Romiette and julio book report

M: Romiette and Julio ( sharon

Best books for the teen Age-2000-new York city library. Young hoosier book award-2005, broward teen readers' Choice Award-2005). Be the first to discover new talent! Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro connect email alert. Sign up here to receive your free alerts. Sixteen year old Romiette "Romi" Cappelle is an African American teenager living in Cincinatti, ohio. Plagued by constant dreams of drowning, romi searches for an understanding of her fear of water and her recurring nightmares. Sixteen year old Julio montague is a mexican teenager who has just moved to cincinnati.

Being the new kid extreme is hard until he makes friends with Ben Then he meets Romiette in a chat room on the Internet essay and he is in love. Romiette cappelle is a typical sixteen-year-old girl who is looking for that special boy. She believes she has found him when she meets Julio online and finds out that they both go to the same school. Unfortunately, the local gang objects to romiette and Julio's interracial relationship and continually hassles them. Eventually the gang kidnaps them and sets them adrift on a lake in a violent storm. The similarities of their names and situation to romeo and Juliet is suggested by many as the community looks for them. However, their story has a happy ending because they are found alive, the gang is arrested, and they are soul mates forever. Draper has captured the voices of teens; the dialogue and the students' attitudes about the gang situation are believable. The convincing exchanges between the characters and the descriptions move the plot, while the action keeps the reader in suspense. The title and cover will attract mostly girls interested in romance, but if others read the first few chapters, they will find gripping romantic adventure sure to keep them turning pages until the end. Voya, awards: ala best book award, international reading Association as a 2000 Notable book for a global Society.

romiette and julio book report

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This novel is more than simply a carefully plotted teenage romance. Draper gives a realistic portrayal of the review interactions among high school students as well as their relationships with their parents. The book also examines how gangs can gain power and take control. All of the characters have unique voices and the writing style shifts according to the action. Romiette and Julio would be a wonderful curriculum tie-in book, but it also stands alone as a first-rate novel about contemporary teens. School Library journal September 1999. Julio montague hates Cincinnati. It is cold, wet, and gray, nothing like his home town of Corpus Christi, texas.

romiette and julio book report

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Return to the books Home page. Book reading 1, book reading 2, reviews: A contemporary retelling of the romeo and Juliet story with a happy, upbeat ending. Sixteen-year-old Julio montague's parents have moved their family to cincinnati, oh, in order to get their son out of his gang-ridden high school in Corpus Christi,. Romiette cappelle, also 16, is the daughter of successful African American parents and the granddaughter of college professors. When these two young people, both from proud heritages, begin a romance, they must deal not only with their parents' prejudices but also with the threats of a local gang called The family. At times, romiette and Julio effectively parallels and contemporizes the original story. The young couple meet, not at the capulets' feast, but in an Internet chat room. Julio's friend, ben Olsen (read Benvolio who looks like a punk rocker, has an optimistic and irreverent attitude that balances Julio's passion and volatility.

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romiette and julio book report

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forged by fire one of Draper's two previous novels, treated similarly melodramatic issues with pet compassion and short compelling urgency. But her narrative skills cannot overcome the sense of cliche that permeates romiette and Julio. The two main characters are likable but bland, and in a book so concerned with contemporary ethical instruction, their gender roles come far too directly from the 16th century. A typical exchange: you'd protect me, julio? The supporting characters feel far fresher, and truer to the novel's anticonformist theme.

Destiny, romiette's best friend, is a hilarious caricature of a horoscope-obsessed teeny-bopper. (given Draper's penchant for the expected, is it any surprise that Destiny's prophecies all come true?). Julio's companion Ben is the real treat of the book, a joyous maverick who dyes his hair a different color every day and is always ready to end a sentence with an exclamation point. Young teenagers will appreciate him as the best kind of best friend - and he won't be the only element of this tale they recognize. romiette and Julio pulls all the right heartstrings, but even its convincing chat room transcripts can't quite pull the story into the 21st century.

The new York times. "When Holden Met Katniss: The 40 Best ya novels". Van Arsdale, cassia (October 18, 2011). December 19, 1999, by simon rodberg, romiette and julio. (Ages 12 and up) ick a hot-button issue, and you can bet that Sharon.

Draper's romiette and Julio gives it at least a passing mention. The plot of this update of Shakespeare to the wired age is scarcely less predictable. Julio montague moves to cincinnati and immediately becomes the chief target of his high school's racist gang. Romiette cappelle meets a boy nicknamed spanishlover in an online chat room. Will spanishlover turn out to be her classmate julio? Will Hispanic Julio and African-American Romiette fall in love? Will their racially fearful parents object? Will the racist gang make romiette's nightmares of near-drowning come true? Will all turn out happily ever after?

