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Yeats knows that that he cant have gonne, and knows why he is having an emotional decline, but that still doesnt stop the emotional pain. Of course yeats isnt consistently in emotional pain. Like all people, yeats has good and bad days when it comes to emotions, but because he still desires for something he cannot get, he will eventually relapse into depression. This is explained, once again, in Buddhist teachings: Of course there are moments of pleasure. But no matter how hard we try to cultivate pleasure and keep it coming our way, eventually the pleasure recedes and disturbance and vexation returns, (Hagen, 26). Yeats finally had a self-realization that helped him snap out of the limbo of pain and depression described by hagen. In Per Amica silentia lunae, yeats describes that self-realization as a series of moments in his life: At certain moments, always unforeseen, i become happy, most commonly when at hazard I have opened some book of verseI look at strangers near as if I had.

The striking thing about this poem is that yeats admits that it was his desires for her that made him miserable. Have taught to ignorant men most violent ways, / Or hurled the little streets upon the great, / Had they but courage equal to desire? Yeats realizes that if he would have british had the courage to face the fact that Gonne was an unattainable woman, he would have been a much happier man. He goes into this further in his poem, All Things can Tempt. The poem All Things can Tempt me, is yeats realization that his own objective desires have made him into the unhappy, hateful man that he was at the time. The opening line all things can tempt me from this craft of verse / One time it was a womans face, or worse—, shows that he realizes his desires for Gonne have not only caused him pain, but also caused him to be distracted from. The main message in this poem, however, is that even though yeats now knows the cause of his woes, he wishes that he could remain ignorant to it in order to avoid the pain all together; a common human trait. Avoiding emotional pain is often easier than dealing with. This is represented in the closing lines of the poem: Yet would be now, could I but have my wish, / Colder and dumber and deafer than a fish. Understanding the cause of ones pain can cause more pain on its own.

live person assignment

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Desires for an unattainable object lead to sadness, misery, and depression. Sadness, misery, and depression often lead to anger and self-loathing. One gets angry at himself and others for their failure to get that one thing that would make his or her life complete (Hagen, 33-34). In the poem no second Troy, anger and bitterness against Gonne is definitely present due to the never ending love game that they play. Why should I blame her that she filled my days / With misery, or that she would of late. In these lines, yeats wonders if he should blame her for all the pain and misery he feels because she is unattainable. He closes the poem in a sad and miserable tone as well: Why, what resume could she have done, being what she is? Was there another Troy for her to burn? In yeats mind, maud is Helen of Troy; a woman who destroys everything and everyone with her beauty.

live person assignment

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In his collections of poems The rose, yeats frustrations and longing for maud Gonne are shown in the homework poems. In the poem The rose for the world, he compares her to helen of Troy; the woman whose great beauty led to the destruction of Troy. For these red lips, with all their mournful pride, / mournful that no new wonder may betide, / Troy passed away in one high funeral gleam, / And Usnas children died. Yeats is consistently watching Gonne from a distance, admiring her beauty, but he watches her in pain because he cannot have her. In the poem, Adams Curse, yeats desire for Gonne is shown once again. He speaks of his failure to woo her and how he is becoming tired of trying to woo her, as it causes him nothing but pain and misery. He describes himself as A moon, worn as if it had been a shell/ Washed by times waters as they rose and fell/. His attempts to win her affections have made him feel as old as the moon.

Yeats has created his own reality where he needs Gonne in order to make that reality complete. When that reality is crushed, he feels he has lost the only thing he has ever wanted. Yeats loved Gonne with all of his heart, and it is argued that she may have been his muse throughout most of his poetry career. Due to his infatuation with Gonne, many of his poems and plays were either dedicated to, or written about her. For example, cathleen ni houlihan was not only based off of Gonne, but yeats also had her play the lead when the play first premiered. Not only do his desires for her frustrate him deeply, they also made him a miserable and unhappy man. Yeats feelings of frustrations and longing for Gonne manifest themselves in his poetic works as well.

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live person assignment

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Mask and, will are opposing forces inside each of us that consistently try to outweigh one another. Mask and, will is one of the most ideal states to. In this state a mans desires will be of the greater good for himself and others. Mask or, will can cause either the will to do nothing or the desire of objects; which can lead to depression and sadness as the objects dark that humanity often desire are ones that can never be obtained. Yeats concept of desire can also be explained through Buddhist teachings.

Desire causes, confusion and discontent, and that we do not often realize that its precisely our confused state of mind that binds us, (Hagen, 2). In his earlier works, many of yeats poems were about the desire for things that he wanted, but, in most cases, they were things he could never have. One example of something he could never have that nearly drove him to madness to get it was the love of his life, maud Gonne. Yeats obsession over Gonne is an excellent example on why desire is poison for the soul. Yeats believed that obtaining dogs Gonne would cause him unending happiness. In reality, however, our longing, our craving, our thirsting for something other than reality is what dissatisfies us, (Hagen, 19).

