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She was so happy, and I was happy for her. My brother Eliot (I actually gave him that name) was one of my highlights of the night. He made the truth so funny that I was rolling on the ground emotionally. As my sister Sylvia said hes funnier than kevin Hart and better looking. John was an awesome mc and spoke of why we have been on this ride together for 13 years and counting. We fight, disagree and shake our heads, but continue to go down this journey together.

For a moment I got caught up in the lack of quality of my and prime rib, but as I look back, it wasnt about the food at all. I am truly glad that the ravioli, couscous Chicken, Drinks and cake matched the moment, but it truly did not matter. There is an ease that has come into my life since my dads passing and it is not lost on me that he passed on the first day of my astrological birthday (Virgo). He and Henry the two people that John eloquently toasted before i got roasted have been present with me during the entire period of my birth month. It has been a powerful, yet very quiet month for. I have many, many thoughts and this is actually one of the few times that I have found that I can fully express them. As I reflect on this Epic evening I cant ever remember the marina journals being so peaceful and ethereal. As I refresh my memory and remember the luvv that was present I was eating and drinking from the fountain of companionship, where the exchange far exceeded a prime rib dinner. It is clear to me that on this Epic Night my nutrition was luvv. Gail and her band of merry individuals (Nora, debra, john, leslie, pharoah, lisa, eric candice) really put all their luvv into making this moment one that I will have with me for the rest of this life time and if there is reincarnation, the next. Gail has worked for 28 years to try and surprise me and i am very happy that it happened.

learnings in life essay

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Epic Night, i must admit that it didnt hit me until today, after being in McDonalds and texting my siblings, on how epic my 60th birthday surprise party was. Why was it Epic? To me it was epic because of the bounty of personalities and people that make up the kaleidoscope called my life. The richness of these connections not only represents who and what i am, but also why. My life is one that has always been about the people. Its the gold exchange of the companionship that makes me a very wealthy man. Webster defines Epic as extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope. I must acknowledge that all the people in my life meet these criteria and then some. When something takes homework 48 hours to hit me, as this has, that is when I realize just how powerful and majestic the evening was.

learnings in life essay

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If the problem is solved, the tester closes it and marks it with Closed status. If after retesting the software for the bug opened, if the system behaves in the same reviews way or the same bug arises once again, then the tester reopens the bug and again sends it back to the developer marking its status as reopen. Pending Reject, if the developers think that a particular behavior of the system, which the tester reports as a bug has to be same and the bug is invalid, in that case, the bug is rejected and marked as Pending Reject. Rejected, if the testing leader finds that the system is working according to the specifications or the bug is invalid as per the explanation from the development, he/she rejects the bug and marks its status as Rejected. Postponed, sometimes, testing of a particular bug has to be postponed for an indefinite period. This situation may occur because of many reasons, such as unavailability of test data, unavailability of particular functionality, etc. That time, the bug is marked with Postponed status. Deferred, in some cases, a particular bug stands no importance and is needed to be/can be avoided, at that time, it is marked with a deferred status.

The development team verifies if the bug is valid. If the bug is valid, the development leader assigns it to a developer to fix it and a status of Assigned is given. Open, once the developer starts working on the bug, he/she changes the status of the bug to Open to indicate that he/she is working on it to find a solution. Fixed, once the developer makes necessary changes in the code and verifies the code, he/she marks the bug as Fixed and passes it over to the development lead in order to pass it to the testing team. Pending Retest, after the bug is fixed, it is passed back to the testing team to get retested and the status of Pending Retest is assigned. Retest, the testing team leader changes the status of the bug, which is previously marked with Pending Retest to retest and assigns it to a tester for retesting. Closed, after the bug is assigned a status of Retest, it is again tested.

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learnings in life essay

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A bug or an error in the owl software product is any exception that can hinder the functionality of either the whole software or a part. How do i find out a bug/Error? Basically, test cases/scripts are run in order to find out any unexpected behavior of the software product under test. If any such unexpected behavior or exception occurs, it is called a bug. What is a test Case? A test case is a noted/documented set of steps/activities that are carried out or executed on the software in order to confirm its functionality/behavior to certain set of inputs.

What do i do if I find a bug/error? In normal terms, if a bug or error is detected in a system, it needs to be communicated to the developer in order to get it fixed. Right from the first time any bug is detected till the point when the bug is fixed and closed, it is assigned various statuses which are new, Open, postpone, pending Retest, retest, pending Reject, reject, deferred, and Closed. Please note that there are various ways to communicate the bug to the developer and track the bug status. Statuses associated with a bug, new, when a bug is found/revealed for the first time, the software tester communicates it to his/her team leader (Test leader) in order to confirm if it is a valid bug. After getting confirmation from the test lead, the software tester logs the bug and the status of New is assigned to the bug. After the bug is reported as New, it comes to the development team.