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Even recycling." and "The two main characters are likable but bland, and in a book so concerned with contemporary ethical instruction, their gender roles come far too directly from the 16th century.". Rolling Stone, however, included it on a list of the 40 best young adult novels, and at review website, teen reads, cassia van Arsdale writes that "Draper writes as if she's on the phone with a long lost friend, with informality, intimacy and ease. Both Romi and Julio are so likable i really essay wanted them to get together, which is always important in a romance.". In their review, kirkus reviews wrote: "The parallels to Shakespeares play are often self-conscious and belabored, drawn at odd moments in the story. Still, a straightforward, uncluttered write narrative will hook readers into the well-paced plot and sympathetic characters; loose ends are tied more neatly than a package, prettying up the ending by putting a happily-ever-after spin on the lovers fates.". References edit, sources edit rodberg, simon (December 19, 1999). " Romiette and Julio ".

romiette and julio book report

She eventually reveals their location when questioned by the police. Romiette and Julio turn out to be stranded at the bottom of a boat in London woods lake. When lightning strikes, they are separated. Having fallen into the lake, unable to swim, romiette blacks out and experiences once again her recurring dream. When Julio finds her floating face down, he green pulls her to land and finds she is not breathing. As Julio tries to wake her, romiette recognizes the unknown male voice in her dream as Julio's voice. Reception edit, in a lukewarm review for, the new York times, simon Rodberg wrote: "Pick a hot-button issue, and you can bet that Sharon. Romiette and Julio gives it at least a passing mention.

chat with "spanishlover." Romiette and Julio continue to chat online, have a lunch date, and eventually fall in love with each other. Their relationship provokes the ire of a local gang—the "devil Dogs"—who disapprove of an African American girl dating a hispanic boy. Makala, a member of the gang, threatens Romiette on several occasions. Julio tells his parents about the relationship, and although his mother, maria, approves, his father, luis, dislikes his son dating an African American girl because his first girlfriend was killed by gang members who were African American. Romiette and Julio struggle with the pressure of their environment's disapprobation, reaching a crisis when the gang threaten them at gunpoint. The two of them meet with Ben and Destiny and concoct a plan to deal with the gang: Romiette and Julio will show their affection in public in order to draw the gang member's attention, while ben and Destiny will be nearby and armed with. The plan fails at a critical juncture when the car breaks down, and Romiette and Julio are abducted by the devil Dogs. Ben and Destiny go to the cappelle's home and explain what has happened to romiette's parents, lady and Cornell. Lady asks Malaka where the teens are, but Malaka denies knowing where they are.

Contents, plot summary edit, this story begins with, african American teenager Romiette cappelle awaking from a recurring nightmare in which she is drowning in fire and water. Just before waking she hears an unknown male voice speaking to her. Although frightened by the nightmare, she wonders whether the voice could be the voice of her soulmate. Meanwhile, julio montague,. Hispanic teenager has just moved to town (. Cincinnati, ohio ) from, corpus Christi, texas, and the following day is his first day attending the same school as homework Romiette. On his first day he is involved in an altercation with Ben, a local boy, and the two end up becoming friends after Ben declines to implicate julio when questioned by the school's principal.

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Romiette and Julio is a young adult novel. Sharon Draper, published in 2001 by, simon Pulse. It is an updated version. Romeo and Juliet by, william Shakespeare. Many of the characters in Draper's novel closely parallel those in Shakespeare's play. The plot updates the family feud between the capulets and Montagues to reflect modern racial tensions between African-Americans and Hispanics in the United States. The book received mostly lukewarm reviews.

romiette and julio book report
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  1. Review Posted Online: may 20th, 2010. Romiette is African-American and Julio is Latino and they have fallen in love.

  2. Romiette and Julio mixed review - print all section questions at once (options for multiple keys). Romiette and Julio book report form (pdf file) customize the. Romiette and julio by Sharon. Get weekly book recommendations: Email.

  3. The two main characters are likable but bland, and in a book so concerned. Romiette and Julio is a young adult novel by Sharon Draper, published in 2001 by simon Pulse. In a lukewarm review for The new York times, simon Rodberg wrote: pick. Summary: When Romiette cappelle and her best friend Destiny, deci de to order The Scientific soul Mate system from the back of the heavy.

  4. Published m ay 1st 2001 by turtleback books (first published September 1st 1999). This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Will Hispanic Julio and African-American Romiette fall in love?

  5. So, is it true you can find your true love if you send for. To get proof of harassment Julio and Romi and their friends decide to tape the threats. Romiette and Julio has 5509 ratings and 700 reviews.

  6. Romiette and Julio book summary and Study guide. Sixteen year old Romiette romi cappelle is an African American teenager living in Cincinatti, ohio. The book report Network.

  7. Complete summary of Sharon. Draper s Romiette and Julio. Enotes plot summari. In Chapter 4, Draper introduces the book s second title character, julio.

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