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Population solutions edit george wittkowsky argued that Swifts main target in a modest Proposal was not the conditions in Ireland, but rather the can-do spirit of the times that led people to devise a number of illogical schemes that would purportedly solve social and economic. 2 Swift was especially attacking projects that tried to fix population and labour issues with a simple cure-all solution. 3 A memorable example of these sorts of schemes "involved the idea of running the poor through a joint-stock company ". 3 In response, swift's Modest Proposal was "a burlesque of projects concerning the poor" 4 that were in vogue during the early 18th century. A modest Proposal also targets the calculating way people perceived the poor in designing their projects. The pamphlet targets reformers who "regard people as commodities". 5 In the piece, swift adopts the "technique of a political arithmetician" 6 to show the utter ridiculousness of trying to prove any proposal with dispassionate statistics.

Much of its shock value derives from the fact that the first portion of the essay describes the plight of starving beggars in Ireland, so that the reader is unprepared for the surprise of Swift's solution when he states: "a young healthy child well nursed. He uses methods of argument throughout his essay which lampoon the then-influential. William Petty and the social engineering popular among followers of, francis Bacon. These lampoons include appealing to the authority of "a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London" and "the famous. Psalmanazar, a native of the island. Formosa " (who had already confessed to not being from Formosa in 1706). In the tradition of Roman satire, swift introduces the reforms he is actually suggesting by paralipsis : Therefore level let no man talk to me of other expedients: Of taxing our absentees at five shillings a pound: Of using neither clothes, nor household furniture, except what. Laplanders, and the inhabitants of Topinamboo : Of quitting our animosities and factions, nor acting any longer like the jews, who were murdering one another at the very moment their city was taken : Of being a little cautious not to sell our country and. Lastly, of putting a spirit of honesty, industry, and skill into our shop-keepers, who, if a resolution could now be taken to buy only our native goods, would immediately unite to cheat and exact upon us in the price, the measure, and the goodness, nor. Therefore i repeat, let no man talk to me of these and the like expedients, 'till he hath at least some glympse of hope, that there will ever be some hearty and sincere attempt to put them into practice.

modern modest proposal

A, modest Proposal: a modern Proposal

A modest Proposal For preventing the Children of paper poor people From being a burthen to Their Parents or country, and For making them Beneficial to the publick, 1 commonly referred to as, a modest Proposal, is a, juvenalian satirical essay written and published anonymously. Jonathan Swift in 1729. The essay suggests that the impoverished Irish might ease their economic troubles by selling their children as food for rich gentlemen and ladies. This satirical hyperbole mocked heartless attitudes towards the poor, as well. British policy toward the Irish in general. The primary target of Swift's satire was the rationalism of modern economics, and the growth of rationalistic modes of thinking in modern life at the expense of more traditional human values. In English writing, the phrase "a modest proposal " is now conventionally an allusion to this style of straight-faced satire. Contents, synopsis edit, this essay is widely held to be one of the greatest examples of sustained irony in the history of the English language.

modern modest proposal

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This land can easily be overturned, supplying many new sources of income and saving our dark country billions of dollars. Clearly, this proposal is the most effective plan of action compared to other solutions. Other types of action all have not worked, and are a waste of time and money. Increases in the number of patrols at the border and use of technology will never be enough to guard the entire border. It is very fortunate i devised this plan, and now we can stop trying the other useless ideas. By taking over Mexico and enslaving the people, not only would the effects of illegal immigrants coming into our country be removed, profits would be made. I see no choice but to convert the entire mexican people into slaves to be used for the benefit of our nation. Other than my hope to see all future problems be avoided, i have no personal interest in this issue. Being a born American, and not Latin American descent, i am not biased toward the mexicans who cross our border; if this plan seems to favor these people in any way it is because of the advantages that will occur.

Any diseases that the workers could possibly spread and hurt the working production would be euthanized. Thirdly, although it may seem like this solution would actually take more jobs from Americans, it would increase the standard of living. The American people will have a higher paying job in management or in an office, with no labor required. This will happened because our economy would raise at a high rate because the countrys manufacturing would be done for free. Companies would grow and new factories would be built, resulting in the availability of managerial and office jobs. Products would be produced for next to nothing. Currently, due to the poor government, large amounts of Mexicos natural resources remain available for use. Nearly a quarter of the land area is forests. Millions of acres of trees that could be cut down and sold for timber.

