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Jesus, as a true son, preferred to give glory to his Father, but he too would not deny his Sonship (Matthew 26:63f.; Mark 14:62; John 10:36). Of interest in the first two of these passages (and others) is the close association between the terms "Messiah" and "Son of God". It is also interesting to note how closely jesus' sonship is associated with His suffering (Romans 5:10; 8:32; Galatians 2:20; Hebrews 5:8; 6:6). When Jesus was famished after a long fast, the tempter said to him: "If you are the son of God, tell these stones to become bread" (Matthew 4:3, etc.). When Jesus was in agony on the cross, the passersby mocked Him and said: "Come down from the cross, if you are the son of God!" (Matthew 27:40). These speakers forgot that Jesus is the son of God.

At important times in His life, he was called the son snowboard presentation of God by the father Himself and by others:. The Annunciation: The angel Gabriel told the virgin Mary that her son would be called "the son of God". The baptism: God's voice from heaven proclaimed: This is my son, whom I love." (Matthew 3:17, etc.). The Transfiguration: God's voice once again proclaimed: "This is my son, whom I love. Listen to him." (Mark 9:7, etc.). The Crucifixion: The roman centurion and his men confessed at the time of Jesus' crucifixion: "Surely he was the son of God!" (Matthew 27:54). Paul writes that Jesus' resurrection from the dead declared Him to be "the son of God". (Romans 1 :4) Others in addition to god Himself, his angel, and the roman soldier proclaimed that Jesus is the son of God. Madmen and even unclean spirits confessed to jesus: "you are the son of God." (Mark 3:11;. 5:7; Matthew 8:29; luke 4:41; 8:28). Jesus' disciples also confessed that he is "the Christ (Messiah the son of the living God" (Matthew 16:16;.

essay on god is one

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The distinction is important. Indeed, his works witness to his Sonship. A "son" must be obedient to his "father doing his will and works, being like him (cf. Jesus Himself pointed to his works as evidence of the fact that he is the son of God: "If i am not acting as my father would, do not believe. But if i am, accept the evidence of my deeds, even if you do not believe me, so that you may recognise and know that the father is in me, and i in the father" (John 10:37f.). Jesus did the works of God, his Father, acting as God dissertation would. In addition to the evidence of His works, jesus had other proof that he is the son of God.

essay on god is one

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Jesus does not become the son of God, but the son of God becomes Jesus. Thus Jesus, as the son, speaks to the father about "the glory i had with you before the world began" (John 17:5;. Colossians 1:13-20 long before mary ever was. This eternal Son of God entered into the limitations of time and space by the power of God working through the virgin Mary and was born as a man, called Jesus, in Bethlehem some nineteen centuries ago. Similarly, jesus is not the son of God because of His mighty works and wonderful words. On the contrary, he does His mighty works and speaks His wonderful words because he is the son of God. True, both the manner of Jesus' birth and the nature of His works lend evidence for His Sonship. But neither, alone or together, provides the origin or basis for His Sonship.

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essay on god is one

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In fact, some sufis speak of God as "Father" and humanity as "God's children". Other Muslims, of course, might question this terminology, preferring the writing use of "servant" instead of "son". Still, the fact remains that God being Father and humanity being His children, apart from any sexual connotation, is an idea compatible with the thinking of some muslims. To equate the sonship of Jesus with the sonship of the above mentioned beings, however, would be denying the plain truth of the holy bible and the very essence of the Christian faith. Jesus is more than one of God's chosen people, more than one of His heavenly messengers, more than one who rules on God's behalf on earth, more than one who pleases God, although he is all of those also. Jesus as the Unique son of God What, then, is the evidence for this tremendous claim?

Is it because jesus, though a man born of a woman, was yet born of a virgin? Some Christians, it is true, might conclude that because jesus was born of the virgin Mary, therefore he is the son of God. Likewise, some muslims, while denying that Jesus is the son of God, might consider the virgin birth of Jesus to be the basis for Christian belief that Jesus is the son of God. Biblically speaking, however, jesus' sonship does not rest upon His being born of the virgin Mary. On the contrary, as we shall later see more clearly, his virgin birth rests upon His Sonship. Before mary ever was, the son of God.

He begetteth not nor was begotten." (Pickthall, The meaning of the Glorious Koran, surah 112:1-4). This surah clearly states that God has no son and that no son can be god. "How can he have a child, when there is for Him no consort?." (surah 6:102). As these and other verses suggest, even to imagine that God would have a wife and sexual intercourse with her would be absolute folly. But do these quranic verses actually address the biblical meaning of Jesus' sonship? Does the bible affirm that God has a wife and through procreation a son, whose name is Jesus?

Our response to these questions will become more intelligible after we consider in greater depth the biblical meaning of "son of God". Biblical meaning of "Son of God" The term "son of God" too is used in a variety of ways in the holy bible. As creator, god is the "Father" of Adam and of all mankind (luke 3:38; Isaiah 64:8; Malachi 2:10; etc.). However, a more specific "Father-son" relationship is achieved by the gracious choice of the father and the faithful obedience and service of the son, not by creation and certainly not by procreation. In this sense, the following are some of those referred to as "son(s) of God" in the bible:. The people chosen by god (Exodus 4:22f.; Jeremiah 31:9,20; Hosea 11:1; Romans 8:14; ii corinthians 6:18; Galatians 3:26; Hebrews 2:10; revelation 21:7). Heavenly beings (Job 1:6). Kings and rulers (ii samuel 7:14; Psalm 2:7; 82:6; 89:26f.). Pious, godly individuals (Matthew 5:9; luke 6:35) If the meaning of the term "Son of God" in the case of Jesus would be limited to the same significance that it has in these cases above, even the muslims might agree with its use.

