνειρα. 6 22 Origins edit Amazon wearing trousers and carrying a shield with an attached patterned cloth and a quiver. Ancient Greek attic white-ground alabastron,.470 bc, british Museum, london.

9 Palaephatus, who was trying to rationalize the Greek myths in his work On Unbelievable tales or On Incredible tales ( Greek : περ πίστων στοριν stated that the Amazons most probably were men mistaken for women by their enemies because they wore clothing which. Contents Etymology edit The origin of the word is uncertain. It may be derived from an Iranian ethnonym *ha-mazan- "warriors a word attested indirectly through a derivation, a denominal verb in Hesychius of Alexandria 's gloss "μαζακάραν πολεμεῖν. Πέρσαι" hamazakaran : 'to make war' in Persian where it appears together with the Indo-Iranian root *kar- "make" (from which Sanskrit karma is also derived). 13 It may also be derived from *ṇ-mṇ-gw-jon-es "manless, without husbands" ( a- privative and a derivation of *man- also found in Slavic muzh ) has been proposed, an explanation deemed "unlikely" by Hjalmar Frisk. 14 19th century scholarship also connected the term to the ethnonym Amazigh. 15 A further explanation proposes Iranian * ama-janah "virility-killing" as source. 16 The hittite researcher Friedrich Cornelius assumes that there had been the land azzi with the capital Chajasa in the area of the Thermodon-Iris Delta on the coast of the Black sea. He brings its residents in direct relation to the Amazons, namely based on its name (woman of the land azzi 'am' 'azzi' amazon) and its customs (matriarchal custom of promiscuous sexual intercourse, essay even with blood relatives). The location of that land as well as his conclusions are controversial. — gerhard Pollauer 17 Among Classical Greeks, amazon was given a folk etymology as originating from a- (-) and mazos (μαζός "without breast connected with an etiological tradition once claimed by marcus Justinus who alleged that Amazons had their right breast cut off or burnt.

theseus biography

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Mytilene a little way beyond the dubai caïcus. 4 Aeschylus, in Prometheus bound, places the original home of the Amazons in the country about lake maeotis and they later moved to Themiscyra on the Thermodon. 4 6 Homer tells that the Amazons were sought and found somewhere near Lycia. 4 Notable queens of the Amazons are penthesilea, who participated in the Trojan War, and her sister Hippolyta, whose magical girdle, given to her by her father Ares, was the object of one of the labours of Heracles. Diodorus mentions that the Amazons traveled from Libya under queen Myrina. 4 Amazon warriors were often depicted in battle with Greek warriors in amazonomachies in classical art. The Scythian women may have inspired the myth. 7 8 From the early modern period, their name has become a term for female warriors in general. Amazons were said to have founded the cities and temples of Smyrna, sinope, cyme, gryne, ephesus, pitania, magnesia, clete, pygela, latoreria and Amastris; according to legend, the Amazons also invented the cavalry.

theseus biography

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In, greek mythology, the, amazons greek : μαζόνες, amazónes, singular μαζών, amazōn oliver ) were a tribe of women warriors related. Apollonius Rhodius, at, argonautica, mentions that Amazons were the daughters. Ares and, harmonia (a nymph of the akmonian wood). They were brutal and aggressive, and their main concern in life was war. 1 2, herodotus and, strabo place them on the banks of the. Thermodon, 3 4 while, diodorus giving the account of dionysius of Mitylene, who, on his part, drew on Thymoetas, states that before the Amazons of the Thermodon there were, much earlier in time, the Amazons of Libya. 5, these Amazons started from, libya, passed through Egypt and Syria, and stopped at the. Caïcus in, aeolis, near which they founded several cities. Later, he says, they established.

Adder on the hand of saturn this is the comet of schwassmann-wachmann, which shone in may of 1680 airst magnitude star in the constellation of whale near taurean. Probably it waeason for creation of the ferrarian zodiac. French zodiac of Henry ii and diana poitier was created in the middle of the sixteenth century. Italian zodiac with Uranium in the palace of court in Padua was created at the end of the eighteenth century. A list of found by us 70 reflections of Andronicus-Christ (Andrew the pious) in the Scaligerian version of history. Literature about the authors. For other uses, see, amazon (disambiguation). Wounded Amazon of the capitol, rome.

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theseus biography

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Virgin Birth and birth of Theseus-teos. Youth of Theseus "was clued" with his last days. Theseus the tsar of Athens and reformer. Andronicus-Christ the imperator of Tsar-Grad and reformer. Rebel against the tsar. The death of Theseus and the death of Andronicus-Christ.