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modern modest proposal

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The second major safe law that would have to go would be the fourteenth Amendment that gives all people born in the. After these small changes it would be easy to put this into effect. The first and most obvious benefit assignment of this plan is the elimination of the two thousand mile border between the. Guards would no longer need to patrol this long stretch of land. This leaves more troops available to focus on things like the war in the middle east.

The new southern line would be 561 miles bordering guatemala and 155 miles with Belize. With a much shorter southern border, no more illegals could gain access into our country by jumping the border. Next, with the control of the military, the mexican people would be very beneficial. The workers could easily be kept working at the most efficient rate. Drug production and dealing could easily be taken over by the government, if so, the quality of the drugs would be improved, and the profits much higher. This would provide even more money for our government.

Every year they smuggle millions of pounds of cocaine, and once settled within our communities, their gangs and criminals begin to murder, steal, rob, and commit other crimes, creating a threat to our society. Americans are unemployed, and live in poverty, while each year hundreds of thousands of illegals join the millions of others who have come to America to steal jobs from those who deserve them. Millions of dollars also go to providing health care and education to these animals. For this problem I see only one solution that can save this nation from destruction. Due to mexicos small military and lack of power, mexico is just waiting to be overthrown. By allowing the United States to control the region and to properly use the land and people, the creation of The United Mexican States, and enslavement of the mexican people, is the only viable option to eliminate the terrible effects of illegal immigration.

This also gives us an opportunity to expand this great nation even more. Nearly twenty times the size of the mexican militarys and significantly more advanced in technology, the. Would not have any difficulty securing control of the country. Bombings in areas of high population, like mexico city and Ecatepec, would help bring the population down to a more manageable size. Once we have control, the prisoners would be grouped into large towns to work for no pay. These militarily monitored working cities would be far from the rest of the United States, to keep the citizens safe and to eliminate the risk of escape. Only a few small changes in the constitution would have to be be made in order to make this possible. First the abolishment of the Thirteenth Amendment, which bans slavery.

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In each state, enforcement Centers could be centerpieces of Modern Design. Whereas Jonathan Swifts 1729 Proposal was detailed and intricate, but far too lengthy for 2017, whereas Primary communication for the powerful is often restricted to 140 Characters, let this summation be brief. I profess that in the sincerity of my heart book I have no personal or Potential Profit in this endeavor, no other Motive than the publick safety of my own neighbors, one family which interests has members born in Mexico, california, and Arizona, whose teenaged son asked. Susan Straight is the author of Highwire moon, a book about a mother and daughter separated by deportation. The border between Mexico and the United States has been left open, leaving the entire nation accessible to disease, violence, and economic ruin. Being able to come and go as they please, illegal Mexican immigrants have came. In the millions, and with them they have brought terrors to our citizens.

modern modest proposal

With Advances in Science, as evidenced by m and 23 me, visible on Television to Anyone in the current Administration, all Residents will be required to pay for their own dna tests. Many Americans are already subject to blood and urine analysis, such as professional athletes and fulfillment associates, so mandatory testing is both Logical and Beneficial. Remarkable Industry will thus be located in all Fifty States, and possibly guam, puerto rico, and Some Other Places. Dna processing Laboratories will require new employees Alas, most of these workers will need Higher Education in Genetics, technology and Support, computer Engineering, and other areas for which the nation now imports H-1b visa employees, but there will be need for Phlebotomists, english to efficiently Draw. There will be more need for Manufacture of Bandages. 6 barcodes, then, will be the Triumphant Result of the Aforementioned Chromosomal Processing, and those barcodes will be transferred on to the laminated and Lanyard-Held Cards. The most Impressive job Creation, then, will be Enforcement and Construction of New Enforcement Centers. Massive enforcement Centers would be more beneficial, and Construction Jobs will be created, building along the model of Brightly-lit Fulfillment Centers, which now occupy thousands of acres in America, and work so well for Various Corporations.

