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Blasius erlinger, bud 'n' mary's Marina in Islamorada. It was to cuba that Ernest Hemingway went when he quit key west, and the house he left behind is now a museum dedicated to his life and work. He wrote many of his best-known novels in a rather uncomfortable annexe, surrounded by his books and his large tribe of cats. Among the things he abandoned in the house was a little sculpture of a cat, given to him by picasso in exchange for a box of grenades (what Picasso wanted with a box of grenades is anyone's guess). As for the flesh-and-blood cats, they flourished without Hemingway, and you will see many of them sunning themselves in Hemingway's garden, or dozing on Hemingway's bed, direct descendants of his own pets. Pictured: Shark encounter at Bud 'n' mary's Marina in Islamorada.

The mojito is the sundowner of choice in all the hip bars and harbourside hangouts. Pictured: duval Street, blasius erlinger. Islamorada, more poignantly, up the highway in Islamorada, there is a small monument to about all the cubans who, over the years, have died in the attempt to reach us shores in little boats. It reminded me of the memorials that you used to see along certain sections of the berlin Wall. So, too, did the strange tourist attraction on the corner of south Street and Whitehead. It is a 10ft buoy, a thing of astonishing ugliness, which stands on the pavement to mark the official southernmost point of the usa. Behind it, though, there is high iron fence and a strip of land filled with radio aerials, satellite dishes and anonymous barrack houses. All this is there to eavesdrop on Cuba itself, 90 miles away across the water. Any key wester will tell you that Cuba is 'nearer to us than miami as if the presence of a socialist regime within spitting distance of the usa were a geopolitical fact so bizarre as to be practically incredible. Pictured: Bob's Bunz, a bakery and diner in Islamorada.

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Blasius erlinger, duval Street, the charm of key west will creep up on you slowly. Its appeal derives partly needed from its geographical isolation. Like a kind of American Isle of Wight, it seems to have retained something of the 1950s: an air of uncomplicated gentility, a touch of old-world innocence. But the attraction of the place lies also in its pungent mix of cultural influences: Confederate southern, caribbean, bahamian and, above all, cuban. All the diners serve cuban coffee, and the deli sandwiches are made from soft sabots of Cuban bread. There are cuban restaurants such as El Meson de pepe, where on any given day most of the lively clientele are speaking loud Spanish. Cuban cigars, in sizes ranging from pinkie-finger to prize-winning cucumber, can be bought at little stalls up and down duval (not sure how that gets past the long-standing trade embargo).

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There are evernote some browsable galleries and shops; a couple of great restaurants such as Nine One five; and a run of good cafés and bars on Petronia street in the bohemian Bahamian district. You should also check out Simonton Street, which runs parallel to duval a couple of blocks to the east. Here you will find plenty of the well-proportioned houses that give key west its distinctive look: white clapboard façades, modest green shutters, neat balconies held up by slender columns. Where simonton meets Fleming Street is the outstanding Marquesa boutique hotel and restaurant. Both the accommodation and the 'modern American' cuisine are the best to be had in key west. It's fun to wander here, and in the quiet, girlnamed grid beyond Simonton: Eliza street, Amelia street, Olivia street, Emma Street. Pictured: pool area at The marquesa hotel.

Pictured: A turreted house in key west. Blasius erlinger, bars in key west, on the corner of duval and Greene, in the furred heart of the tacky zone, is Sloppy joe's bar. This was Ernest Hemingway's favourite haunt during the decade he spent here before world War. The drinks are exorbitant and the noise deafening; somehow I think papa h would not much like it now. If you want to raise a glass to him, go a few steps down the block to the smaller and quieter Captain Tony's Saloon. This, as the sign outside proclaims, was the site of the 'first and original Sloppy joe's' (it moved to its present premises in the late 1930s). Hemingway was sitting in here one evening, after a day's fishing, when the alluring figure of Martha gellhorn walked through the door. They embarked on a competitive love affair that was measured out in datelines and column inches, each of them forever trying to out-scoop or out-write the other. Blasius erlinger, the marquesa hotel, hemingway apart, duval becomes a much more grown-up and enticing place once you move south of Fleming Street.

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This, too, was once part of the railroad, though it is hard to see how it joined up with the stone-made parallel bridge on the other side of the highway. As a ruin it could hardly look more defunct or forlorn - like the eiffel Tower face down in a puddle. Pictured: us 1, the highway linking the Florida keys to the mainland. Blasius erlinger, mile 45, that was at about Mile. The mile markers function as a kind of rolling countdown as you head south.

It was with a growing sense of excitement and anticipation that I passed Mile 7, 6, 5, 4 - then saw the sign that said I was entering the island city of key west. All the action in this town is at the far end, in the environs of Mile marker 0 (which is bolted very firmly to a lamp-post so as to deter tourists who like their souvenirs to be 100 per cent authentic). The central artery of key west is duval Street. It is a jekylland- hyde thoroughfare: at the northern end it is all honky-tonk bars, cheap fast-food joints and shops selling T-shirts adorned with mind-numbingly unfunny slogans. The police cars that cruise the menacingly up and down duval bear the legend 'Protecting paradise'.

Further down the road are prettier places that live up to the poetry of their names: Ragged key, knockemdown key, saddlebunch key, fat deer key, tea table key, indian key, sugarloaf key. Pictured: A staff member at Robbie's Marina. Blasius erlinger, florida keys, the word 'key' comes from the Spanish cayo, meaning 'islet and the highway strings them all together like beads on a necklace. But each key is a different place, so the look and feel changes with every mile marker. At times you are bowling along a narrow green corridor hemmed in by lush mangroves; at others, you feel that the road is a tightrope suspended just above the sea - or two seas, because close by to the right of you is the gulf. You are forever passing from a causeway to an island to a bridge to a smaller island and then to a bigger bridge.

