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For more information on these laws, please refer to the chapters on the freedom of expression and the freedom of assembly and association. He is reportedly suffering from lung cancer, and he receives no medical treatment from the prison authorities. According to his family, zaw Min who has been in prison since 1989, was unable to recognize relatives who visited him recent years. More often than not trials are held on camera. (Source: AI) Case of u soe thein u soe thein, a journalist and mp for the national league for Democracy was admitted, during the third week of September 2000, to the intensive care service of the general hospital of Rangoon. Aung San received a bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, modern History, and Political Science in 1938. Isbn external links All links retrieved December 6, 2016. They were sentenced to 7 years imprisonment each, under section 5/j (of the 1950 Emergency Provision Act) and they had been denied access to legal counsel.

Sebi is headquartered in the business district of Bandra-kurla complex in Mumbai. Toe po, the son of u pe chit, was born on november 17, 1939 in Palaw, tenasserim division. Nine nine, the son of Saw Thein, was born on April 3, 1942 in kyaik hto. He was only 32 when he was assassinated; a martyrs' mausoleum was built at the foot of the Shwedagon Pagoda, and July 19 was designated Martyr's day (Azani nei). Name: Win Win Htay (aka) ma po sex: female Prison: Insein Win Win Htay worked in the nld headquarters in the early 1990s when the military regime detained Aung San suu kyi and hundreds of nld members. Thayet prison has had no doctor since 1993. Zaw Min benefited from this amnesty and his sentence was shortened to ten years, meaning that he was scheduled for release in 1997 or 1998. The authorities accused them of disrupting the peace and stability of the country. Aung San suu kyi was released from house arrest on the 13th november 2010. Instead, english burmese people tend to shorten her name using the suu part, to daw suu or Amay suu (Mother suu) or.

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While icrc access is a positive sign, there were mixed reports as to whether there has been any real improvement in prison conditions. Tokyo: tokyo university of Foreign Studies, 2007. Is the Chin rice farmer hauled off to an spdc army camp on a baseless suspicion of giving some rice to the Chin National Front, tied up, beaten, slashed with knives, held down while a gallon of water is poured in his nose, then locked. (U is the equivalent for a man.) When she was a girl, her name would have started with ma instead of Daw. He was charged under 5(j) of the 1950 Emergency Provisions Act. This is so because a great number of decrees have been promulgated by the spdc for the purpose of repressing political activity and the freedoms of thought, expression, association and movement, among others. Burmese people use courtesy titles to convey social status, and consider them a more essential part of the name than. She has two sons and most people say the elder son is a monk now. 2 Family While he was Minister of Defense in 1942, aung San met and married Daw Khin kyi, and around the same time her sister needed met and married Thakin Than Tun, the communist leader.

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Name: Saw Mra aung Sex: Male Prison: ye mon military camp Ethnicity: Arakanese saw Mra aung, 93, has been detained without charge by the burmese junta since september 1998. The un special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights in Burma stated on 9 november 2001 that: most reports I have received indicate that prison conditions as a whole are still inadequate, but the prisons visited by my team looked clean and tidy. As the health care system in prison was very summary poor and the closest hospital outside the prison was also ill equipped, sithu had to buy the medicine he needed himself. Perhaps the real lesson of the 1947 Panglong Conference is this: make yourself heard or youll be left out of the equation. However, there are aspects of u saw's trial that give rise to doubt. On november 15, 2000 his condition deteriorated and he was again admitted to the prison hospital. In December, he also finished 10th Standard, passing his exams with two degrees - math and science.

This move was an apparent goodwill gesture by the spdc, and occurred a day before United Nations envoy razali Ismail was due to arrive in Rangoon. The letter states that: prisoner meals consist of the lowest possible quality rice served with dirty vegetables. In other words, as Harn Yawnghwes note to me made clear, aung San had nothing to do with organizing the panglong Conference instead, he was forced to rush to the ethnic leaders conference already occurring at Panglong to fulfill his vision for independence. Human Rights organizations, such as the karen Human Rights Group (khrg have argued that the current definition of political prisoner used in the context of Burma is too narrow, and excludes the thousands of ethnic minority villagers who are routinely arrested, tortured and imprisoned under. U win Tin was arrested on part of a widespread crackdown by the spdc on the political opposition groups. The only way that the prisoners can avoid this work is to bribe the authorities. In most political cases, trials are held in courtrooms on prison compounds and are not open to the public. While burmese law states that prisoners should be allowed to have access to reading material, and should be allowed to receive and write letters, prisoners are largely denied these rights.

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Whether you apply goals and metrics may depend on your organization, but wed suggest adding as few constraints as possible, because an overly-managed community can be less open and defeat its very purpose. The ibm report also offers another important suggestion: devise incentives that foster collaboration. Employees typically understand the from organizational value of collaboration; be sure theyre clear on how it benefits them individually. Capitalize on social collaborations intrinsic motivators, such as visibility and reputation, competitive spirit and working toward a shared goal. Todays ceos are thinking ahead, thinking about innovation, thinking about openness. (Lets hope theyre not trying to think their way into acting.) Its gift clear that the focus is on making connections within their organizations. The vision includes turning the workforce into a market intelligence network, and enabling employees to act on their own ideas but also collaborate with their colleagues, partners and even customers to drive innovation and value.

