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Motivation, presence of high concentrations of ambient aerosols has many adverse effects: haze, building and plant damage, illness, death. Implementation of effective controls requires knowledge of what to control. Biogenic emissions (that we cant control unless we chop down all plants) have long been known to be precursors to organic aerosol. Because aerosols are not directly emitted, new acronym - secondary organic aerosol soa. Objective, preliminary study of formation of soa from biogenic emissions. Estimate contribution of an important compound, a-pinene, to soa formation.

Faqs for Phase i roll out of essay Online contract Card,. All materials posted on youravon beauty of Knowledge homepage. Agenda: more bad particles PowerPoint Presentation. Download Presentation, agenda: more bad particles 1 / 39, agenda: more bad particles. Secondary aerosols biogenic example alpha pinene Anthropogenic example sox and NOx Particle control technologies Brief overview essay of the rules overview of the technologies What to use for what type of particles Basic design strategies Cyclones. Presentation Transcript, agenda: more bad particles, secondary aerosols. Biogenic example alpha pinene, anthropogenic example sox and NOx, particle control technologies. Brief overview of the rules, overview of the technologies, what to use for what type of particles. Basic design strategies, cyclones, attack of the killer trees a-pinene and contributions to ambient secondary organic aerosol in Maryland. Sheryl Ehrman, rich Calabrese, yu jin Choi, anu nadarajan (M.S., january 2002).

bad presentation

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See faqs for details. If face-to-face Appointment is conducted, Appointment maker will be required to check for minimum of two forms summary of current. If Appointee cannot produce the required information the Appointment process cannot be completed. Expectation is that fraudulent Appointees will not want face to face Appointment. Revised Training tools, revised Contract Scoring Worksheet and instructions available for C21 Appointments. Revised training materials for new Credit guideline policy. Revised m PowerPoint and study guide.

bad presentation

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National Roll out of Phase ii face to face Appointments, using 3rd party vendor database through eAps, 2nd Qtr. Phase i online contracts m, changes to current olc process, if Appointee receives a cannot complete message after completing online contract she/he will william be instructed to a face-to- face Appointment. Upline will be notified via email 3rd party vendor was unable to validate the Appointees identification. Upline should not follow up with Appointee, should wait for Appointee to contact them. If Upline is unable to conduct face-to-face Appointment due to distance of Appointee, dsm then will conduct Appointment and link to Upline. This is an exception to current policy. We will monitor these Appointments closely.

Actions, what actions have been taken so far? Changed the hold Order policy for over limits for all loa 0-3 Representatives whose score is u. Hired a 3rd party vendor to assess the accuracy of an Appointees Identification. Refined quickpay process to reduce incidence of recurring fraud. Actions, what Future Actions will be taken? Roll out Phase i online contracts using 3rd party vendor, on September. Revise credit limits for all loa 0-6 starting with C/21N C/23 ts appointments. All Appointments loa 0-3 going on C hold for over credit limit starting in C/21N C/23. Pilot for Phase ii face to face Appointments using 3rd party vendor database, through eAps 1st Qtr.

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bad presentation

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Download, skip this Video, loading SlideShow in essay 5 Seconds. Bad Debt Initiatives PowerPoint Presentation, download Presentation. Bad Debt Initiatives, bad Debt Initiatives. Whats in it for you? Why is Bad Debt Reduction important to leadership Representatives? Leadership are spending time and energy spanking with high-risk representatives. Gives you more time for productive patd activities.

Copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate. I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described. Download Presentation, an Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation. Download Policy: Content on the website is provided to you as is for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Presentation Transcript, whats in it for you? High-Risk representatives continue to participate in fraudulent activities.

The use of one shows a complete lack of effort. Instead, learn how to use a master slide and create your own simple design. Never let your theme distract from the presentation. Minimize your use of text on a slide. Seth Godins rule is no more than 6 words a slide.

It will keep your focus on the fact that the presentation is meant to reinforce your point, not make. Do not put too many images on a slide. The viewer will spend more time looking at all the different pictures than listening to you. On the image note, try not to copy and paste random pictures from google. Most of the time they look unprofessional and you are better off going with stock photos. Finally, never use transitions or animations. Those were fun in 8th grade so leave them there. For more tips on creating a powerpoint presentation check out the. Career Resources section for a guide by seth Godin, the new York times bestselling author.

