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The drivers range from as far a field as the United Kingdom, America, ireland. Female bodybuilder and muscle girl Trudy. I was born in Abilene, texas, on February 20, 1957. Patricks day wallpaper, this beautiful view of the lakes coast. Ireland should do the trick. And with any more luck, youll use some of that gold to buy. While Irish and Northern Irish are common demonyms for Northern. Ireland, nationality is a complicated issue.

I have taken off only a few days here and there over all these years of training. It is the best part of my day, when I go to the gym and do what I love the most, lift the heavy weights, feel my muscles get full and pumped, see my strength and power in action! Trudy's Stats: height: 5 feet, 3 1/2 Inches. Weight: 174 pounds-Off friend season, 155 pounds-Contest Shape. Neck: 16 Inches, shoulder Girth: 50 Inches, chest: 47 Inches, waist: 27 Inches. Quads: 25 1/2 Inches, calves: 16 1/2 Inches, biceps: 16 1/2 Inches. Forearms: 14 3/4 Inches, trudy Irland's Contest History 2006 npc master Nationals 7th Place 2005 npc master Nationals 5th Place 2004 npc master Nationals 2nd heavyweight 2003 Jan Tana 2nd heavyweight 2002 npc junior usa third heavyweight 2001 npc junior usa third heavyweight 2000 npc. The ea vi crome collection consists of some 20,000 items of postage stamps sheet featuring airmail and space philately plus a large number of envelopes flown and posted back to Mr Crome. Many are signed bv the pilots or astronauts. Ernest Alfred Crome (1902-1987) worked his way up from office boy to manager of the newtown enmore Starr Bowkett co-operative building Society. In the 1920s when aviation at nearby mascot Airport was in its infancy he gave envelopes to pilots to sign and post back.

buy wallpaper ireland

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My training philosophy is train hard, train heavy, eat clean and get big! I love the bodybuilding life style and have been living it for almost two decades. When i am not working out, running my boys to and from their activities I like to get on my 1980 Harley. I have owned it since 1991. I was lucky enough to go to Sturgis, south dakota in 1990 riding there and back on the back of a 1976 Harly in a rigid frame. It was a long ride, let me assure you! But, what was really business cool was in Sturgis, there were women riding Harleys, something I had never seen! When I returned, i got my own, i love it almost as much as I loved Comanche! Now, to just keep getting bigger and harder!

buy wallpaper ireland

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At this time i decided to retire from competition due to family obligations. I continued working out, but working full time and raising a family did not leave much time for contest preparation. In 1998 I decided to do one last show, the npc oklahoma, and won the masters, the lightweight, and the overall. So much for it being the last! Since then i've done several local shows and a few national level shows. Above all else, i love weight training. I love the gym. I am proud to be more muscular and stronger than i've ever been in my life. Lifting heavy weights and watching my muscles grow bigger and stronger is the ultimate!

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buy wallpaper ireland

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It took months but I finally got to where i could walk without a limp. Since then i've had seven knee surgeries and need a total knee replacement which I'm putting off as long as possible. Shortly after this I saw a magazine with Rachel McLish on the biofuel cover. I was single and wanted desperately to become independent and in charge of my own life. I went straight to a sporting goods store and bought a weight bench, a bar and some plates, plus, a book written my betty weider, bodybuilding for Women. I put my bench together, and read my book, in my little one bedroom apartment, i taught myself each exercise. I had no clue what a tricep even was, so i got more books and learned everything I could on muscles, and what each one of them do and don't do!

Six months after beginning to train, i entered my first show at 102 pounds! I won the lightweight class at the tulsa bb championship in 1983, plus Best Poser. Needless to say, i was now hooked on training and on competing. I continued competing, only taking a little time off when I had my two sons, casey in 1986, and Colin in 1988. In 1990 I competed at the junior Nationals in New Orleans where i placed sixth.

I lived in three different states in the three years I spent in High School. I've been a tomboy all my life. All i ever really wanted as a young girl was a horse. I lived, breathed and dreamed of having my own horse. When I was 11 my dream came true, i got my horse, her name was Comanche. I spent the next 5 years of my life riding her every day, during the hot summer and freezing winters, it was a great way to grow up!

