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Term Papers - industrial Robots and Manufacturing Automation Abstract Automation started out as an assembly line of workers doing the same repetitive task all day long. Some of the jobs were very boring, dirty, unpleasant, and possibly dangerous. After the introduction of the first robot in 1961, automation began to advance in ways people could only imagine. Each of the six basic styles of robot used in industry today were designed with different applications in mind. Some of the robots were designed for assembly, others are more suited for simple pick and place applications, while a select few are capable of carrying heavy loads over a large area.   tags: Robots Automation Essays.

This means that companies must first study the need and then adopt the relevant solutions to address that need to effectively utilise infrastructure technology. For instance, if space pooling is the right approach then it may not be worthwhile to spend on space reservation tools, and then get gsm/IP converged gadgets to offer flexibility to the employees. Sometimes a simple technique like hiring one dedicated receptionist with mobile phone/s (who can take calls from anyone, anytime and confirm a space to the requestor by looking at her spread sheet) is a more cost effective and flexible solution. Advertisements: Clearly the evolution of technology is reshaping the conventional writing workplace. From reducing costs to making our offices more comfortable to work in, technology is playing an increasingly greater role. The benefits accrued by utilizing technology appropriately far outweigh the costs incurred in acquiring. Besides cost, the intangible advantages of adopting technology, such as employee comfort and productivity make a strong case in its favour. The day may not be too far when all you need to do once you go to work is get a retinal scan and the system then takes care of all your needs. The workplace will never be the same again. Free automation Essays and Papers, editing your search returned over 400 essays for " automation ", next free essays. Good Essays, better Essays, stronger Essays, powerful Essays.

automation essay

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The company would be using 30-35 per cent more space than necessary by following this process. Given the cost of real estate this is indeed something the company can do without. The homework flexible workplace concept utilises architectural precepts to effectively reduce these costs by decreasing the activity space required for employees, The concept advocates the use of flexible furniture and wiring along with the concept of reserving space (the employee has to reserve his space—workspaces, canteen. New technologies like wireless networking are further contributing to the success of this concept. The other concepts like layered enclosures with dynamic light-redirection louvers and high visibility glass have helped in maximising daylight use throughout the year, resulting in further cost savings. Lowering costs: Technology is indeed helping organisations achieve a significant reduction in their costs, but emphasis needs to be placed on the fact that technology is not a cure-all solution. Before investing money in new technology, companies need to thoroughly assess the need for such solutions. If organisations do not do this, technology will do little to reduce costs and may instead contribute to increasing.

automation essay

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Biometrics is another exciting new trend to make the transition from theory to reality. Large companies in the us have already adopted this technology to protect mission critical information from unauthorised personnel. Areas like server rooms which are critical to global operations can be accessed only by following strict security protocols which include retinal scans and other biometric tools. Broad role: Technology in infrastructure is not limited to just information technology, though. It encompasses a broad variety of other disciplines ranging from mechanical to architectural. This is because facility managers today are constantly on the lookout for new trends which could help them save yet another dollar, while contributing to a better workplace. They gladly accept any solution to achieve these two key objectives. The shift from the dedicated spaces concept to the flexible office space concept: is an example of how other disciplines are utilised by facility managers. If one were to follow the method of allotting dedicated spaces, the company would have to allocate an employee with his own workspace, canteen space as well as dedicated meeting rooms to address his or her requirements.

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automation essay

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Other benefits like reduction in maintence costs and reduced pollution also accrue as a result of books these systems. Another instance of it in infrastructure management is the increasing adoption of automated workplace addams management tools. In a typical large organisation, employees are constantly on the move as they join new groups, new projects and climb to new levels of responsibilities. Traditionally the space manager would physically go to the desk location, make an entry in the security register, inspect the workstation and hand over the keys of the workplace to the employee. Advertisements: Similarly, the telecom person would assign a phone and the it team would assign a computer to the employee. Utilising this procedure, 4-5 assignments could be completed in a day by one person. The need to create a more efficient solution to address this task resulted in the evolution of automated workplace management tools or asset management software.

These tools typically help facility managers automate an interactive floor map to which employees could be assigned to along with their equipment. Many user friendly features reduced the complexity of using such a solution. With the advent of this solution, a single person can now complete about 20 relocations a day. Additional value added features allows the fm to generate valuable information which could then be used to project future trends and plan accordingly. It also offers seamless integration with other systems and databases like building Automation Systems and hr database, further enhancing its functionality.

But many companies have also realised that this vital aspect of their business is a significant contributor to costs of operations. Its not surprising therefore that technology in infrastructure is not considered a luxury but rather a necessity as it helps achieve significant cost reductions. Image courtesy : g, advertisements: From the days when punching machines were considered cutting edge technology to todays electronic bar code scanners, technology in infrastructure has come a long way indeed. Technology then consisted mainly of mechanical equipment needing constant human supervision, with a tendency to be unreliable at the best. But today, complete automation in infrastructure technology is the norm of the day.

This evolution has translated into greater efficiencies and cost savings for companies employing these technologies. It in infrastructure is playing a key role in the increasingly automated workplace of tomorrow. Automation: A typical example of this realisation is the introduction of building automation systems which completely control and regulate various processes within the building. An employee only needs to swipe his id card for the system to register his presence. Everything thereafter from the switching on the corridor lights, to the ac in his workspace is automatic. Motion and heat sensors monitor the workspace for changes and automatically switch off his lights and other electrical appliances when they are not in use. This directly translates into at least 12-15 per cent of the utilised power being saved in a large organization of more than 60 people.

