Summary of part 3 of the book thief

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Montag suddenly sees that, although he always assumed that all firemen were happy, he has no right to make this assumption any longer. Although beatty seemed the most severe critic of books, he, in fact, thought that outlawing individual thinking and putting a premium on conformity stifled a society. Beatty was a man who understood his own compromised morality and who privately admired the conviction of people like montag. In a strange way, beatty wanted to commit suicide but was evidently too cowardly to carry it out. Bradbury illustrates the general unhappiness and despondency of certain members of society three times before beatty's incident: Millie's near-suicide with the overdose of sleeping pills; the oblique reference to the fireman in seattle, who "purposely set a mechanical hound to his own chemical complex and. People in Montag's society are simply not happy.

Note once again, that in describing beatty's death, Bradbury uses the business image of a wax doll. The imagery of the wax doll is thus used. Fahrenheit 451 to describe both beatty and Millie. By using this comparison, Bradbury shows that beatty and Millie do not appear to be living things; they fit the mold made by a dystopian society. As a result, beatty is charred and destroyed by the fire that gave purpose and direction to his own life. Although Montag, who is now a fugitive, feels justified in his actions, he curses himself for taking these violent actions to such an extreme. His discontent shows that he is not a vicious killer, but a man with a conscience. While montag stumbles down the alley, a sudden and awesome recognition stops him cold in his tracks: "In the middle of the crying Montag knew it for the truth. Beatty had wanted to die. He had just stood there, not really trying to save himself, just stood there, joking, needling, thought Montag, and the thought was enough to stifle his sobbing and let him pause review for air." Instantly, the reader and Montag understand beatty in a much different light.

summary of part 3 of the book thief

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With Faber screaming in his ear to escape, montag experiences a moment of doubt when beatty reduces Montag's book knowledge to pretentiousness: "Why don't you belch Shakespeare at me, you fumbling snob? Go ahead now, you secondhand literateur, pull the trigger." With the flamethrower in his hand and, in his mind, the seeming futility of ever correcting the ills of society, montag decides that fire, after all, is probably the best solution for everything. "We never burned right he says. The meaning of Montag's utterance is open to speculation. At first glance, this statement is about passion: If the firemen have to burn books, they should know the subjects of the books and what information they contain. Or possibly, burning shouldn't mom be done simply as a mindless job that one does out of habit, but should be done out of political and ideological convictions. Given the context, however, montag says his line with the implication that beatty was wrong to encourage burning when he, beatty, knew the value of books. As he turns the flamethrower on beatty, who collapses to the pavement like a "charred wax doll you can note the superb poetic justice in this action. Beatty always preached to montag that fire was the solution to everyone's problems don't face a problem, burn it beatty told him) and beatty, himself, is burned as a solution to montag's problem.

summary of part 3 of the book thief

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Didn't I hint enough when I sent the hound around your place?" Though one's sympathies are, rightly so, with Montag, beatty is revealed here as a man torn between duty and conscience, which makes him more of an individual and less a villain, less. He does not particularly want to arrest Montag for breaking the law and his metaphorical concept of Montag as Icarus further reveals his active imagination and knowledge of (illegal) books. Yet through sheer maliciousness, beatty demands that Montag burn his own home. However, note that Montag does not burn the television with remorse — in fact, he resume takes great pleasure in burning it: "And then he came to the parlor where the great idiot monsters lay asleep with their white thoughts and their snowy dreams. And he shot a bolt at each of the three blank walls and the vacuum hissed out at him." In a strange way, montag gets his revenge on the television screens that he hates so strongly. The entire episode has, for Montag, a phantasmagorical quality. He perceives his arrival and the preparations for the burning as a "carnival" being set. Later, after the destruction of his house and after the spectators disappear, montag remarks that the incident was as if "the great tents of the circus had slumped into charcoal and rubble and the show was well over." After the burning of his house, montag.

Granger feels, however, that the commune's way of giving life to books through their embodiment in people is the best way to combat the censorship of the government. Because of war (that could begin at any minute the commune is forced to move south, farther down the river, away from the city that is a sure target of attack. Jets shriek overhead continually, heading for battle. Although Montag thinks briefly of Millie and of his former life, he is forced back to reality when, in an abrupt finale, the city is destroyed. Shaken by the destruction of the city, granger, montag, and the rest of the commune are compelled to return to the city and lend what help they can. Analysis, the ironies in this book continue to multiply as Montag discovers that Millie was the one who turned in the fire alarm. In fact, it's interesting to note that as Millie makes her abrupt departure, her worries and concern focus only on her television family and not her husband (Montag). Although beatty feels some remorse over what will happen to montag, he continues to ridicule him: "Old Montag wanted to fly near the sun and now that he's burnt his damn wings, he wonders why.

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summary of part 3 of the book thief

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(Note that the population has never seen the real Montag.). While the chase continues elsewhere, montag floats in the river toward the far shore and safety. In just a few short days, montag has become a rebel and an outlaw. As if seeing the world and nature for the first time, montag continues his journey on land. Half an hour later, he sees a fire in the black distance where he stumbles upon a group of outcasts. The leader of these outcasts is Granger, a former author and intellectual.

