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1 2 In the same year, the government appointed him as a student representative on the rangoon University Act Amendment Committee. U nu and u thant 1st military rule (19621989) ne win 8888 Uprising (1988) Aung San suu kyi 2nd military rule (1989present) Saffron revolution (2007) youth Aung San was born to u pha, a lawyer, and his wife daw suu in Natmauk, magwe district,. She won the nobel peace Prize in 1991. Most of those who continue to be held without charge were first detained in September 1998, while they were involved in efforts to form a parallel parliament, the committee representing peoples Parliament (crpp). Suu kyi received the rafto Prize and the sakharov prize for Freedom of Thought in 1990 and the nobel peace Prize in 1991. During this time she received many awards dealing with her great aspiration toward peace. If only aung San had survived, many believe, the promise of a strong, unified nation would have been achieved, with lasting peace between the ethnic Bamar majority and the roughly 135 ethnic minorities that have been part of this land for more than a millennia.

With her prize money.3 million dollars she established a health and education trust for the people of Burma. 2 March 27 came to be commemorated as 'resistance day' until the military regime later renamed it 'tatmadaw (Armed Forces) day'. However prison authorities have prohibited him from doing this, citing security concerns. Whether myanmar can ever become a unified nation and Im not optimistic will depend on whether the ethnic minorities have the same rights as the bamar. He was sentenced in 1998 to 7 years imprisonment under Section 5/J. She is the only daughter of the burmese freedom fighter General Aung San. Name: Saw Mra aung Sex: Male Prison: ye mon military camp Ethnicity: Arakanese saw Mra aung, 93, has been detained without charge by the burmese junta since september 1998. Ald won 11 seats in the general election on may 27, 1990 in which Saw Mra aung was also elected as a member of Parliament from Mrauk-u constituency (1 Arakan State. After earning a bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, modern History, and Political Science in 1938, he left law school to enter politics. Saw oo reh the (u hpruhso, 10 years, Insein Prison.

lion king paper

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They are most abundant in animal cells which exibit phagosytic ey are bounded by single membraneand are simple sacs in acid phosphate and several other hydrolic enzymes. Name: Khun myint Tun Sex: Male Prison: Mandalay ethnicity: pa-o khun myint Tun was arrested by mi personnel in may of 1996 along with hundreds of nld members. Aung San received a bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, modern History, and Political Science in 1938. Notes. Aung San suu kyi, aung San of Burma. In most political cases, trials mattress are held in courtrooms on prison compounds and are not open to the public. Pollusion is highily afect on our envirment it also distroy our country life. Saw Mra aung, 93, chairman of the Arakan league for Democracy (ALD) and Cin Shing Thang, 63, chairman of the zomi national Congress (ZNC) were arrested in September 1998.

lion king paper

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These abuses include torture, prolonged shackling, lack of proper medical care, and insufficient food. Nevertheless, several statues of him adorn the for capital, and his picture still has pride of place in many homes and offices throughout the country. This new move will make it harder for international human rights organizations to monitor his condition. Without the permission of the intelligence organs, judges cannot even let the family and counsel of the accused know what sentence has been passed. He is currently the Chairman of the zomi national Congress (ZNC). When slorc came to power he was forced to resign his position, and was later arrested. Aung San suu kyi was imprisoned for her efforts to reform her country myanmar which is in Burma. His well-to-do family was already well known in the burmese resistance movement; his great uncle bo min yaung fought the British annexation in 1886.

According to former prisoners, kale prison is located in a malaria-infested area, where even prison staff frequently become seriously ill and actually rely on political prisoners families for medicine. In 1938, aung San was elected president of both the rangoon University Students Union (rusu) and the All-Burma Students Union (absu formed after the strike spread to mandalay. Aung San was famous for being a freedom fighter. Nine nine (u pazundaung, 21 years, Insein Prison. Where have you gone, harry Truman?, will be published by disruption books on July. Kennedy wasnt primarily responsible for saving the crew of pt-109 after it was sunk by a japanese destroyer in 1943, as legend goes, but instead played a supporting role. Zaw myint maung., Amarapura (1 2575 years, myitkyina Prison MPs-elect under detention in the so-called guesthouses (1) Aung moe nyo., Pwintbyu (2) Constituency (2) Aung myint Thein (u natmauk (2) (3) Aung soe (u magwe (2) (4) Aung soe myint (u taungoo (1).

