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However, the bias that is revealed in the essay does not erode the convincing power that this essay has on the public. Instead, through the evidence that is collected through interviews on advertisement using the four interviews that are mentioned in the essay, the author develops the thesis of the essay that provide a glance at the conclusions that would be made by the author at the. For example, the evidence that is collected through analyzing articles and through the interviews restricts the author to focus on the impossibility of using ethics as a guideline in advertisement (Yordanof 2008). Thus, this evidence leads the author to make a conclusion that there is much to be argued out in regard to ethics and advertisement, and yet the weight lies on the impossibility of employing ethics as a means of dealing with scrupulous advertisement. It is also important to note that there are various specific evidences that portrays advertisement as a means of misinformation rather than a means of communication with the clients or rather customers by businesses and organization. According to gostin and Milbank memorial Fund (2008 it is clearly evident that advertisement has acted more as a way of misleading the public through their information rather than informing the public (349). In regard to this, there is enough evidence that advertisement in most cases has offered products and services whose use and results attained after their use are impossible. For example, there are advertisement that claims that one would look younger and sexy after utilizing certain services and products.

Instead, the thesis addresses advertisement as a manipulation channel that is used by businesses in marketing their products (Yordanof editing 2008). Similarly, it is important for one philosophy to understand that a thesis without background information and concrete evidence to support it cannot have any influence on its intended audience. Therefore, to build up and strengthen the thesis in the discussion of issues raised in this essay, the author or rather writer utilizes the evidence that is available to illustrate more on the thesis. The author of this essay has also managed to collect concrete evidence concerning this paper through interviews. The data that was collected by the writer provide a first hand insight into the role of advertisement as it has been used in passing information concerning products of different types to customer. For example, one of the interviewed respondents stated that the most successful companies do not need ethics in their activities because they have built empires (Yordanof 2008). Yet this is not enough. The author of this article also focuses on other articles that have been written by other authors and how they have painted the whole advertisement scenario. It is important for one to understand that once evidence has been collected, it needs to focus on both sides of the coin,. On the good and on the bad side of the factors that are being considered in a particular research. Despite the fact that the author of this essay collected first hand information on importance of ethics in advertisement, there is an element of bias that develops along the way as the author focuses more on the negative side of advertisement rather than striking.

observation essay thesis

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Among these features include the thesis, evidence, opposition and organization (Yordanof 2008). The business first rhetoric feature that is revealed in this essay is its thesis. The writer employs a thesis statement that is used to lay down the foundation of arguments in this essay. Is advertising the ultimate means to inform and help us in our everyday decision-making or is it just an excessively powerful form of mass deception used by companies to persuade their prospects and customers to buy products and services they do not need? To begin with, the writers states facts on the current position of advertising and how it has been affected by various issues in the past. Similarly, he focuses and various factors that needs to be addressed in order to eliminate the element of violation of advertisement rules that are geared to guide the information that is posted in the advertisements (Yordanof 2008). The thesis statement in this case is partial in addressing advertisement as a channel of passing important information on products to consumers.

observation essay thesis

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As a result of this, these businesses have employed a means of packaging their products by using words; either spoken, written or pictorial to pass messages in regard to their products to potential customers or rather clients with an aim of convincing them to buy. In this line of thought, these products are presented to the customers in a very attractive way, regardless of the fact that these products may or may not be the best in the market. There are different articles that have been written in the past to either support or criticize advertising or both, as a way of passing information to customers or rather clients about certain products and services that are available in the market. Among these articles is Advertising - precious Information or Vicious Manipulation? By boyan Yordanof in which he asserts that whereas advertising is a means of passing important information that concerns products and services, it has been used in manipulating and misinforming consumers about these products and services. This essay analyzes advertisement and how it has evolved over time thus leading to a loss of its intended purpose of passing important information to the society as it concerns products and services that are manufactured and sold by different businesses and organizations (Gostin and. The author of this essay dwells on the negative twist impact of advertisements and provides concrete pieces of evidence that are specifically used to enlighten the public on how pervasive and manipulative advertisement has become. Much of this evidence is based on the interview that was conducted by the author and support from other authors who have gathered, analyzed and compiled important evidences on the same topic,. There are various rhetorical features that have been employed by the writer that renders it as an effective essay that concerns advertisement in the contemporary world.

It might have been better for our group work to leave the room together or even go and have a coffee together so that we could get to know each other on a more personal basis. Excerpt out of 13 pages  - scroll top ebook for only.99, download immediately. Vat, format: pdf  for pc, kindle, tablet, mobile. Book for only.99, free shipping within Germany, details, title reflective essay: Kolbs Experiential learning Cycle college. Swinburne University of Technology, melbourne, course human Resource development Grade 2, pages 13 isbn (ebook) isbn (book) File size 424 kb language English" paper. Barbara bilyk (Author), 2009, reflective essay: Kolbs Experiential learning Cycle, munich, grin verlag, m/document/146300. Advertising is one of the marketing option that has been employment by corporate or rather businesses worldwide in marketing their products, both new and old to their customers.

