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Thats just the way. KH: How useful is social media networking? TB: LinkedIn actually does seem to help people in their job searches. Its easy to create a profile and begin linking to new contacts. You can update regularly and get recommendations from colleagues, previous bosses, and clients. You can research companies and individuals you want to target, connect with former associates, and let them know you are looking for new opportunities. KH: Any tips for those who think changing careers is the ticket?

Alumni associations, fraternity and sororities are worth reconnecting with. You never know who will know someone who is hiring. College and university placement offices are there modest to help no matter how long ago you graduated. Canvas local lawyers, accountants, bank officers in town and see if they know if any clients hiring. In short, you really resume have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince. Leave no stone unturned. KH: And the biggest frustration when it comes to getting a résumé noticed? TB: people overestimate who is reading. Most of the time the people who are reading the résumé really dont have anything to do with the job and have no direct experience with. Its an internal recruiter, somebody in Human Resources, the hiring roadblock department. Just know if you get relegated to the hr departments, your odds of getting an interview, let alone a job are drastically reduced.

looking for resume writer

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It is estimated 60 percent who find jobs have located them through networking. Sending a résumé to a web site is a joke. It aint going to happen. If you dont establish any personal connection to them its is a waste of time. Sit down with a spouse and friends and ask for help. Write down the names of previous employers and former colleagues, immediate resume and extended family. Dont be embarrassed to call family members when youre out of work. Call friends of friends, people in your church, athletic club, volunteer organizations, parents of childrens friends. Contact trade and professional associations you belong tomany have job boards.

looking for resume writer

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The real reason they arent getting hiredits a rotten, lousy job market out there. With so many candidates to choose from, hiring authorities are compelled to seek out the perfect candidate. They want to hire someone where the job is a step up to them. Not someone who has surpassed the positions, who will walk in six months later and say he or she found a better job. KH: Sure a great résumé helps, but whats really at the heart of getting a job? You have got to pick up the phone and call everybody that you ever knew, everybody that you ever worked with, every employer that you ever worked with. Thats the way to get an interview.

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looking for resume writer

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You are looking for a job, not a date. KH: does age stop people over 50 from landing a job? TB: Let me be real blunt. People over 50 think they arent getting hired because theyre over. People who are short think they arent being hired because they are short. There is a tendency for people to imagine that what they are works against them.

The question the employer is asking is can you do my job right now and are you a big risk? Most candidates dont think they are a risk. But employee if you hire somebody who made more money than this, had a bigger job than this, has been out of work for six months, has had three jobs in three yearsthese are all risks. Some of those risks come with age, but not the age itself. I dont think theres as much age discrimination as there used.

He cares about his. Skip personal information such as married with three kids. Sounds stable to you. But to a hiring authority looking for someone to travel, it may keep you from being interviewed. Numbers, statistics, percentages get attention if you put in bold type.

Increased profit by this. Came under budget. If you were born and raised on chicken farm, note it on your résumé. Fuzzy key words and phrases should be avoided. These include customer-oriented, excellent communications skills, and creative. These words lack meaning and do absolutely nothing to help you get an interview. Use words that refer to titles- customer service, controller, manager, accountant, get the photos off your résumé.

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Use a reverse chronological order. List your present, or most recent job, first, and then work backwards. You state the complete name of the company essay you work for, or have worked for, and what they do, how long you were theremonth and year. Then list the position you held and your accomplishments. You dont have to use full sentences. Managed company tax reporting, finance, invoicing, purchasing, for example. Get rid of objectives and summary and all that silly stuff. An employer doesnt care about your objective.


looking for resume writer

Avoid the fancy-schmancy layout, font, and other special effects. Stick to traditional font of Times New Roman, 9 to 12 point writer size, and black type against a white paper. You might try a different type size for your name and the companies you have worked for, perhaps your title. But try to be consistent. Go easy on boldface type, italics, and underlining. Prepare it in a simple word format that can easily be viewed on most computers. Not a table format or template.

is on a level any high school senior could understand. In other words, the person looking at your résumé should be able to easily understand exactly who you have worked for and what that company does. Just because you know the company or its a big name like. Ibm, boeing, corp, or, ford Motor, co, doesnt mean everyone is familiar with what your specific division does.

I offer my two cents. . (For more strategies to land a job when you're over 55, read my post here.) (extra: watch this essay now : But to get some deeper insight, i asked Tony beshara, author. Unbeatable résumés (Amacom, 2011 ), a dallas-based recruiting and job placement powerhouse and president. Babich associates to share his secrets. KH: Why are people so obsessed with their résumé? TB: The primary reason people spend so much time, money, and effort in writing a résumé is that this is the one activity within the job search that they can control. Instead of picking up the phone and calling a prospective employer to ask for a face-to-face interview-risking potential rejection-people agonize over their résumés. Heres the truthit is rare to get hired by simply submitting a résumé the purpose of the résumé is to help get you an interview. And at the interview, remember that 40 percent of a hiring decision is based on personality.

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Can you take a look at my résumé and shakespeare see what you think? If I had a dollar for every time ive been asked this in the past year, i wouldnt be rich, but I would have some extra dough. Since i write about jobs and careers, its not surprising that ive been fielding calls from friends and colleagues, who want me to take a look at their résumé to see whats missing, give some pointers. I try to help. They agonize over the details. Theyre frustrated beyond belief. They shoot their résumés off in a flick of a button when they hear about a job opening, and then silence-no response.

looking for resume writer
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  6. Can you take a look at my résumé and see. And effort in writing a résumé is that this is the one activity within. Advice on choosing a resume writer. Site also includes detailed instructions, articles, links and other resources to help you write a resume and cover letter that get results.

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