Pictured: a pelican on Robbie's Marina. Blasius erlinger, seven Mile Bridge, the highest, longest and altogether most spectacular crossing is the seven Mile Bridge linking Marathon with the lower keys. It is a thrill to drive across its humped back at a stately 45mph (the speed limit for most of us 1). You have a magnificent view of the waters, and also of the so-called 'parallel bridge the remains of the railroad line that was built at the turn of the last century to link the keys to the mainland. The railroad was destroyed in a hurricane in 1935; the half-drowned, gap-toothed piles and arches that remain have an almost classical grandeur, like the roman aqueducts you see in southern France. At the far end of seven Mile Bridge is the separate wreck of an iron bridge that veers off towards an island called Pigeon key.

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Here i saw the first of the little oblong signs announcing resume the distance between here and key west, which is the goal of any trip to the keys. 'mile 126' it said, the numerals stacked on top of each other like hieroglyphs in an Egyptian cartouche. Pictured: A traditional key west house. Blasius erlinger, driving through the keys, part of the fun of driving through the keys is clocking their names as you pass. Key largo is automatically redolent, thanks to the humphrey bogart film, but at first glance the reality is slightly disappointing (though I got a kick out of a road sign that read: 'Crocodile crossing, next six miles. The attraction of key largo lies away from the road, in the waters off its shores. Here is the only living coral reef in the north American continent, so this stretch of the keys is a draw for divers and snorkellers.

I was half-expecting them to be in some kind of prison uniform, boiler suits the same orange as the road sign. They weren't, and that made me wonder why the sign had to announce that they were convicts at all. A visit to the Florida keys is a road trip in the grand American tradition: it's not just about where you are headed, it's also about what happens along the way. My adventure began as soon as I left the airport. I instantly got lost in the brash suburbs of miami, but navigated my way out by the sun: so long as it was sinking best on my right, i knew I was heading south, and sooner or later was bound to hit us 1, the highway. Pictured: Mile marker 0, the beginning of highway us 1 in key west. Blasius erlinger, driving America, south of the city, the road skirts the swampy green flats of the everglades. It then becomes the 'ocean Highway' as it leaves the mainland and crosses the bridge into key largo.

metallic, like a disembodied robot eye. I couldn't make sense of it, but later someone told me about 'fat Albert a radar aerostat that the us drug Enforcement Administration uses to keep an eye on shipping hereabouts. I'm not sure i was looking at Albert, though. It seemed too solid, too lofty to be an inflatable blimp. Earlier that day there had been a different but equally unsettling encounter. In the Upper keys I passed a temporary sign at the side of the road; it was diamond-shaped, made of orange canvas, and read: 'State Prisoners at Work'. A quarter of a mile on, there they were: four men indolently clearing the undergrowth from the verge and throwing it into the back of a truck.

Whats most fun with this loony crew. Burdettes perfect-pitch parody of dream food talk as made familiar on Chopped and other popular food programs where judges and competitors try to top each in their descriptions of preparations, styles, successes and failures. Sweet and savory, topped Chef captures key wests sensory enchantment, and. Burdettes bubbly protagonist is once again the main ingredient in a sure-fire recipe. phil Jason @ Florida weekly, you can buy the books in bookstores or online. "A really plummy mystery, flawlessly plotted, that i especially loved because the heroine is an advice columnist and a good one!" - margo howard, author of the syndicated column "Dear Margo" "A harrowing psychological suspense tale meticulously told. . I hope we see much more.

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Its Fantasy fest at key west, and food critic hayley snow is ready to celebrate. But a killer seems intent on crashing the party. The fifth key west food Critic mystery, death with all the trimmings, is available wherever books are sold, including. Barnes and Noble, amazon, independent bookstore near you or wherever books are sold! "death with all the trimmings is just sheer fun. The twists and turns keep the reader guessing until the very end as Lucy burdette serves up a spectacular mystery." —, fresh Fiction, topped chef, the third book in the key west series. "Burdette fills "Topped Chef" with a fine plot, a delightful heroine, a wealth of food - and all the charm and craziness of key west. You'll wish you could read it while sipping a mojito on the porch of a conch cottage in mainland America's southernmost using community." -jay strafford @ Richmond Times Dispatch.

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Miami to, key west, bus tour and Shuttles. Non-stop service and daily departures. The festival honors the legacy of the American literary giant who lived and wrote on the island for most of the 1930s.

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  1. Key west offers one of a kind events year round you don't want to miss. How do you get. Key west from miami?

  2. Offering nearly 200 nightly, weekly and monthly. Key west vacation rentals. Pet friendly, pools, top amenities. Key west calendar of events and start planning your.

  3. Key west, songwriters Festival - the largest festival of its kind in the world. Celebrating its 23rd year. Since 1997 bmi has been a presenting sponsor of the festival and has helped it grow into both a tourist attraction and favorite of island locals. Luxury vacation rentals in the heart of old town.

  4. Key west (Spanish: cayo hueso) is an island and city in the Straits of Florida on the north American continent, at the southwesternmost end of the roadway through the Florida keys in the state of Florida, united States. Thriller writer, solange ritchie will discuss her latest novel, firestorm, at. M., Thursday, may 31, at the. Key west, library auditorium.

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