Poetry such as The rose for the world, Adams Curse, no second Troy, all Things can Tempt me, and Meditations in Time of civil War show how desire hurts yeats himself along with the rest of the world. The poem, sailing to byzantium, gives the message of how desire can be used to achieve great art, beauty, and inner peace when it is used properly. The goal of this paper is to show how yeats own personal feelings of desire affected his life and his works and how his concept of desire is shown in his works. In order to understand yeats concept of desire, one must look at sections of his book. A vision ; a book of esoteric thoughts on how life and the universe work. Yeats refers to desire as, the image of what we wish to become, known.

He uses the term, mask because we as humans use masks to make ourselves into something we are not, but often wish. Yeats himself says that when the. Mask is completely dominate in a person, that person is, aimless and blundering, possesses nothing except the knowledge that there is something known to others that is not mere instinct (Yeats, 109). This person wants something out there that he or she doesnt have, and theyll do almost anything to get. The concept of, mask is not always a bad thing as long as it is combined with. Will, a concept of the human ego. Neil Mann, a yeats scholar who made a website about. A vision with other yeats scholars, describes, will as a, feeling that has not become desire because there is no object to desire. By itself, will causes no desire whatsoever, but the consequence of not having desire is that nothing will ever be accomplished by man.

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Even though desire can be destructive to the human soul, our potential as human beings can never be reached without. For example, the desire to get good grades in. Yeats poetry class drives us to read yeats poetry, analyze it, and write a paper on one of his complicated subjects. If humanity doesnt desire, humanity will be, out of phase, seeking emotion instead of impersonal action, there dark is—desire being impossible—self-pity, and there fore discontent with people and with circumstances, and an overwhelming sense of loneliness, of being abandoned (Yeats, 171). Desire saves us and ruins us at the same time. Humanity needs desire to have the ambition to achieve anything in life. Yeats shows the positive and negative aspects of desire in his poetry and writing works.

live person assignment

Desire: Cant live with It, cant live without It by javier Sepulveda. Desire is an emotion that all humans feel at one time or another. Some people, however, feel desire all of the time. We all wish for something in our lives that we cannot attain, be it more money, a making better figure, straight or curly hair, or, in many cases, a person. From this point of view, desire is a negative thing that destroys the human soul. In the teachings of Buddha, it is said that if one obsesses on the attainment of something, he or she will learn nothing in life and fall into an emotional pit of anger and despair for not having that something. Because of the way humans react to desire, it is considered the cause of all woe for mankind, (Hagen, 34). A vision one of the descriptions of human actions for desire is an object for desire or idea of good, (Yeats, 83).

more time, what other questions/experiments would you run with your paper prototype? Product Design question: "What is the purpose of low fidelity prototyping? What elements of an interface are absolutely necessary in a low fidelity prototype (What elements of a high fidelity prototype should you not include in a low fidelity prototype). What are the best tools for low fidelity prototyping?". Grading, paper prototype: 30 points, usability testing: 10 points, discussion and analysis of evaluation: 20 points. Role questions: 40 points. You are here: Home forums, no Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator. Writing@csu home page, writing Gallery, phantasmagoria, javier Sepulveda.

Results of your live evaluation of your paper dark prototype. Role questions, engineering question: One of the biggest production risks in software development is spending development effort on features that will be redesigned or eliminated entirely. Based on your group's paper prototype and initial testing, which components of the design would be safest to start developing at this stage (least likely to change requirements and which would be the riskiest? How would you organize development to make progress on certain features with finalized designs without having a finalized system design? Product Manager question: What are the values of low fidelity prototyping in business? Could you find any evidence in industry that illustrates a high Return on Investment (ROI) for performing low-fidelity protytping instead of other tasks during the product discovery stage? What do you view as important tasks to perform during the product discovery stage and what kind of questions do you think are important to consider during this stage? Ux research question: According to, google design's report, paper prototypes serve several benefits for ux researcher and Designer in industry.

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Comp 171 Assignment 4, hand in your results from the workshop on Paper Prototyping. Prepare a short discussion of things that you discovered while developing homework and testing the prototype. Explain any changes that you made to your original design while creating the low-fidelity prototype. Also, discuss functionality that did not include in this prototype. Discuss any issues that you found during the evaluation and provide a description of any changes you would make to your design. Deliverables, photographs of your prototype in action. You may also submit a short video in addition to the photos (see the genome browser or iPhone examples). Please limit the video to 3 minutes and submit a link (youtube, vimeo, etc) not the actual video file. Discussion as outlined above.

live person assignment
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