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Paul Timothy titus 1:4 paul Titus Philemon 10 paul Philemon i peter 5: 13 Peter Mark Other languages also use the term "son" in a variety of ways. Thus, in the Arabic language of the qur'an "son" need not mean only a direct male issue or descendant. A familiar example is ibnu's sabil son of the road which means "a traveller". Another example with which many are familiar is "the son of Satan" a vivid descriptive for any mischief-maker (cf. Obviously satan does not have a wife in order to have a son! The name implies that the mischief maker is like satan, an embodiment of Satan, a "Satan with us". Worthy of remembrance is also the Arabic term ummu'l kitab (literally "the mother of the book the heavenly Scripture from which all Scripture with us essay on earth is derived, as if each Scripture were her child. In the light of the above, let us turn to well known verses of the qur'an: "he is Allah, the One.

essay on god is one

Still also other uses of the term "son" in the bible reflect the versatile and imaginative use of this term especially in the hebrew language. A complete list of the various uses of the term "son" in the bible would be too long for this essay. A few of its more idiomatic uses are listed below, with their literal meanings and the translations of the holy bible, new International Version (or The new English Bible or Holy bible, revised Standard Version). Old Testament Reference: Expression (as literally in the original text) - meaning (as found in the translation) Genesis 5:32: "son of five hundred years" - "five hundred years old" Genesis 15:3: "a son of my supreme house" - "a servant in my household" deuteronomy 25:2: "a. The most common uses, which are usually translated literally, have been omitted. However, one such group might be illustrated here: personal, yet non-physical, father-son" relationships: Father Son(s) i samuel 3:6 Eli samuel i samuel 24:16 saul david i samuel 25:8 Nabal david Proverbs 1:8, etc. Solomon the reader ii kings 2: 12 Elijah Elisha ii kings 8:9 Elisha king Ben-Hadad ii kings 5:13 naaman his servants Judges 18:19 the priest the people genesis 4:20f. First musician all musicians, etc Matthew 9:2 Jesus the paralytic i timothy 1:2, etc.

is a term expressing an intimate relationship with someone or something; basically, it indicates origin, but it is also used to express close association or identification with persons or things. Even when indicating origin, this term does not limit oneself to one's father and mother. One may be called the "son" of the following: his father and mother, his family, his tribe, his people, his place of birth (city or country and the time or circumstance of his birth. The if "father-son" terminology is also used in connection with kings and their vassals or subjects, masters and servants, teachers and disciples, and almost any situation in which someone is subordinate to or dependent on someone else. The basic requirement of the "son" is to honour and obey his "father but he should also love him and emulate him. The term "son" is used in many other ways in the bible, some of which are connected with origin but others of which mainly express some sort of association with or resemblance to persons or things. A large, somehow homogeneous group may be called "sons" (occupational and ethnic groups especially). Sometimes characteristics or qualities themselves are personified and regarded as having "sons" - those who possess that same characteristic or quality.

But is there another alternative? In suggesting that there is, the following questions are proposed: Has the Christian truly understood what Jesus' sonship means to the muslim and why the. Has the muslim truly understood what Jesus. Sonship means to the Christian and why the Christian affirms it? On this topic, which for centuries has been notorious for generating more heat than light, could both agree to explain their relative positions more fully and to listen to one another more intently and courteously? The intention of this essay is to help both Muslims and. Christians to penetrate a little deeper into the biblical concept of Jesus as the son essay of God and the significance of this idea for Christians. At the same time, it is hoped that this essay, as it unfolds, demonstrates at least some sensitivity towards a truly muslim position on this vital topic.

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Jesus as the son of God. Luther Engelbrecht, ernest Hahn, introduction, muslims believe that movie God is one, that there are no gods except the god. They may contend that even though Christians claim to be monotheists, they actually believe in more than one god. Since Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God, they therefore err like other people of ancient or modern times who have believed in a plurality of gods or the sons and daughters of God. So often Muslim-Christian religious discussion breaks on the topic of Jesus' sonship. The Christian affirms that Jesus is the. Son of God; the muslim denies that Jesus is the son of God. Both simply agree to disagree, each convinced that he is right and the other is wrong, as they go their separate ways.

essay on god is one
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  1. You have the jewish religions where Christianity and Islam sprung that believe in one god. This article will be considered in detail an example of an essay that would be written student at the faculty of Humanities, department of English Literature. God is a fascinating and moving essay in theology, though it does not really succeed as a work of fiction.

  2. We are the church that shares a living, daring confidence. This book is a christian theological essay on holiness. The final essay examines the various esoteric meanings and hierarchical levels of divine Unity (tawhid the goal of the sufi path. There are two reasons why the ancient people needed to have a god.

  3. And the good stories he tells near the end of the essay are encouraging. David Faber writes a challenging essay on the data used in chapter. A complete list of the various uses of the term son in the bible would be too long for this essay.

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