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lion king paper

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They were arrested in Rangoon railway station in September 2000, after attempting to meet with Aung San suu kyi. In the past two years icrc has been able to visit every prison at least once. Credits New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the wikipedia article in accordance going with New World Encyclopedia standards. While his current prison sentence was finished in 1999, he continues to be held in Kale prison, sagaing division, where he is reportedly in poor health. Dr Min so lin, an nld mp-elect, was first arrested in 1997 under article 5 (j) of the Emergency Provision Act. He also wrote articles on ethnic minority issues in crpp bulletins. She has refused the offer, furthering her support and continuing her fight against the military junta.

These styles are an archetype to dictatorship, specifically alluding to the style Adolf Hitler led the german army. The archetypes, and the ways they present themselves in The. Lion, king add a level of depth in the interpretation of the film, and overall makes for a more interesting experience). Solve a crossword puzzle and guide simba and Nala through the Elephant Graveyard maze on this themed activity page. Players: 1, what youll need, regular paper or cardstock, colored pencils, crayons or markers.

How to play, print the activity page on regular paper or cardstock and enjoy! Posted 4 years Ago, close comments. Sdp - lion King. The fair-trade ticketing company. Sdp, lion, king,. Salvation Army Kroc Center, memphis,. Stage door Productions performances of, lion, king,. Salvation Army Kroc Center (View) 800 e pkwy s, memphis, tn 38104, united States. Dog Friendly: no, non-Smoking: no, wheelchair Accessible: Yes!

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These are the traits of a dictator, and they are prominent in Scar. Its clear that the characters in The. Lion, king display various archetypes through their individual traits. However, other archetypes exist in the movie in other forms, such as the environment and music. The movie opens with a scenic view of a sunrise, which is trunk commonly associated with new beginnings or birth. When Simba is born, the animals all rejoice, and their cheering is an archetype for a joyful event. Later in the movie, scar is seen constructing his army of hyenas. During these scenes, everything is straight and orderly, and the hyenas are marching in a uniform fashion.

lion king paper

Scar takes his cruel plan as far as killing him in a stampede and making Simba believe it was his fault. He is deceiving and a liar, even until the student point where simba spares his life. Not only is he deceiving, he is also traitorous when he blames the destruction of the Pride lands on his army of loyal hyenas. These actions clearly show the villain archetype. Another archetype Scar shows is that of a dictator. He takes over the entire Pride lands and terrorizes its inhabitants with his hyena army. He rules with an iron fist, and eventually begins to starve the other animals with little sympathy.

journey back to save his kingdom, which is something heroes typically. Simba also goes on an internal journey of discovery and redemption with Rafiki, who had known Simba since he was born, to regain his confidence and eventually sees that his fathers spirit will always be inside him. Simba returns to Pride rock and confronts Scar in the final battle and shows mercy by sparing him, another trait of a typical hero. Scar is another character that displays different archetypes in The. He is Mufasas cynical brother who was meant to be the Pride lands king after Mufasa, until Simba was born. His character traits throughout the movie give him the villain archetype. Not only is he bitterly sarcastic, he deceivingly follows Mufasa, only to plot his demise and usurp the place as king of Pride rock.

Lion, king, shows a number of archetypes throughout the thank course of the film. The film starts at his birth and shows his experience as a lion cub. His behavior as a youth attributes to the child archetype, in which he is many of the things a young child. Simba is outgoing and curious and explores wherever he can, even going places as dangerous as an elephant graveyard. He is also tricky and rebellious, as he goes outside the areas of Pride rock, even when his father, mufasa, strictly tells him not. These are all traits that would normally be associated with children or teens. As Simba grows older, he starts showing different traits.

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The unconscious is a psychological concept that is interpreted differently by many psychologists. Sigmund Freud interprets the unconscious as a place where thoughts, feelings and memories are kept, and cannot easily be brought into the conscious mind. However, some neo-freudians, such as Carl Jung, thought differently. Jung believed that there was not only a personal unconscious, which is what Freud describes, but a collective unconscious as well. The collective conscious contains universal human memories, ideas essay and patterns of thinking called archetypes. Some archetypes include the anima/animus, (which is the feminine side of a man/the masculine side of a female the hero and the villain, among many others. The characters in the movie, the. Lion, king display a diverse variety of archetypes through their own character traits. Simba, the main character and protagonist of The.

lion king paper
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