However, if a solution is found that is cross cutting across the different dimensions of our existence irrespective of backgrounds, education, ignorance and upbringing that is being a species of human being suffices to reach towards the solution then there is hope for evolution. I have heard that solution being called thoughtless awareness going beyond the mind and crossing boundaries of our minuscule existence.  Desiring freedom is a good idea any day. Unfortunately human beings have made very little progress in the understanding of awareness probably because mental understanding is not the right path to achieve it because achieving awareness is in effect- capturing the irregularities of the mind so how can it be used as the. Oh I trust in the infinite potentialities of a human being  Any human being has an equivalent probability of being 100 wise and 100 stupid at alternate points of time :-).

But we cannot stop trying can. Use yourself as a guinea pig, listen carefully, filter out that which does not assist you in  your goal. The main purpose behind any software development process is to provide the client (Final/End User of the software product) with a complete solution (software product which will help him in managing his business/work in a cost-effective and efficient way. A software product developed is considered successful if it satisfies all the requirements stated by the end user. Any software development process is incomplete if the most important phase of testing of the developed product is excluded. Software testing is a process carried out in order to find out and fix previously undetected bugs/errors in the software product. It helps in improving the quality of the software product and making it secure for the client to use. What is a bug/error?

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That is one perspective- which definitely exists. But by questioning and by becoming aware we become wiser in some ways of the false projections of this world though no matter how loud they are are short spanned and baseless. In making such a statement i feel that i am hitting the limitations of my emotional capacities because one cannot immediately state that denial of justice that one sees everyday on the streets is short spanned and has no consequences. So we see that the duality is co-existing. The absoluteness of the present japanese moment and the timelessness of the existence (if we assume that it led to emergence of Time as an entity). This duality is the one that is causing fear and discomfort in our hearts. If some one was to get oliver of out this duality in some ways then there would be no need for external projections like my family, my house, my education,. And the identity crisis would end. Survival with limited resources would not enable me to think thus i would then be only busy making my ends meet.

learnings in life essay

So when we see life around and notice that all things are momentary and moving towards non existence one tries to understand the concept of existence and its causal online essence. What is that one factor that is and so the existence exists? It is when one starts to think like this one starts to feel Time as an Entity. The limitations of human mind to perceive the time as a whole starts to manifest in the reactions in the day to day life. There is no notion of timelessness existing in our brain or our body. Yet if Time is an Entity which has its existence- one wonders if the concept of Timelessness exists when the initiating of Time did not yet begin and do we as humans have the capability of reaching that point? Someone queried if you would start to see things in the form that they really are matter that is moving towards a short span destruction not only would you be deprived of a normal living but also move towards an insane, chaotic form of thinking. All these intellectual speculations would yield no results no results at all and not only that they would deprive of the bliss that you experience by voluntarily remaining ignorant of them.

bothered me nonetheless — i am human, after all! . Luckily, i had strong enough of a conviction in my decision (and lots of supportive friends and family) to persist and eventually triumph over the obstacles and the naysayers. I think in life, all worthwhile endeavors take courage and persistance to win. . They say nothing worthwhile is ever easy, and its very true. . Easy may be the preference for the short term, but its definitely not the long term solution. . If you want to do something you love, find the courage in you to do it! . And when the going gets tough, surround yourself with supportive friends and/or family! Having gone through the experience myself, i assure you the rewards is worth a million times the work it takes to get there!

For most of my childhood, teenage, and young adult life, i was on cruise control. . Many things came easy for me, and as such, i never gave much thought to how exactly i wanted to live my life or found out what was the purpose of my life. . That is, until I ran into some not-so-pleasant experience and was forced to evaluate what it is that I really want! For a mom period of time, dark cloud loomed over me as I dug deep into my soul to find myself and my voice. . When I finally emerged from those dark days, i realized I was in the wrong field (among other things). . The revelation itself was one thing; the decision to do something about it was quite a different beast. . It took me quite a bit more time to build up the courage to stop what I was doing and start pursuing what I really wanted. Why was it so hard? . It was hard because i had to start from scratch, and starting from scratch meant I was behind the career schedule. .

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I was chatting with my sister this morning about a pesky relative of ours. . This relative is a control freak and likes to involve needed herself in other peoples business. . Most of the time, her effort is futile because they are not only not welcomed, they are an impediment to others lives. As some of you know, i decided to switch career after I realized my originally chosen path was not the right one for. . I was not happy; in fact, i was downright miserable a lot of times. . However, the path i originally chose is quite glamorous from the outside. . As such, this relative of ours likes to talk up the career as one of the best around! . Not only that, in her mind, getting out of the career must mean only one thing — that one just couldnt hack it! . Nothing could be further from the truth!

learnings in life essay
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There are lots of desperate moments in life. Hungover, you've got a face worse than death staring back at you from.

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  2. Essay, in, hindill get comments binding by the sentence how to make. 2016 has been a fantastic year of learning for me, with progress on multiple fronts and countless learnings in each area of life. That essay you have.

  3. At mit admissions, i process a crew of clobber in our berth Justice hurried Is Justice buried. Black box testing occurs throughout the software development and Testing life cycle. Follow, learnings in, software testing. Air us your attempt in the forenoon and you mere sapno ka school.

  4. I went through so far in life — they have definitely made me stronger! My learnings in life and work are of course my own, since i experienced everything from my perspective. Life s been jolly effective always since.

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