Forget the malls, roller skating rinks and bowling alleys, i was outdoors all the time! As a six year old, i learned to water ski, we spent many summers at the lake, swimming and skiing. I thought I was a good skier until one day when I wiped out badly fracturing my tibia in three places, i was 22 with a bi lateral tibia plauteau g ouch! The doctors at the first hospital I went near the lake told me i would never be able to walk again. Needless to say, i was devastated and told my dad to get me to houston. I was very fortunate to get the houston Oilers' physician, he put me back together again with screws and brackets (no rubber bands or bubble gum). At this time i was a total foreigner and a wimp to any sort of physical fitness. Watching the football players go through physical therapy blew my mind. I had refused to do the re-hab due the pain, but I finally saw the light when I realized I was in my early 20's and had a horrible limp.

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Of course, it being gourmieland, a post wouldn't be strange complete without some tasty looking inspiration and to start the week, it seems like red Velvet would be the obvious place to start! I shall try to avoid anything "red velvet" for the rest of the week. (If you've seen my posts on my colour/scent/texture associations, you'll understand why red velvet anything in food "feels" wrong!). And you know what's coming help next because i couldn't miss them out! Imagination is more important than knowledge (Einstein). Trudy Ireland's, official Webiste: m, trudy Irelands bio, my name is Trudy Ireland. I was born in Abilene, texas, on February 20, 1957. I moved around quite a bit while growing up living in Texas, Arkansas, oklahoma and California.

buy wallpaper ireland

Who wants a red mark by their name? And yet, wish a red letter day is something to look forwards to, a really special event. Red is a conundrum indeed, but when it comes to us gourmies, there's only one red that matters, the red that smells good! So this week, dig out your red bottles, Christian dior Hypnotic poison, britney spears Hidden Fantasy, donna karan dkny be tempted (has anybody tried it yet?) revisit a berry that intrigued you in berry week, oriflame Cherries choose red ingredients. Faberlic Fortunata, lush Rose jam x2, juicy couture hollywood royal where it's sole red note dazzles in a sea of white! Or just choose something that smells red to you! Paloma picasso tentations (I know it's not classed as a gourmand but I can't help it, it feels gourmie to me!).

morning, really not a good time for intellectual probing. Put simply, red is the colour of passion (apologies to aerosmith). It signifies strength, determination and power. If you have an important test or exam to take, avoid wearing or seeing anything red beforehand. It's been proven to significantly reduce performance. (I imagine hearing little gourmie voices ask) Think about when you handed in your homework, all neat and tidy, then you get it back and there's teacher's comments, and corrections, scribbled all over. Even if you didn't get many red marks, i bet you lived in fear of them.

I may have to sneak the occasional "holly and the ivy" in during these weeks instead. Having said that, it is September already! Can you believe it? It's quite appropriate, i think, that the first week of Autumn is devoted to the colour red. (the meteorological system counts the "Fall" season as starting on September 1st. By the astronomical system, there's another 3 weeks yet). There are also yellow essay and green weeks due soon, all colours which merge together to create nature's ever changing canvas. Karma Chamæleon, lush Karma, red gold and green, cartier la panthere, cartier Panthere (sorry, i couldn't resist putting both! I have a (very cheap) imitation Panthere keyring, which normally "guards" my panthere du cartier mini!).

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Nope, not the shakespeare band, the colour! They say "Red sky at night, sailors Delight" but how many of you are familiar with the lesser heard second part, "This Sunday morning, red gourmie week's dawning!". Yes, it's here, we've been pretty in pink, we've met purple people eaters and now it's time to paint the town, and the whole gourmie forum, red! What shade of red you choose is up to you. You might want a bright, light red, something sparkly and vivacious. Perhaps you'd prefer a deep red, decadent rich and intoxicating. Or maybe you could take a hint from Right said (f)Red and just be too sexy for your red, whichever red you're wearing! I'm overwhelmed with ideas for red week, and in another couple of weeks, i will be doing green too! It seemed to make sense with planning my Christmas project, however it seems to be that the calendar isn't using terribly many "red and green" perfume themes.

buy wallpaper ireland
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