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Minimize the Extraneous load of your Presentations. About the author Leslie belknap is the Marketing Director for Ethos3 as well as a board member for tedxNashville. Say hi to leslie on Twitter; she manages tweets for Ethos3. — main Menu —homeVitamin ive been in college almost four years now and I can count the number of great Powerpoint presentations ive seen on one hand. It seems to me that this communication medium has become the established method without true justification. The reason is simple enough its just too easy to make a mediocre one. It seems presenters have stopped using Powerpoint for the effect but have begun to use it as a way to remind them oliver of their upcoming lines. Here are some of my steadfast rules: never use a theme for from Powerpoint.

bad presentation

This study, by ronald. Berk at The johns Hopkins University, validates. Athertons wariness of clip art with its conclusion that irrelevant pictures accompanying text and sound effects decrease learning. If you cannot substitute visuals for your text, remove unnecessary words from your explanations to limit the reading you demand of your audience. In addition, instead of listing multiple points on one slide using a bulleted list, give each point its own slide so your audience is not tempted to engage in mentally exhausting multitasking during your presentation. Additional Resources: How to turn your Bullet points Into visually-Engaging Elements. Slide makeovers: Transforming PowerPoint Bullets Into visual learning. Before after: 4 Slide makeover resume Tips. Why cognitive load Theory needs to be Applied to every Presentation.

the information instead of attempting to simultaneously read the slides as well as listen to the presenter, audience members are more likely to retain the meaning of the presentation. Atherton recommends creating slides with minimal text to limit the extraneous load of your presentation. In addition, she also recommends using visuals to communicate complex concepts. . Since the area of the human brain that processes visuals has a working memory capacity that is separate from the short-term memory limit of the linguistic and auditory processing areas of the brain, you expand the amount of information that audience members can process. Putting This Research to work, both studies mentioned above suggest that meaningful visuals should be utilized in lieu of text-based explanations, when possible. On that note,. Atherton warns presenters not to use. Death by powerpoint clip art.

In other words, when your slides are comprised of lists of text, your audience will struggle to pay attention to your slides, they will find it difficult to agree desk with your message, and they will retain a less-than-ideal amount of the information. The limits of Working Memory, digging deeper into the reason bullet points are bad,. Chris Atherton, an award-winning lecturer in psychology and a user experience consultant for organizations such as skype and the bbc, discovered that the limits of working memory are to blame for the failure of bullet points. In this 2011 speech,. Atherton details the results of her research: At the beginning of her lesson,. Atherton explains that when you accompany a lecture with bullet point slides, your audience will switch between reading and listening. This type of task switching is cognitively exhausting.

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You've probably heard this advice before: Dont use bullet points in your presentations. But do you know why presentation design experts are so adamantly opposed to the bullet point format? Here's the simple, but perhaps surprising, explanation to why bullet points are bad for presentations: Bullet points make evernote information more difficult to remember, especially when the bullet point lists are accompanied with auditory information. This is not a conjecture; it is backed by credible research. In 2014, the International journal of Business Communication published the results from. The Use of Visualization in the communication of Business Strategies, a study designed to gather empirical evidence regarding whether the use of visualization is superior to text in the communication of business strategies. The results of that experiment confirmed that lists of text are ineffective for presentations. Slides with visuals are undeniably more effective than slides with text. Specifically, the study concluded: Subjects who were exposed to a graphic representation of the strategy paid significantly more attention to, agreed more with, and better recalled the strategy than did subjects who saw a (textually identical) bulleted list version.

bad presentation
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Working in a quasi-government job. Downtown development and Community outreach coordinator. 5 reasons Tables for layouts are bad.

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  4. Evil, terrorism, torture, and other bad stuff - powerPoint ppt. Agenda: more bad particles. Secondary aerosols biogenic example alpha pinene Anthropogenic example sox and NOx Particle control. Fungi good guys or bad guys?

  5. Bad, debt Reduction important to leadership Representatives. The cycle of good and, bad. Noahs obedience is followed by noahs drunkenness (Gen.

  6. The haiku deck gallery showcases hundreds of inspiring visual presentations from a wide range of topics. Presentation inspiration: Tips for bringing your words to life with beautiful, evocative images using haiku deck's Creative commons. Whats in it for you?

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