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The sooner governments, in partnership with the rest of society, examine the future impact of this structural shift, the sooner they can act to ensure the shift benefits society. I, frey,., Osborne,. The future of Employment: How Susceptible Are jobs to computerisation? University of Oxford, 2013. This piece is one of a number of individual perspectives from the Global Strategic hippie Foresight Community of the world Economic Forum for the Annual meeting 2015. To read more access the full collection. Author: Ms Jill Wong is the director of the Strategic Policy Office (spo which is responsible for coordinating whole-of-government strategic planning). Advertisements: Essay on the benefits of Automation in an Organization! In todays highly competitive scenario, a streamlined, standardised infrastructure is integral to the way applications; business processes and service are delivered.

automation essay

What regulations impede and encourage the adoption of automation, artificial intelligence and/or analytics? On a global scale, will there need to be and a set of international standards to encourage and manage the impact of automation, given the risk of arbitrage? How a government approaches the ethical and legal implications of technologies like autonomous vehicles (AVs) would also influence how widespread the adoption of technology and automation will be and the pace of its adoption. AVs present the opportunity to radically redesign mobility solutions and also create new jobs in a new industry, but the autonomy also raises questions about which party should be liable in an accident the manufacturer, software developer, the owner or the passenger in the. Should governments be bold in encouraging innovation, whilst helping the losers take part in the broader improvements or at the least helping to buffer them from the downsides? At times, it may seem as if technology is a force greater than humans, forcing workers and businesses to adapt or perish. Yet governments play a key role in shaping how technology advances.

the new job opportunities that may emerge? How can we ensure that the benefits accrue to a broad spectrum of society and not only to the most highly skilled and well-resourced? Governments need to consider the role they can play in promoting or stymieing the use of technology and automation by industry. For example, the automation of cognitive tasks can transform auditing, allowing for real-time audits. Current auditing rules in some countries require all suspicious transactions spotted during an audit to be investigated in detail. Such a rule works today because human auditors pick only a sample of documents to audit, rather than going through their clients entire database of documents, which results in a manageable volume of suspicious transactions to investigate. However, because it is likely to throw up many more suspicious transactions and impose an overly onerous burden on both the auditor and its clients, having such a rule means auditing firms are unlikely to use algorithms for their audits even though they can potentially.

The new technological revolution will create tremendous societal benefits the creation of new goods, services, markets and jobs, greater productivity, etc. The centre for Strategic Futures, a think-tank within the singapore government, and the ministry of Manpower in Singapore, are conducting a study similar to Frey and Osbornes using Singapore labour data, to explore some of these issues. One interesting question the study has raised so far is whether some professions might face broken career ladders, where entry-level workers no longer have a clear path for career progression because the tasks they would traditionally perform in order to progress have been automated. For instance, entry-level tasks in professions such as law and accountancy,. Basic research and cleaning up financial data for processing, can be automated more easily than higher-order cognitive tasks, such as framing and solving problems or making judgements, performed by more senior professionals. The traditional approach of helping workers upgrade by up-skilling will not necessarily reduce a workers susceptibility to being displaced by the new wave of automation. Workers will need to develop new skills to take on very different resume kinds of jobs, possibly in different industries. Presently, most governments dedicate resources towards helping low-skilled workers secure better jobs through training and education.

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In 2013, Oxford economist Carl Frey and Machine learning expert Michael Osborne found that there is a high chance that engineers will find ways to automate 47 of jobs in the United States, possibly within a decade or two. I, what is significant about their findings is that unlike previous technological revolutions this one will impact workers across the spectrum, from low-skilled to white-collar jobs. The potential scale of the disruption created by technological developments, such as artificial intelligence, needed machine learning and big data, requires that governments think deeply: how can they help mitigate the risks and fully harness the opportunities? Technological innovation in recent years has made computers, robots and software so sophisticated that machines are now entering the realm once thought to belong exclusively to humans: cognition. Computers today can recognize patterns and generate insights being used for fraud detection, medical diagnostics, legal research, and auditing, among others. Artificial intelligence algorithms can process thousands more documents and then act faster than any human and are free from human biases. Their productivity also need not be interrupted by rest breaks or lapses of concentration.

automation essay
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  1. In 2013, Oxford economist Carl Frey and Machine learning expert mi chael Osborne found that there is a high chance that engineers will find).

  2. When people think o f robots, an image of a mechanical, stiff, talking, moving, human-like mach. This free information Technology essay on Home automation systems is perfect for I nformation Technology students to use as an example. Automation: Automation, the application of machines to tasks once performed by hum an beings or, increasingly, to tasks that would otherwise be impossible. Science has outgrown the human mind and its limited cap acities.

  3. From his essay, economic Possibilities For Our Grandchildren. Essay on the benefits of Automation in an Organization! In today s highly comp etitive scenario, a streamlined, standardised infrastructure is integral to the way. Read this full essay on Robotics and Automation in Industries.

  4. As exciting as the advancement of cybernetics and robotics might l ook, it also poses a challenge to to the way of life we have got accustomed. Free automation papers, essays, and research papers. Maybe automation technology won t destroy the world.

  5. Essay about Robotics and Automation in Industries. 1637 Words 7 Pages. When people think of robots, an image of a mechanical, stiff, talking, moving.

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