new Fleet Vehicles. It would be hoped that Americans are willing to take these manufacturing jobs. 4 for those who are dubious, let us Enumerate the Impracticalities of other options: Cloth, as used in the yellow Stars of david, first introduced in Poland in 1939, then modified in Germany in 1941, and which use was inconsistent then with Polish Jews wearing. Metal, as used in Dog Tags worn by American military members, no matter their ancestry or religion of place of birth, is easily destroyed, as evidenced by the trend begun during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, where bodies were disassembled by roadside incendiary devices. Tattoos, also used in nazi germany, wherein a sequence of numbers were inked on to the wrists of humans taken to concentration camps, are not an Industry that can be brought back to the places in our nation ravaged by job loss, as there are. Slave passes, commonly used before the civil War, were handwritten with specifics One colored Man, Allowed on the river road, for One day, july 12, 1854 and meticulously cared for by their bearers, to avoid beating or death, but were merely paper, and most Americans. Chips, embedded under flesh, might require frequent removal and alteration as to discoveries: if a human finds he was adopted, if a daughter finds her mother lied about her parentage, if a refugee becomes a citizen, if a citizen becomes a refugee, if Pilgrims become. 5 The second Phase, therefore, avoids Inconsistency and Impracticality, and Creates even more jobs.

Presently, identifications are inconsistent and diverse: green cards, work visas, student visas, travel visas, passports, etc. These laminated National Identification Cards, worn at all times, even by infants, will be the early Phase. (As at daycare, summer Camp, college, or Work, lanyards prevent Loss.). In varying shades, depending on the human, text may read: I look latino or Hispanic but i am Filipino-American; reviews my Spanish surname is the result of colonization. I look white but have a mexican surname because my ancestors were germans who settled in the state of Aguascalientes. I look muslim but i am an evangelical Christian whose tribal affiliation in Nigeria is Yoruba. I look mexican but i am Brazilian.

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A modest, modern Proposal For preventing the descendants of Immigrant and Indigenous Americans, as well as Slaves and pioneers, recent Refugees and Pilgrim Refugees, from being a burden on their Politicians, Enforcement Officials or country, and for making the efficient perusal of their genetic heritage. 1 plan It is a melancholy object to those who travel through this Once-Great Nation to consider the difficulties in enforcing new Regulations on Citizenship, and also to view the rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape as Referenced during the Inauguration. 2 i think it is agreed by all Parties, meaning Two, that prodigious numbers of humans are because of appearance (melanin, hair, eye, mouth, limb) or age (infant, extremely aged costume (dresses, jeans, eyeglasses, professional-sports-gear, hoodies, scarves, boots, stiletto heels or geographic location (lettuce field. New methods shall be necessary, and also shall be an Economic boon. 3 first there should be laminated Cards, and Lanyards. These are Primitive but Practical early necessities which, more importantly, allow for early job Creation favorite term of Politicks since 2011. Manufacturing Jobs will abound in each State, where fabrication of a card for each human, as well as the production of laminate, will necessitate hiring of Americans.

modern modest proposal
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  2. To the economic challenges of modern society, showing that solutions are.

  3. It also serves. A modern Modest Proposal. The border between Mexico and the United States has been left open, leaving the entire nation accessible. In the satirical piece, swift made the modest proposal that the.

  4. Political debate and is being fueled by the fire of modern American writers. With all apologies to the great j-swift, the original Modest Propo sal is beyond out of date. Irish people no longer have the highest birth rate. A modest Proposal is included in many literature courses as an example of early mo dern western satire.

  5. His essay a modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of poor people from being a burthen to Their Parents or country. Nearly three centuries ago, british novelist Jonathan Swift issued his bitter essay, a modest Proposal, that ostensibly suggested a government. A modern Modest Proposal It is a truly depressing matter to witness the complete and utter destruction of haiti. In a modest Proposal, jonathan Swift captures the attention of his.

  6. A modest, modern Proposal For preventing the descendants of Immigr ant and Indigenous Americans, as well as Slaves and pioneers, recent. I had heard of a modest Proposal years before but hadn t read it until. Is that in fact the same issues are present in modern Ireland we have.

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