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observation essay thesis

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Reflective observation, in thinking back on the meeting, i started to realize to what extent my behaviour and reactions had an writing impact on this situation. Due to the fact writing that I was feeling cold in our meeting room I did not take off my jacket and fold my arms around myself. For Andrew this type of body language probably looked like i would be uneased or introverted. In addition I did not bring my laptop with me which might have also seem to him like i am uninterested or I do not want to play a part in our meeting. I also considered my discomfort concerning the language barrier to have an influence on the meeting. Resulting from that I lost the plot several times during our conversation which is why i could not give andrew appropriate feedback to everything he said.

Moreover, i think that our discussion was heavily influenced by our different way of decision making and accordingly by our manner to express our personal opinion. Maybe i was a little bit too brisk in bringing our meeting forth? Should I have given Andrew some more time to think about his personal view instead of calling for a fast decision? In thinking back of the situation, i really feel like our communication was disturbed at that moment. In addition to that I feel like my lack of time at the end of the meeting caused even more discrepancy. Since i did not tell Andrew in advance that I had a class immediately after our meeting he was most likely surprised about my sudden rush.

But nonetheless, i did not want to ask him every single time i did not know a word because i thought he might be annoyed. After having collected a few ideas on a sheet of paper, we went over the list again in order to make a decision for a topic. For me it seemed clear that we were going to pick the behavioral Interview topic but Andrew wanted to evaluate all the other ideas as well. That was why we balanced a few reasons for and against various themes and we both expressed our personal opinion. But whereas i always clearly stated which idea i like and which one not, i did not really understand Andrews point of view because he found positive aspects about every single topic. I felt like this discussion would lead to nowhere.

After a while i said In order to start with an acutal session plan, we should make a decision soon. Although he seemed a bit irritated he agreed and we finally worked out to pick the behavioural Interview topic. I had a look on my watch and noticed that I had to go to a class in five minutes. I suddenly felt stressed and uneasy because of that time pressure. Andrew noticed my look and i explained the situation to him. We decided to collect quickly some tasks that had to be done for the facilitation session and divided these tasks. After that we arranged another meeting for the following week and then I had to hurry up to my other class leaving Andrew behind in the room.

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Andrew started to pull his laptop out of a bag which seemed to me to take hours. There was an awkward silence in the room. The sound of the booted up laptop was a relief for me because it was the sign that best we could actually begin with our work. We started to brainstorm different topics which were eligible for our facilitation session. Andrew described all of his ideas in detail and he used a lot of English or specific Australian expressions I did resume not know. I asked a few times Sorry, could explain that to me? He always answered, sure. No worries., and tried to use other words to explain his thoughts.

observation essay thesis

In this concept the learner takes the centre stage. David Kolbs Experiential learning Cycle is a concept within this approach which describes the ideal relation between experience and future action. According to bibliography this model learning is a circular process with the subsequent elements: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualisation and active experimentation. This essay is aimed at reflecting my personal process of learning, acquisition of skills and career development in a specific learning situation that i experienced throughout the unit Human Resource development (HRD) during Semester 2, 2009 at Swinburne University of Technology. It follows the elements of the Experiental learning Cycle in order to evaluate my ideas and learn about further actions. Concrete Experience, i met my facilitation partner Andrew in front of the library for our first meeting. Since it was a windy and cool day he suggested to look for a warmer place where we could discuss our ideas. I agreed and followed him to an empty class room in the en-building where we sat at a table together. I did not really feel warmer in there but I did not want to complain either.

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observation essay thesis
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  3. State your thesis briefly and directly (but avoid making a bald announcement, such as This essay is about. It is time, at last, to speak the truth about Thanksgiving, and the truth is this. How not to allow it to write an essay you need to write.

  4. The thesis should tee up the rest of your essay by providing a brief overview. you dont want your thesis to be a lame observation or something that is generally agreed upon. The first rhetoric feature that is revealed in this essay is its thesis. One observation about the organization of the essay is the transition that is maintained throughout the essay.

  5. Find that the lack of a declarative thesis statement requires more work: you need to tighten your internal structure and your transitions from paragraph to paragraph so that the essay. A complete guide on writing a medical paper - choosing an interesting topic, coming up with catchy intro and effective conclusion, medicine essay samples. A descriptive essay should enable your reader to experience your topic with all senses. Learn tips for improving your essay through your own observation skills.

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