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Agreement was reached on a flagship portfolio of 18 projects and activities that best exemplify the achievements of the partnership. 3, in addition, the partners endorsed the Asia-pacific Energy technology cooperation Centre. The meeting concluded with an event with industry in which representatives from the private sector discussed opportunities for collaboration with Ministers and high level representatives present. The President's fiscal year 2008 budget request includes 52 million to support app. Major Economies meeting: On may 31, 2007, the President called upon the world's major economies, both from the developed and developing world, to work together to develop a global goal on long-term greenhouse gas reductions. 4, this international initiative recognizes that the major emerging economies must develop and participate in an effective global strategy, and that economic growth, energy security and climate change must be addressed in an integrated way. The United States in September hosted the first of a series of meetings with other countriesincluding rapidly growing economies like india and Chinato establish a new framework for the post-2012 world.

Promoting international cooperation, asia-pacific Partnership on Clean development and Climate (APP) 1 :The Asia-pacific Partnership for Clean development and Climate (app launched in January 2006 in Sydney, australia by ministers from Australia, china, india, japan, republic of Korea, and the english United States, is one. It is a multi-stakeholder partnership working to generate practical and innovative projects promoting clean development and the mitigation of greenhouse gases. Through engaging private industry as well as government officials, the app is using public-private partnerships to build local capacity, improve efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create new investment opportunities, and remove barriers to the introduction of clean energy technologies in the Asia-pacific region. What makes the approach unique is that app activities are identified and supported using an innovative "bottom up" approach. Together, app partner countries account for about half of the world's population, economic output, energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions. The app has created eight task forces to achieve the partnership's goals: (1) cleaner fossil energy; (2) renewable energy and distributed generation; (3) power generation and transmission; (4) steel; (5) aluminum; (6) cement; (7) coal mining; and (8) buildings and appliances. The task forces, with representatives from both the public and private sectors, have each prepared an Action Plan. At the new Delhi ministerial meeting on October 15, 2007, the original six app partners warmly welcomed Canada as the seventh member of the partnership. . Ministers also released a communiqu 2 which summarizes the accomplishments of the partnership since its inaugural Ministerial meeting in Sydney. . Ministers also recognized the eight Task force Action Plans and their accompanying 110 projects. .

written statement

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Leading international efforts to address climate change will continue to be one of our top priorities. Annex, selected International and Domestic Components of the. Approach to Global Climate Change. Promoting international cooperation,. Near-Term Polices and measures to Slow the Growth of Greenhouse gas Emissions. Advancing Climate Science,. Accelerating Climate Change technology development and Deployment. S.-Initiated Multilateral and Bilateral/Regional Partnerships 2: Greenhouse gas Emission Trends for developed country parties to the un framework convention on Climate Change for the years, inclusive 3: Carbon dioxide Emission Trends for developed country parties tothe un framework convention on Climate Change for the years.

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Our results at home compare well with those of other industrialized nations. For the years, inclusive, the. Population grew by 5 percent and our gdp grew by 12 percent, while greenhouse gas emissions increased.6 percent. Latest movie estimates show that from, our economy grew.9 percent, while energy-related carbon dioxide emissions decreased.3 percent. The Annex to this statement details selected. Programs addressing climate change. As President Bush indicated at the major Economies meeting, climate change is one of the great challenges of our time. In taking on this challenge, the United States is engaged, serious, and pragmatic.

C., was attended by the personal representatives of leaders from seventeen major economies and the United Nations. In his speech during the mem, president Bush emphasized, among other things, that these countries would work within the un process to strengthen programs addressing energy efficiency and to advance the global transfer and adoption of clean energy technologies. Progress towards a global emissions reduction goal will be underpinned by midterm national targets and programs. In addition, participants will work on sectoral approaches to low carbon power generation, transportation, and land use and steps to disseminate technologies by creating an international clean energy fund and removing trade barriers. The President also proposed strengthening climate-related efforts that benefit all countries, including promoting adaptation to climate change, reversing deforestation and promoting clean energy technology. By the end of 2008, the major Economies process will generate a detailed contribution to a post-2012 framework. Our aim is for the major Economies process to advance negotiations toward a global agreement under the unfccc by 2009. Leaders from all G8 and apec countries have embraced the major Economies process as a constructive input to the global effort. Under President Bush's leadership, the United States is successfully carrying out a number of international collaborationsincluding the Asia-pacific Partnership on Clean development and Climate (app the carbon Sequestration leadership Forum (cslf the Group on Earth Observations (geo the generation iv international Forum (gif the Global.

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There is broad international consensus that climate change is best addressed as part of an integrated agenda that promotes economic growth, advances energy security, reduces pollution, and eradicates poverty- as well as mitigates greenhouse gas emissions. The President has put forth a comprehensive climate change policy. Our robust, flexible approach involves the promotion of international cooperation, near-term policies and measures to slow the growth in greenhouse gas emissions, the advancement of climate change science, and vigorous efforts to accelerate low-carbon and no-carbon technology development and deployment. As Secretary rice has said, we will need a technological revolution. The President has requested, and Congress has provided, substantial funding for climate change science and observations, technology, international assistance, and incentive programsapproximately 37 billion since 2001.