Curiously, granger seems to have expected Montag and reveals his good will by offering him a vial filled with something that alters Montag's perspiration; after Montag drinks the fluid, the mechanical hound can no longer track him. Granger explains to montag the nature of the commune and how each member chooses a book and memorizes. After the entire book has been memorized, he burns it to prevent the individual from being arrested by the authorities. From that time on, the story is transmitted verbally from one generation to another. Montag confesses to Granger that he once memorized some of the book of Ecclesiastes. Granger tells him that a man named Harris knows the verses from memory, but if anything ever happens to harris, montag will become the book. When Montag admits the grand failure of his plan to plant books in firemen's houses, Granger replies that the plan may have worked had it been carried poultry out on a national scale.

Montag instructs Faber to burn in the incinerator everything that he (Montag) has touched and then rub everything else down with alcohol. He also suggests that Faber cover the scent with moth spray and then hose off the sidewalk and turn on the lawn sprinklers. In this way, they can confuse the mechanical hound's sense of smell and cause him to lose montag's trail into faber's house; Faber will remain safe while montag lures the hound to the river. Before he leaves, he takes a cardboard suitcase filled with some old clothes of Faber's as well as a bottle of whiskey. Montag makes a run for the river, knowing that the mechanical hound is still on his trail as helicopters gather and hover overhead.

Montag finally hobbles to the safety of the river undetected, where he douses himself in whiskey and dresses in Faber's clothes. After discarding the suitcase, he plunges into the river and is swept away. While he travels downstream, the mechanical hound loses his scent at the river's edge. Undaunted, however, the police refuse to be denied the capture. The police can't allow the public to know of their failure to snare montag, so they enact a hoax: An innocent man is chosen as a victim for the tv cameras. The populace is deceived into thinking that Montag is dead because their wall televisions depict the murder of the suspect Montag.

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If he can cross it, he should make his way down the railroad tracks leading out of the city. Once out of the city, he will meet up with one of the many groups of exiles forced to flee to the countryside and find refuge with them. As for himself, faber plans to catch the early morning bus. Louis to get in touch with an old printer friend. While the two men make their plans, the television announces that a massive manhunt essay has been organized to track down Montag. Faber and Montag discover that a new Mechanical hound has been introduced to the search and that the networks intend to participate by televising the chase. With the news that a second Mechanical hound was brought to the area, faber and Montag must take careful, precautionary steps to avoid capture.

summary of part 3 of the book thief

Unharmed (except for one-sixteenth of an inch of black tire tread on his middle finger he travels onward. Montag makes one stop prior to his arrival at Faber's home. He stops at the home of a fellow fireman — black's house — and hides the books that he has been carrying in Black's kitchen. Because Black was responsible for burning many other people's homes, montag reasons that Black should have his own home burned. Thus, montag activates the plan to frame firemen that he had previously sketched for Faber. He phones in a fire alarm and then waits until the blare of the siren is heard before he continues on to faber's. Black's house will be burned. Together, montag and Faber writeline make their plans for escape. Faber tells Montag to try the river.

town. In his journey to faber's, montag confronts an unforeseen danger: crossing a boulevard. Because the automobiles travel at such high speeds, crossing the street is extremely dangerous — coupled by the fact that, because such little value is given to a person's life, running over pedestrians is a sport. (Recall that Clarisse was killed by a hit-and-run driver.) In Montag's case, the danger is compounded because he has a crippled leg, deadened with procaine. Despite the danger, montag has little choice; he must cross the boulevard in order to reach Faber. He must either risk crossing the boulevard or face certain execution in a matter of minutes. As he's crossing the street, one vehicle focuses on Montag's running figure. A fortuitous stumble allows Montag to escape certain death.

In one quick motion, montag turns the liquid fire on Captain beatty, review who collapses to the pavement. After pummeling Stoneman and Black, montag tries to escape, but the mechanical hound stuns him in the leg with its procaine needle. In the span of only a few minutes, montag becomes a criminal, an enemy of the people. He is now a hunted man, sought by the police and the firemen's salamanders. The police, montag is sure, with the aid of helicopters, will immediately begin a manhunt. The only friend he can turn to is Faber. Only faber holds some promise for Montag's survival.

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Bookmark this page, summary, in this final section of the book, montag discovers that Millie turned in the fire alarm (though her friends, Mrs. Bowles, earlier lodged a complaint that beatty ignored). While beatty seems to regret what he must do to montag, he taunts Montag in a mean-spirited way and reminds Montag that he has given him many warnings about what could happen. Finally, in his conversation with writing Montag, beatty forces Montag to set fire to his own home. Little does he realize that Montag finds a certain perverse satisfaction in torching the interior of his home — especially the television screens. Meanwhile, faber continually urges Montag to escape, but Montag is hesitant because the mechanical hound is on the prowl. Montag has also fallen into his former way of thinking as a result of beatty's verbal assaults and the trauma of what has happened to both himself and his home. While montag hesitates, beatty discovers the green bullet in his ear and threatens to track the two-way radio to its source (Faber). As if motivating Montag to take action against him, beatty taunts Montag relentlessly.

summary of part 3 of the book thief
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  5. On the way home, liesel can no longer take the pain of the hot book, so she takes it out and confesses to papa that she has stolen the. When he dies of a heart attack, jeannette is forced to examine her own life and re alize that while she has pushed away her parents and her past, part of her. In this final section of the book, montag discovers that Millie turned in the fire alarm (though her friends, Mrs.

  6. Need help with Part 3: The way home in Markus Zusak s The book thief? Check ou t our revolutionary side-by-side summary and analysis. The book thief study guide contains a biography of Markus Zusak, literature essays. The book thief Summary and Analysis of Part Three.

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