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We are not; we just have the best librarians in the business. I thank them all. A good journalist knows when something youve written stinks; a good friend will actually tell you. These people are both: Tom Scocca, david Von Drehle, and Hank Stuever. On countless occasions they have saved me from myself. And finally, even though his thumbprint is on nearly every page, this is the only place in the book that you will see the name tom Shroder.

The photograph. 158 is courtesy of the author. Acknowledgments All the stories in this collection are published by permission of the washington Post, where they first appeared. My gratitude goes beyond this small kindness; i am indebted to the newspapers publisher and editors for yogi their support of fierce journalism, for their leadership, and, all too many times, for their forbearance. I want to thank the people who taught me to write, and to apologize for any plagiarism that may have semi-inadvertently weaseled into my words over the years: Edward Albee, dave barry, mike bassett, meyer Berger, homer Bigart, madeleine Blais, margaret Wise Brown, michael Browning. Dixon, Arthur Conan doyle, will Elder, piet hein, Crockett Johnson, Franz kafka, tom Lehrer, the new York daily news headline writers from 1958 to 1972, Edgar Allan poe, rod Serling,. Seuss, rex Stout, bill Watterson, and Ruth. Dozens of talented copy editors made my prose presentable; if I try to name them all, i will forget some. Ably standing in for all of them here will be pat myers, the worlds funniest copy editor and Americas greatest backstop. She is the johnny bench of journalism. A newspapers librarians make its writers seem omniscient.

no 1 writer in the world

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data, weingarten, gene. The fiddler in the improve subway/Gene weingarten. American wit and humor. Isbn (ebook art reprinted by permission of Universal Uclick: doonesbury (2004). 236 top and bottom, and. 242 doonesbury (2006). 245, 252, and 259).

no 1 writer in the world

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Simon schuster Paperbacks Subsidiary rights Department, 1230 avenue of the Americas, new York, ny 10020. First Simon schuster trade paperback edition July 2010. Simon schuster paperbacks and colophon are registered trademarks of Simon schuster, Inc. For information about special discounts for bulk purchases, please contact Simon schuster Special Sales. The simon schuster Speakers Bureau world can bring authors to your live event. For more information or to book an event, contact the simon schuster Speakers Bureau at or visit our website. Designed by davina mock-maniscalco, manufactured in the United States of America.

The fiddler in the, subway, the true story of what, happened wheorld-class. Violinist played for handouts. Performances by americas, foremost feature writer, gene weingarten. Simon schuster paperbacks, new york london toronto sydney, simon schuster Paperbacks. A division of Simon schuster, Inc. 1230 avenue of the Americas, new York, ny 10020 m, copyright 2010 by gene weingarten. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever.

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no 1 writer in the world

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Nikolai gogol Aphorisms, look whether you love others and not whether others love you. It is terrible for me to live in the world and not mark your existence. In every word there is an abyss of space, every word is limitless. Pity never possesses us so strongly as at aliens the sight of beauty touched by the corrupting breath of depravity. Beauty works perfect miracles. All inner shortcomings in a beauty, instead of causing repugnance, become somehow extraordinarily attractive; vice itself breathes comeliness in them; but if it were to disappear, then a woman would have to be twenty times more intelligent than a man in order to inspire,. But nothing lasts long in this world.

Even joy grows less lively the next moment. And a moment later, again, it weakens further. And at last it reemerges insensibly with the normal mood, even as the ripple from a pebbles impact becomes reemerged with the smooth surface of the water at large. Also by gene weingarten, old Dogs, im with Stupid (with Gina barreca). The hypochondriacs guide to life.

He was tortured by hallucinations, in which he was accused of sinning. He worried that he would be buried alive that the last 11 years of his life he slept in a sitting position: he associated the horizontal plane with a deathbed. He indeed sunk into a lethargic sleep several times, and thats why there were some reasons behind his fear of being buried alive. Gogol starts the first chapter Testament from. Selected Passages from Correspondence with Friends with the following words: Finding myself in full possession of my memory and in sound mind, i here set forth my last will. I bequeath not to bury my body until clear signs of decomposition have appeared.

I mention this because already in the course of this illness there have been moments of numbness of my vital organs, my heart and pulse have ceased to beat. Nikolai gogol died in his sleep. According to old beliefs, people who were loved by god died in such a way. For more than half a century there was a legend that Gogol was indeed buried alive. Seventy-nine years after his death his ashes were reburied. According to witnesses, the position of his remains indicated that the body was bent, and the inner lining of the coffin was scratched. It was decided to place a bust on his new grave, but in the end the gravestone ended up on mikhail Bulgakovs grave. And so a symbolic link was established between the two most enigmatic Russian writers. After this, the words of Bulgakov, addressed to gogol are perceived in a completely different light: teacher, cover me with your overcoat.

Why you must be crazy to want to

The writer was afraid of storms and thunder. He used to pdf say that they affected his nerves. Nikolai gogol was distinguished by his shyness. When a stranger appeared in his company, he tried to quietly slip away. Gogol was ashamed of his big nose, which had an unusual shape. When artists portrayed him, he probably asked them to paint his nose differently. Perhaps, because of this, restaurant he looks different in all his portraits. He was so concerned his nose that his worries eventually were expressed in the story The nose. At the height of illness, nikolai gogol often heard voices from the other world.

no 1 writer in the world

This can be proved by his letters to his sister liza, where he wrote, my body started to cool down very much: days and nights I just couldnt get warm. My face turned yellow, my hands swelled up, turned black, and were like ice. This frightened even. At that time mental disorders started to appear. In 1845, he burned several chapters of the manuscript of the second volume. Dead souls, on the whole, gogol believed that his fate differed from the fate of the others. He often spoke about prophetic signs, which he believed in very much. Nikolai gogol wasnt married and never had expressions intimate relationships with women. Many researchers state that he died a virgin.

of his favorite drinks, which he always drank with rum. In jest he called this experimental drink gogol-mogol. When he was in high spirits, he would say: Gogol likes a gogol-mogol! On a visit to rome at the age of 30, he fell ill with malaria. The doctors of that time said that the illness affected his brain. He started to have febrile paroxysms and often lost consciousness.

Dead souls, viy, evenings on a farm near dikanka. April 1st, in the new style, is the 205th anniversary of the birth of nikolai gogol. On this jubilee date, we have prepared for you the most interesting aphorisms and biographical facts of this writer. Interesting bio facts about nikolai gogol. According to his familys legend, the writer was a descendant of the ancient Ukrainian family of the well-known Cossack Ostap Gogol, hetman of Right-Bank ukraine. Nikolai gogol was born in the village of Sorochyntsi in the poltava province. Besides him, there were six more children in the family. His father was a landlord, who owned more than 1,000 desiatynas (2,700 acres) of land and about 400 serf souls. The writer had a sweet tooth.

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There is no death in the literary world The deceased also interfere in our life, act together with us, as much as the living. The 205th Anniversary of His Birth. He is the most enigmatic writer in the world. His life was always intertwined with mystique, phobias, and superstitions, which in some way or other appeared in his works. Gogol believed in the existence of primordial evil and was always struggling with. Moreover, he had been struggling since childhood, when as a small 5-year-old boy, he drowned a black cat in a pond as he thought that in its image the devil came to his house he was afraid of being buried alive and during the last years. He also heard voices from the other world that accused him of sins and was obsessed with his creative work. All this provoked the appearance.

no 1 writer in the world
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Simon said tuesday during her testimony at the, house Appropriations Subcommittee on Higher Education, commenting on msus 2014 graduate school rankings from. World, report released tuesday. Staff writer, simon Schuster contributed to this report.

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