The President's fiscal year 2008 budget requests nearly.4 billion for climate-related activities. President Bush has consistently highlighted the importance of international cooperation in developing a global response to the complex and long-term challenge of climate change. On may 31, he called upon the world's major economies, from both the developed and developing world, to work together toward a global goal on long-term greenhouse gas reductions. This initiative recognizes that the major emerging economies must resume join together in a common effort, and that economic growth, energy security and climate change must be addressed in an integrated and sustainable way. The first Major Economies meeting (MEM) on September 27-28, 2007, in Washington,.

Dobriansky, under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs. Written Testimony submitted to the senate foreign Relations Committee. Washington, dc, november 13, 2007, view Video of Oral Statement, text of Oral Statement. Chairman and Members of the committee, thank you for the opportunity to appear before you today. When President Bush hosted the major Economies meeting on Energy security and Climate Change in September 2007, he stressed that climate change is a real problem, and humans are contributing. He also underscored that the United States takes climate change very seriously, for we are both a major economy and a major emitter.

Addressing this global challenge requires substantial global reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Meeting this long-term challenge requires a long-term commitment by the international community. And we are committed to doing our part. As a party to the United Nations Framework convention on Climate Change (unfccc the United States shares with the other 190 Parties to the convention its ultimate objective of stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference. We look forward to the un climate conference in Bali, indonesia in December, where we will work to advance negotiations. The bali conference will mark the beginning of an important process toward a new global framework. In developing a new post-2012 framework on climate change, we seek a global approach that is environmentally effective and economically sustainable. This framework should involve a real effort and commitment of major economies in accordance with their national circumstances.

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Opm should implement family friendly protections, for example, add by providing paid parental leave to business federal workers. Indeed, increased access to paid sick days and paid family and medical leave in both the public and private sectors would provide workers with the ability to care for themselves and family members. Working women and caregivers depend on the guarantee of equal opportunity in the workplace. No worker should have to risk adverse treatment, lost income, or loss of a job due to pregnancy, childbirth or family caregiving responsibilities. We urge the administration to take decisive, coordinated action to put an end to the pernicious discrimination that threatens the economic security of our nation's families. A copy of Judith Lichtman's full written and submitted testimony can be found here. The national Partnership for Women families is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy group dedicated to promoting fairness in the workplace, access to quality health care and policies that help women and men meet the dual demands of work and family. More information is available at tionalPartnership.

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Wage hour should dedicate resources to fmla enforcement, including systemic, impact litigation. The updated fmla surveys should be implemented, and the data gathered from workers and employers should be analyzed carefully to assess outreach, education, policy and enforcement needs. We applaud the recent efforts of Secretary solis and the first lady to raise awareness about the fmla's military leave provisions. However, regulations approved in 2008 made it more difficult methodology for employees to take leave, and these changes should be rescinded. Wage hour should also enforce the right to breaks for nursing mothers. Many hourly workers remain unaware of this new right, and Wage hour should engage in outreach, education and enforcement efforts to ensure proper implementation of this provision. The department of Justice enforces state and local government employers' obligations under Title vii, and it litigates Executive order 11246 cases in the federal courts. Doj should prioritize enforcement of pregnancy and caregiver discrimination cases. The Office of Personnel Management should ensure that the federal government is a model employer.

to create more jobs but we must ensure that the jobs we create pay fair wages and provide basic family friendly supports like paid sick days and paid family and medical leave. Promoting fairness is critically important at this time. We learned today that charges of workplace discrimination filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity commission (eeoc) have hit a record high. In fy 2011, the eeoc received a record 99,947 charges of employment discrimination — a figure that is shockingly high when you consider that just a small minority of those who experience discrimination file complaints with the eeoc. Sex discrimination charges made up more than one in four of those charges. The department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, ofccp, should include specific regulations and guidance on these issues in its sex discrimination regulations and the federal Contract Compliance manual. Ofccp should train investigators to identify discrimination against pregnant workers and caregivers as well as violations of the family and Medical leave act (fmla). The department of Labor's Wage hour division receives thousands of fmla complaints each year, and the number has grown significantly in recent years.

We urge the administration to create a multi-agency task force to address japanese critical gaps in research, outreach, education, policy development and enforcement. The White house should lead this effort in close coordination with the eeoc, due to the commission's central role in enforcing the critical protections of Title vii. The task force should also include representatives from the department of Labor, the department of Justice, and the Office of Personnel Management. We urge the eeoc to provide thorough guidance and best practices to avoid unlawful discrimination against pregnant workers and caregivers, in line with legal protections provided by title vii and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Investigators should be trained to identify this kind of discrimination. And the eeoc should utilize its authority to file commissioner's charges. The commission should also develop systemic, impact litigation to protect the most vulnerable workers, particularly those in low wage jobs.

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Interpretation, translation letter of representation A formal, written statement made by an * auditee and addressed to an * external auditor, in which the auditee confirms that statements made to the auditor are accurate and complete. Letters of representation also usually define the responsibility of an auditee for the * fair presentation of * financial statements under audit. Do you have strategies on how to engage an autistic child in a 'regular' class without spending money on an aid? Wikihow Contributor, the best thing you can do for your child is to get them the help they need. You may not want to spend the money, but it is what your child deserves. Equal Employment Opportunity resume commission Public meeting on Discrimination Against Pregnant Women and Caregivers. — february 15, 2012 —, i am pleased that the commission has convened this meeting, and i appreciate the opportunity to speak on this critically important issue. This complex, persistent problem of discrimination against pregnant women and caregivers deserves a coordinated, comprehensive response that strengthens the enforcement of existing laws.

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