I want to write a book online

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And I did the process so backward. In my mind, it felt like if I send one chapter at a time to the editor that we would be going faster. Like i could write a chapter, send it to the editor, they would work on it while i write the next chapter and so forth. In my mind, that felt really efficient. Aaron Smith: It sounds efficient. Jerrad Lopes: But, it slowed the process down big time. What I would do again is write out the whole book, send them the whole book, edit it, and then send it all back. Why did it slow it down?

What did you do after that? You mind map, you got it all out, you felt really good about it, did you start writing? Or did you outline? Or did you take it to somebody? What were the next steps? Jerrad Lopes: i knew nothing about writing a book. Like literally nothing about how to go about getting a book written, but what I did was I just wrote it all out on a word doc. Just started writing things in a word doc, and i kind of put it chapter by chapter, and I made so many mistakes. Then I was like where do i find an editor because Im sure there are tons of mistakes in this. So i started researching and googling where do you find editors.

i want to write a book online

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Ive tried to write blogs and ive tried to write stuff and it takes me forever, but when I mind mapped this thing, i busted it out really quickly. Simon Villeneuve: Thats awesome. Yeah because youre front-loading the work. Youre doing all the thinking ahead so when it comes to the writing it just kind of irons out. Jerrad Lopes: Its kind of like fill in business the blank. You already have the structure there and then youre just like put a sentence to fill in the blank and dude, it made the process go so much faster. Its encouraging because you realize ive got actually something to say, and its kind of organized, and its a huge tool. Simon Villeneuve: Thats pretty rad.

i want to write a book online

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But, it works great for will book writing. Do you feel like the mind mapping did it essentially give you all the content and all the chapters? Did you just have to reorganize it or was it not complete? Jerrad Lopes: yeah so Im sure you guys talk about this more in the course, but for me what it was I just took out every possible idea and then I started to look for themes and then I categorized those themes. Once i felt like i had kind of an outline of the book, then I did a mind map for each chapter. So i put the first chapter in there and then I mind mapped everything that could be in that first chapter and then so on and so forth. That process seriously sped up the writing so fast.

Aaron Smith: yeah thats. Its a short book. Jerad Lopes: Once i wrote it all out I was like oh geez, theres actually a lot going on in my mind and then I saw it on paper I was like, maybe i can do this. Maybe i can actually start writing out. Aaron Smith: so the mind mapping thing is pretty interesting. We actually talk about that in our ecourse because its so powerful. Theres many psychologists that use the technique for therapy.

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i want to write a book online

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Im gonna like go for it and see what happens. What I learned is getting to the starting line, which took me forever, but once i actually started I was able to write a lot faster than what i originally thought essay I could write. Aaron Smith: so eight or nine months ago, what was the catalyst? You thought about it and youre like oh hire I could never do that and then something changed. What changed that made you get to the starting line? Jerrad Lopes: I was at the beach, which is always like a good place for me to kind of unwind and kind of dream a little bit. I was at the coast, we were there for a couple days, and I had just heard about this idea of mind mapping, the tool of mind mapping, where you basically dont try to sit down and write, but you just write out all your.

Just put everything that could possibly go in the book just write it down on a piece of paper or a whiteboard. So i just tried it for the very first time. I just starting writing. Okay, here is every possible thing that could go in the book and I realized I had this huge piece of paper with all these ideas. I was like, oh my gosh, i have a lot more ideas in my head than I thought I did. My fear was that Id start writing and get like one chapter in and not have enough to say.

I run a business. Its a video production business and we make videos for companies and then I have a nonprofit that i also run and the book kind of came out of running that nonprofit for a little bit. Whats the name of the book that you self-published? Jerrad Lopes: The book is called, Stop Behaving, and its a devotional for men. Aaron Smith: I like the title.

Aaron Smith: Especially when it comes to men, Stop Behaving. Simon Villeneuve: Tell us about the process of writing your book. Where did you start and what was it like? What did it feel like to write a book? Jerrad Lopes: I think Im like a lot of people in the sense that I had kind of dreamed about writing a book for several years actually even as a teenager I thought that you know it would be cool to one day write. It wasnt until about nine months ago, maybe a year ago, that I was like im gonna really try to do this.

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Im also a foster dad and Im a business owner. So i own my own business. Try to be the best husband that I resume can be and the best dad that I can. Like i said, were foster parents as well and so we try to help out by taking some foster kids. Aaron Smith: so, you have a lot going. Jerrad Lopes: A little bit, yes. Aaron Smith: And the business that you run is not connected to your book that youve self-published is it? Jerrad Lopes: Its not.

i want to write a book online

Aaron Smith: And we essay should see you in person. Simon Villeneuve: Yes, yes. Tell us a little bit, give some context about your life. What does life look like right now? What do you spend your time doing? Tell us about your family. Jerrad Lopes: yeah, so Im a husband and Im a dad.

a couple of hours away. You havent come over the mountains. You just need to come say. Jerrad Lopes: I literally havent been to benton since ive met you. So its not like im avoiding you, i just havent been there. Well, you should come out soon.

Hes a devoted husband, father to three children, business owner, foster parent, and now a published author. And even through his busy life, he was able to make time to write his book. And in our conversation, he shares exactly how he did. So if youre trying to figure out how to make time to write your book and finally become a published author, you need to watch this interview. Simon Villeneuve: Welcome to the bookworthy podcast Jerrad. Its good to have you. How resume are you doing today? Jerrad Lopes: Im doing well man, thanks so much for having.

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Are you too busy to write a book? You may have a dream of becoming a published author, but work, family, and the busyness of life just seem to get oliver in the way. And instead of making your dream come true this year, you settle for next year. And the next year. Todays conversation is with Jerrad Lopes. Hes the author of the new devotional for men: Stop Behaving. Jerrad Lopes gets.

i want to write a book online
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  2. Teen discover librarian-selected research, nor to write book online school that sells? You will want to write a childrens book that kids cant wait to read or a book that kids dont want to put down. daunting if youve never done it before.

  3. Aaron Smith: so youre talking about through digital means give content similar to what youre going to write or want to write away? you want to include. This is your own fact book, you can choose the animals that you want to research and write down facts about.

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