Descent to the hell. Hurts and torn off part of the body. "The tomb" of Theseus and his tallness. The labours of Theseus and the labours of Heracles. Theseus allegedly intensely imitated Heracles. Chrisopol the city of Christ on the Asian bank of Bosporus, is placed summary not far from Tsar-Grad, mountain beykoz calvary and the city of Jeros jerusalem. Italian zodiac of Ferrara dukes d'Este was made at the end of the seventeenth century, not in the fifteenth.

The eleventh labour the apples or sheep of Hesperides - these are two neighbor constellations: Aries and Pisces. The twentieth labour the captivity of Cerberus - this is Scorpio. Result: "Zodiac of the labours of Heracles". It appears that in the zodiac of the labours of Heracles there is a horoscope. Results of decoding: the resulting horoscope of the labours of Heracles. In the labours of Heracles the date is codified: november 17-21, 1513.

In the "antique" horoscope of the labours of Heracles, probably, was written the date of accession to the throne of the roman pope-humanist leo. Why Ares the god of "unfair" war, and Athena is the goodness of "fair" war. Other, "not numerated labours of Heracles. Why Christ was sometimes expressed as a woman? For example, heracles "became a woman also, tsarina Omphal for some reason looked like heracles. Dionysus, Christ and Heracles. God Bacchus as a reflection of Andronicus-Christ. "antique" theseus this is on more reflection of andronicus-christ.

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The third labour mom - the cerynitian deer - this is goat. The fourth labour - the Erymanthian boar - this is Archer. The fifth labour - the Stables of King Augeias - this is Aquarius. The sixth labour - the Stymphalian Birds - this is Libra. The seventh labour - the Cretan Bull - this is taurean. The eighth labour the fillies of diomed - this is Great bear and Little bear near the north Pole. The ninth labour - the girdle of Hyppolita - this is Virgo. The tenth labour the cows of Geryon - this is Gemini.

theseus biography

Blind and then seeing the light centurion Longinus in the myth about Heracles. Resurrection of trust Alcmene blessed Virgin to heaven. The famous twelve labours of heracles these are twelve constellations of zodiac with seven planets. This horoscope is dated with 1513. An order of the labours is not important for. The labours of Heracles and spear runnings of the middle Ages. The first labour the nemean lion this is leo. The second labour - the learnean Hydra - this is Cancer.

of the xvii century in Russia. Deianira, a wife of Heracles, is a reflection of Judas Iscariot. A collusion of deianira and centaur Nessus against Heracles-Christ. Death of Heracles-Christ on the fire-cross. Peter the Apostle in the myth of Heracles. Resurrection of Heracles and Ascention into heaven. Descending of Heracles to the hell.

"heracles ieflection of andronicus-christ. Virgin Birth, caesarean operation, the birth of Heracles. Attack of the bad tsar Herod-Judas in the view if snakes. Runaway of the holy family to Egypt. Talents of Heracles and pdf his tallness. One more mentioning of beating of the bethlehem infants. Heracles in a lion fell as a reflection of John the baptist. Next follow the knightly labours of Heracles and his coevals. Opening and colonization of America by columbus (that is by russia-horde and Osmansatamans) is described in the "ancient"-Greek tales.

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Myths about Heracles are legends about Andronicus-Christ, written in the xvi century. Publishing house ast, moscow, 2009. All the results, stated in the book are new and are published for the first time. It appears that, "antique" life story of the famous hero heracles consists of the data about imperator Andronicus-Christ (Andrew the pious) from the xii century, evernote and also from description of the events of the xiv-xvi centuries. In the famous 12 Labours of Heracles a description of the placement of planets by constellations of zodiac was found. So, probably, the date of composing of the life story of Heracles was codified. There was the only astronomical solution: november 17-20, 1513. The life story of the famous "antique" hero Theseus is also one of the variants of "biography" of Andronicus-Christ.

theseus biography
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Henry s Special Magic. Sand Castle (2016) (filming). Writings by the author: Henry vi, part 1, london, unknown theater (perhaps by a branch of the queen s Men circa.

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  1. One of the largest collections of paintings online. Featuring hundreds of artists and thousands of works. Biographies, historical commentary, religious and mythological notes. Theseus in the movie directed by tarsem Singh.

  2. Learning guide and teacher Resources for. Theseus written by PhD students from Stanford, harvard, berkeley.Algebra ii geometry calculus biology Chemistry us history civics Economics. Theseus at Olga s Gallery.

  3. Plutarch s biography of, theseus : public domain translations sandy deserts wild beasts city of athens famed city. Theseus killed the minotaur of Crete, so that seven Athenian youths and seven maidens would no longer be fed yearly to the half-man, half-bull monster. The story of, theseus.

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