These are good times, where human capital you! are increasingly valued and enabled. Its also a good time to get started with the most engaging social business network available, convo. Its time to act!

The move to a more open and collaborative culture for many organizations requires a considerable shift in attitudes and behaviors. This is no small factor, and the change generally must come from the top down. The report talks about the degree to which successful companies outperformers, or organizations that surpass industry peers in terms of revenue growth and profitability have a greater ability to change and adapt to the evolution of their environment. We see this in the adoption of Convo, and it has been referenced here often: Collaboration and openness imply a new way of working, thinking and behaving. Social business networks are an important, even a primary, means to that end, necessary but not sufficient in achieving greater degrees of performance and innovation. A tool like convo is like the treadmill or exercise cycle you put in your basement to get in shape: a very useful devise, but unless you change behavior and actually incorporate the machine into your regular routine, the results will be less than impressive.

Stepping Toward Openness, how do you unleash the innovative power of the people who deal with your customers every day? ceo, insurance, united Kingdom (from the ibm report). Theres an old adage that its easier to act your way into thinking then to think your way into acting. This has some validity when woking on changing culture, attitudes and behaviors. This is not to imply that you start the journey to openness without a plan, but based on experience, and show weve seen successful networks get started, we often recommend starting the journey by enabling a small project or workgroup with a social environment like. The report itself recommends the use of platforms like convo to improve openness: Pursue social collaboration technologies. Ensure employees can quickly find needed expertise and have the means to engage the collective intelligence of the organization. Capture experts knowledge in searchable repositories to share more broadly and enable social learning. It takes less than a minute to get started, and because of the intuitive interface, the team can be up and running in very little time.

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Ceos have a new strategy in the unending war for talent. They are creating more open and collaborative cultures — encouraging employees to connect, learn from each other and thrive in a world of rapid change. Collaboration is the number-one trait ceos are seeking in their employees, with 75 percent of ceos calling it critical. According to the report, ceos point to four characteristics for employees: being collaborative, mom communicative, creative and flexible. Of course, this means that the ceos understand the need to create the environment to enable those characteristics to flourish. In many cases ceos in the report actually indicated changing the organization structure to better accommodate the need for improved flow of information. The result has been the emergence of collaborative environments in which oliver employees are encouraged to speak up, exercise personal initiative, connect with fellow collaborators, and innovate. Enabling Change, we need to mobilize our collective brain power for innovation. President and ceo, consumer Products, canada (from the ibm report).

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Viewing labs for: Classroom livevirtual Classroom liveon-Demand, classroom live labs, labs: Hands-on. Basic understanding of ibm cognos Analytics reporting. We wanted to hire workers, but human beings show. Social media is driving that. Arkadi kuhlmann, founder, ing direct usa (from the ibm report). Good news: this years ibm ceo study ranked people (human capital) as the most important source of sustained economic value. There department may be something to this social technology revolution after all!

single variable to control multiple controls. Use multiple variables to show different data in different controls. Use Active report controls to support mobile device usage. Active report Charts and Decks. Add charts to active reports, optimize chart behavior, decks and data decks. Optimize use of decks, master Detail relationships, rave visualizations.

This course provides participants with an understanding of Active report content and trunk functionality within ibm cognos Analytics 11 - reporting. Through lecture, demonstrations, and exercises, participants increase their ibm cognos Analytics experience by building highly interactive reports using Active report controls, which can then be distributed to and consumed by users in a disconnected environment, including on mobile devices. Viewing outline for: Classroom livevirtual Classroom liveon-Demand, classroom live outline, course outline:. Introduction to ibm cognos Active reports. Examine ibm cognos Active reports, convert an existing report into an Active report. Add interactions in Active reports using Active report connections. Create a basic Active report, examine interactive behavior of Active report controls. Save a report in the ibm cognos Analytics portal. Save an Active report to an mht file.

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2017 ibm annual Report, sec edgar version that includes the following exhibits: financial section of the ibm annual Report 2017; Powers of Attorney; Resolution of the ibm board of Directors authorizing execution of this report by powers of Attorney; Amendment. 1 to the Amended and using Restated Deferred Compensation and Equity Award Plan; Amendment. 8 to the ibm excess 401(k) Plus Plan; and Form of Noncompetition Agreement. Home » ibm annual Reports, company news. Ibm cognos Report Studio, ibm cognos Report Studio: Advanced Report Authoring for the business Intelligence Professional. Ibm cognos.2.1, take a quick glimpse at the advanced report authoring capabilities afforded to professional business intelligence users. This is the short version.

ibm report
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We also offer a powerful keyword search tool allowing you to easily locate specific information within the selected. President and ceo, consumer Products, canada (from the. The move to a more open and collaborative culture for many organizations requires.

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  1. Ibm, cognos, report, studio: Author Active reports (v10.2.2). Customers and other entitled users of a product or solution should contact. Ibm, technical Support to report issues discovered in, ibm offerings. Watson health - cognos developer/Analytic Consultant.

  2. Using javascript to pass Multiple values to a textbox Prompt. Ibm, cognos, report, studio: Advanced. Report, authoring for the, business, intelligence Professional.

  3. Sec edgar version that includes the following exhibits: financial section of the. Ibm, annual, report 2017; Powers of Attorney; Resolution of the. Ibm, cognos, report, studio - collapsible hierarchies Using Scripting.

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